Ethiopia foils a terror attack of Eritrea-backed rebel group


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9 Responses

  1. DAWIT says:

    Awraba time kicked out by Ethiopians Diaspora and now based on Adigrat and Addis Ababa works as a mouthpiece of tplf

    • bb says:

      Then why don’t you go to Adegrat and kicked out Dawit. I know you can’t because you are one of SHENTAM extremist diaspora.

  2. hhuhgb says:

    ehhhhhhhhhh ale feresu

  3. ahoo says:

    What a minute we are supporting to the Amhara people and we will make it at the end.
    You agame are at the edge of the cliff
    The final blow going come at you anytime from now
    So wait a minute

  4. tewodros says:

    @ ahoo be for urself first. Refugee. Ur country is in z egde of collapse. A country of one man wedi medhin berad. Deal with ur problem

  5. Deregu Temelese says:

    Congratulations Awramaba. Your master fascist TPLF is shivering after the bilateral diplomatic relation of Eritrean and Egyptian government leaders. Congrats, The Red Sea has been transferred to the Arabs. The previous Derg government was fighting to avert the present day reality of Red sea Arabs possession. Your Master Fascist TPLF was doing to give up Red Sea for Arabs. What is new?

  6. wedinkafa says:

    Awre Amba, Dawit a Woy-ane lap dog and Woy-ane boys HE President Isays Afewki has made you go mad and crazy, in your dreams President Isays is constantly alive in your head and dream about him day in day out!!

    Just make your way out before the 11th hour is outside your homes!!!

  7. GG Bedhassa says:

    Thank you for the news.

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