‘Ethiopia cannot build democracy without vibrant media’


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4 Responses

  1. Would you please not refer to these guys as doctors please? They need to be properly vetted first!! This will send a wrong message to the school kids.

    The first questions I have for the new minster will be :
    1. to left the ban on the social media immediately?
    2. to stop removing sat-dishes from peoples homes?
    3. denounce the “isat and chid” doctrine?

    • EthioLove says:

      No. They are not doctors because they don’t agree with you (or you don’t agree with them). They are not doctors because they have not been approved by your honor;your majesty. What a shame.

    • bb says:

      Haaaaaa……Crying! Crying! That is all you can do.

  2. Remington says:

    ‘Ethiopia cannot build democracy without vibrant media’.

    ‘Ethiopia cannot build democracy with guns’.

    ‘Ethiopia cannot build democracy with dedebit doctors’

    ‘Ethiopia cannot build democracy with narrow ethnic mob’

    ‘Ethiopia can build democracy after burying TPLF six feet under’

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