Finland Pledges to annually allocate 15 million Euros to Ethiopia


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15 Responses

  1. Abaya Benti says:

    I’m highly suspecting,Ethiopian government may be using that mony for massive human right abuse so organization or country’s has to set some steps before releasing the accounts for example free political prisoners, and press,insisting different political party evolvement in the parliament etc…

  2. Dagna says:

    !5 million eh.
    The 15 million Euros would accordingly be allotted annually to realize the development programs during the Growth and Transformation Plan. She also disclosed that more than 1.8 million people and 140,000 institutions would benefit from the supply of potable water.

    Ethiopia has probably hundreds of corrupt millionaires who stole more money from the Ethiopian people than what Finland gave. Instead of begging, the government should ask the official looters to bring back the stolen billions of dollars.

    Oh Ethiopia when will be God will free you from those bottomless thieves?

  3. Temelso says:

    This is sickining!

  4. zulfa akmel says:

    Way you halped adamant ok tnkas all evry tnig

  5. Denk says:

    I think it good thing to do, but i hope the money goes where the needs are. Good job, Thank u the for donating..

  6. ermias getaneh says:

    እና ይህ ብር ሆኖ ነው እንዴ እንደ ዜና የቀረበው? ስልጣን ላይ ያለው መንግስት በብር እጥረት እየተሰቃየ ነው ? እንዲህ መለቃቀም ካማራቸው የሚሰጣቸው መቼ ያጡ ነበር? እሁንይህን ብር ብለው ከሚቀበሉ ከኢንተርኔት መቅዋረጥ ያጡትን ብር ቢያገኙ አይሻላቸም ነበር?
    እረ የመንግስት ያለ በኢንተርኔት ማጣት ራሳችን ዞረ ?
    ለመሆኑ ግን መንግስት አለ እንዴ? በአንዳንድ የአገሪቱ ክፍል ኢንተርኔት እንዳለ ይታወቃል ግን አዲስ አበባ ላይ ለምን መዝጋት አስፈለገ? አመፅ የተደረገው ኦሮምያና አማራ ክልል ሲሆን ኢንተርኔት የተቅዋረጠው ደሞ ምንም ግንኙነት የሌለው ቦታ ነው? መንግስት ያለ ጥርጥር በኢንተርኔት መዘጋት ከ 300 ሚሊዮን ያላነሰ ብር ያጣል::ከ የአገሩ ብር ከሚለቃቅም ለምን ኔትወርኩን ክፍት አያረግም? ፌስ ቡክ ለጊዜው ይቅዋረጥ ቢባል ለምን ሁሉም ኔትወርክ መዝጋት አስፈለገ? ብዙ ትምህርታዊ ነገሮችን ያለ ኢንተርኔት መከታተል አልተቻለም::
    የሞባይል ኢንተርኔት ነው የትቅዋረጠው ይበሉ እንጂ የኮምፒውተር ኔትወርክ ራሱ በደንብ አይሰራም ::ከመቆራረጡም በላይ ዳውን ሎድ(download) ማድረግ አይታሰብም::የኢንተርኔት መቆራረጥ ከፍተኛ ወጪን እየጠየቀን ነው::
    እናም የሚመለከተው አካል እንደ ሕፃን መሆኑን ትቶ መላ ሊሰጠው ይገባል!!

  7. Together says:

    There is no doubt blacks are naturally with low IQ, ignorant and on the bottom of the human society. If not, they could be the most advanced, developed, richest, strongest, respected and the best with everything associating with human beings.

    Take for Instance England (not UK) as she is the only evil tiny place breading and spreading evils all over the world mainly Africa and particularly Ethiopia. England is a tiny country with no natural resources including weather. It is not even part of Europe but a tiny island crowded with 56 million people and growing alarmingly.

    Yet, look at what is she doing against Ethiopia and its citizens for the last 150 years since Atse Theodros and particularly since 1984 in the name of aid, famine, NGO, Charities, Journalism, medias and you name it. The historical Amhara land including wolkait and Raya are twice the size of England. It is the richest and best place not only in Ethiopia or Africa but one of the few in the world. If the citizens are human instead of monsters and cheap and primitive animals, the Historical Amhara land which is the best and useful highland in the tropic, water rich, mineral rich fertile soil and best weather could feed not only the whole of Ethiopia but also Neighboring nations.

    Yet, we are begging still for food in the country that has the best and biggest agriculture land in Africa and the second water rich African nation after the democratic Congo. More than 13 million hectare land that is currently under cultivation in the country is more than enough to be able to harvest/produce more than 400 million quintal in one season. With irrigation the country can produce more than 600 million quintal per year from the existing cultivated lands.

    But the sick and weak so called leaders that are brought to Addis by the English/MI6 and USA/CIA and are working together to affect the nation and society as it is going on ever since keeping them affecting the country which is good for evil foreigners like the English and some USA where the Jews/Zionists are taking the lead including in the name of USAID, UKIDA, Embassy, aid agencies, NGOs, Charities, UN, EU, of course media and journalism.

    European nations without England and USA-Zionists from both nations are not around; they are coming to do the things they are saying about. However, aids and supports coming in the name of EU, UN, UK, USA and so on are not used for the intended activities but hijacked by the English/Jews to use them for bad and negative activities including affecting women, children and the society in general. They are coming not to help but to implement the damaging and hateful agendas and plans they are having.

    Finland is not like Norway which is another evil nation hijacked by the English/Jews to behave badly in Africa including Ethiopia as well. Norway is part of England causing conflicts in Africa by creating and supporting rebels in the name of Ethnic groups. If Finland is coming by herself to do the things it is saying that will be fine. However, the English/Jews are always around to take this money and use it for themselves while being in the country to implement the damaging things we know against our society. Ethiopia must be free from the evil English and Jews from England, USA, South Africa, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the west. Those Jews females in the name of UN, USAID, Bill and Melinda Gate, UKIDA and so on have committed crimes against the Ethiopian females, children and the society in general mainly Christians using poison substances calling them medicines, vaccinations, injections and you name it.

    Ethiopia needs no one but herself if the citizens are humans from this era. Ethiopia needs closer relationships at all levels with useful, respectful, safe and honest nations like China, Russia, Italy, central and Eastern Europe, India, Japan and so on including Europe without the English around. The so called western Medias and journalists together with so called aid agencies, NGO, charities and so on are in the country to implement their damaging plan and agenda on us and almost all of them are ethnic English and Jews. They are the ones created unrests in the country secretly as well as openly working for it for years. yet, they are still in the country because of we are so stupid relaying on foreign aid while we are the ones causing the problems making us to be dependent on those affecting us for years because of many reasons in their evil and racist minds.

    Ethiopia needs to have a new 21 century vision which is the vision of seeing and understanding herself in order to understand how the country is a God given rich and abandoned with natural gifts including water, fertile soil and nice weather. Based on that she needs to have another levels of relationships with China, Russia, Japan, Italy, Slavic people in central and eastern Europe countries like Serbia, Check republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and so on that are having technologies million times useful for Ethiopia if we get them through investment and knowledge Transfer including in the Agriculture sector. Robot is created by the Czechoslovakia scientists and Robota means Job.

    The idea of the western aid, NGO, charities and so on in the name of UKIDA, USAID, UN and so on is designed by the English and Jews to destroy nations as Ethiopia has been the worst victims by these evils. Thanks to the American people, Trump’s election is making them worry and suffer because of fear he would stop them affecting other nations as they are doing for decades including holding the Embassy office under their control as UK and USA Embassies in Ethiopia are for the last 8 years and causing so many damages against our society targeting Christians.

    Ethiopia must expose, directly confront and stop those foreigners causing problems in our country including the unrests working for it secretly as well as openly for years. They are the English and some USA citizens where the Jews from these two countries and other English speaking nations including South Africa are taking the lead and the brains behind including acting in the name of media and journalism while we know they are spay agents and hateful criminals for other missions. Almost 40% English spy agents are females. Now you know who are those females in our country.

    The Zionists/Jews controlled media and them being the journalists are causing so many hardships against this world including in Ethiopia. They are the ones together with the English painting nonstop about Ethiopia Trashing her with lies to destroy the country image and create problems within.

    They have worked for years to stop investment in Ethiopia by making the country the worst place for investors and good tourists not like them using tourism for criminal activities. Their main goal is to stop the Chinese and other investors in Ethiopia by creating unrests and doing propagandas about. We all know BBC and other English language Medias including from South Africa where the Zionists are monopolizing and running it were/are orchestrated the Oromo unrests in the country. They are still serving the Islamic Oromo just to affect the country. Imagine when the Zionists are supporting the Islamic OLF and others including OLNF.

    The point is that the government must stop being part of the problems but needs to become being the main part of the solution. Stop the occupation in Wolkait in order to stop all the problems in the Amhara. Unite the country by having new and united approaches instead of talking shit about Ethnic policy and kilel to widen the gaps and create differences among the society which is the English/Zionists idea and work. They do like it when the TPLF regime is doing the things it is doing against the nation and its citizens. Stop jailing Ethiopian journalists and politicians but have common grounds to work together for common good.

    Ethiopia needs a new and workable international relationships including with investment and Tourism activities. The country needs to stop relaying on the English types foreign anything but herself while working together with other useful, respectful, honest and hard working nations that are engaging with production activities instead of media, Journalism, aid agencies, NGOs, charities and so on coming from England, USA and the likes where the Jews are taking the lead and causing the problems we all suffering from for decades as a result.

    New international vision, understanding and direction is needed which is being totally independent and away from the west that is dominated by the English and Jews from the west. Europe without the English/Jews around is the best but they are always there taking the lead because of they are champions with lots of experiences affecting nations pretending differently. The country needs a new and more closer investment, tourism, education, security and in all development activities relationships with China, Russia, Japan, Italy, Slavic people in central and eastern Europe, and others. These nations do know who is behind the unrest in Ethiopia and why. Avoiding the English and the Jews/Zionists from the west and South Africa by itself benefits Ethiopia greatly. These are the main reasons why our country image is badly affected and the citizens are suffering for decades.

    So, be sure Finish support is delivered by the finish themselves without the English/Zionists are around to take it in the middle to use it for their evil plans and agendas in our country targeting Christians. If Ethiopia able to see and find herself knowing how huge is the country potential if it is used by the citizens hard and good work avoiding the situations that are creating unrests and most importantly avoiding the English/Zionists so called medias, journalists, aid agencies, NGOs, Charities and so on, it becomes clear that the country needs no aid, NGO, Charities but good investment, trade and Tourism that is free from criminal and inhuman activities; we know who are those engaging with this kinds while coming as tourists.

  8. sema says:

    Egypt seeks $800M European aid to help ease pressure on the poor

  9. water says:

    to Ambassador Helena Airaksinen, Finnish Ambassador to Ethiopia

    thanks for ur interest to supply drinking water

    i know u r doing great job and ur heart is in right place but if u really want to help Ethiopian then u should show them how to fish instead of giving them fish

    most NGO use big drilling machine to dig for water that cost more then ten million birr or even more but we dont need this kind of machine our under ground water found depth of 6 meter not 200 m so we dont need big machinery that dig 200 m

    what Ethiopian need is simple machine that can dig 6 meter … so if 15 million Ero used to buy this simple machine and if u set up business we would have self supporting ourselves

    here is link for simple machine i dont think it is more then 4,000 dollar

    and this is what NGO doing or

    this machine might worth more then one million dollar

    that means 15million ero would have bought
    3000 simple water digging machinery and we would set up 3000 business

    if one business dig one hole per day that means 3000 per day and 900,000 hole per year or more

    in Ethiopia we have water every where all we need is digging up to 6 meter and we get drinking water

    • ethoash says:

      I hope it is not water grab … otherwise all 3000 will be given to the Tigray business community… guys i am try to find something bad to say help me out here

  10. Proprespiourity says:

    why always aid?

  11. DAWIT SEYOUM says:

    The dispersed economic refuges are JUDAS Iscariot who sold there soul for 30 pieces of cheap coins and soon will hang themselves. Berehanu Nega is a wet pant driver of EPRP leaders then. Now, he is still a messenger boy. with a doctorate from a tertiary level nameless COLLEGE.ALMARIAM IS a depressed, neurotic psychopath, confused confusor devoid of any substance even to convince himself. and then they have JAWAR a juvenile delinquent. Dr. MERARA GUDINA, if reading from his prepared is forbidden will not persuade street boy.
    The people are dying to get leaders with matured political economy plan that can compete and fully persuade the people to put their trust in them. Forget not the disastrous and armature COP DE TAT attempt against MENGISTU, and prior to that the futility of EPRP and MEASON. Sedo-masaded beyamereh doron be koke keyerat.

  12. eyeta bogale says:

    This does not make any sense. Why would the government of Finland funnels money into the volt of one of the most brutal regimes in Africa if not the world i.e. TPLF, (aka EPRDF). What “Growth and Transformation Plan” are you talking about. This is one of their conning devices to convince their foreign backers to keep aid money coming and fatten their off shore personal accounts. in the past 11 months alone, over a thousand unarmed civilians were killed for peaceful protest against the regime and tens of thousands are languishing in disease infested dungeons and black sights all over the country. The regime in Ethiopia has turned the nation into an open prison. Sadly, the Government of Finland reinforces the barbaric tyrants in Addis by giving money for more bullets. Since the world knows that Ethiopia is ruled by the most corrupt Tigrean gang. therefore it’s indeed senseless , grotesque even to hand money under whatever pretext it may be.

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