Former Miss Finland says Donald Trump grabbed her in 2006


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2 Responses

  1. Seriously??? This is news worth of publishing on Awrambatimes? Reconsider and stay relevant to your audience.

    Got more news on the defected Eritrean pilots??

  2. beyene says:

    I am Dr Beyene Baffa working currently in wolaita zone bele primary hospital .always my worry is technology imprisonment where most probably westerns especially USA and Germany killing me by unknown form of radiation my whole body especially around my liver and kidneys is being burned. now the only thing to do is to inter into the well like gadafi and Saddam Hussein. I’m also to die as all my lovely families like marthin Luther Michael Jackson Bob Marley Myles Monroe… and many others who were sacrifice at young age during colonial era etc. the only prominent who escaped hunting spears of negroids was N.mandella.please pray for fate and do whatever u can for my escape. God bless us.

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