IAAF named Almaz Ayana of Ethiopia the top athlete of the year 


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7 Responses

  1. ethoash says:

    here is my take

    usain Bolt make 33 million last year this guy is not USA CITIZEN he is Jamaican so how on earth he could managed to make 33 million dollar per year very simple

    usain Bolt have three thing going for him
    A. he speak English
    B. he have sport agent
    C. okay he run in American favorite sport 100m

    our queen Almaz Ayana, only make the winning money mostly around 250,000 dollar … i dont even think there is money for winning in Olympic…. for Queen Alamz to ask top money she have to speak English first to do that she have to go to USA and study English for next 6 month after all she have money to do that and hire private teacher to teach her with in 6 month she will master English the best way to learn English is to work in customer service for example in MacDonald working in MacDonald have two advantage one learning English by talking to people second MacDonald will be her sponsor when they find out their worker win Olympic after that sky would be the limit ….

    Ethiopian doesnt have any claim on her look what we did to Obbo Abebe Bikila (we make it sound like Amhaic name )Obbo Mamo and Yifter ‘the shifter’ three of them died in poverty one even jailed obbo Abebe Biqila family where living in poverty thanks for TPLF now they might get some thing i dont know but during Amhara rule they were living in poverty beside Yifter today Yifter also have no money in Canada and lived as refugee and hospitalized in Canada all alone he was our hero only by name… so we Ethiopian r free loader we want hero without paying our part … all queen Almaz money come form out sided why is that why not set up go fund me and give her even one dollar and let million people give her money if we really like her and want to be part of the victory this runner sacrificed a lot to make us proud all we can do is play our part and pay our share by supporting her giving her money is good not only for the queen but for those who come after her …

    if queen Almaz Ayana make money that is good for all of us because he is going to invest in Ethiopia in way we help invest in Ethiopia by giving her money another thing is if we give them money while they stay in Ethiopia they will not ask for asylum they dont need it

  2. Ermi says:

    Congrats Almaz!

    How about Robel the whale? He should be selected for the worst woyane athlet of the century and the top laughing stock who was made olompian for being Tigre.

    Peace to all but woyanes ISIS!


    • ethoash says:

      dear Ermi

      u r not ashmed to reply after my masterpiece blog…. u said congrats Almaz ! that is fine but what contribution did u make for Almaz success … if u dont then u r freeloader … what i mean by that then u have to read my masterpiece 25 times if it take u 40 years that is fine …. that much worth the wait to get the wisdom that i try to pass to u

      • Ermi says:

        lol. Ash, you are so funny. But the good thing about you is you try to be philosophical about everything even though all your logics are flowed and stupid.

        Almaz does not need any donation from anybody. And I have never seen or heard of any athlete requiring donations, neither in Ethiopia nor in this world.

        It is obvious capitalism pays for talented athletes through participation and winning prizes or advertising deals.

        Please, purge your thinking process.

        Peace to all but Woyanes ISIS!


        • ethoash says:


          that is what i just said to u read my blog million time this time around so that u going to get my point…

          i did not say she need ur donation… but her name is house hold name she can sale Tshirt and other goods bearing her number and name and u pay that to support her that was what i means then you pay equity in her winning otherwise it would be empty support or free loading …. anyhow this business side is not well known but we have to do it if we want more athlete to join her success

  3. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Congratulations our golden daughter!!!! You made us all very proud!!! Folks, did you see how she sprang from one mile to another like a gracious gazelle during the Rio final? Did you see her leaving everyone in the dust? Did you see that? I still get goose bumps watching the clips. All those Paula’s in all ‘have beens’ were trying to discredit Ayana’s out of this world feat in thinly veiled questions. All that ‘I’m not sure that I can understand that. When I saw the world record set in 1993, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And Ayana has absolutely blitzed that time.’ How about the other sore loser Sarah Lahti who Ayana left shattered by more than a mile behind who went saying ‘It is too easy for her. We see no facial expressions while the rest of us are struggling for life at the back. How much difference can there be.’ What is new with our athletes? He late ‘uncle’ Obbo Abebe Bikila had done in Rome in 1960; Yifter ‘the shifter’ did it in Moscow in 1980 and Obbo Mamo left everyone way far behind and they were all gasping for their last gasp in Distrito Federal in 1968. You just sit back there and watch!!! The next jaw dropping performance at the marathons is coming to the neighborhood near you after gabbling up the entire 42Km at or in less than 2 hours!!! How about that? You wanna bet? Just sit back in your retirement and watch!!!!

    • ethoash says:

      Yifter ‘the shifter’ live in poverty that is what we did to our hero .. we dont deserve them …. all our artist and hero die in poverty begging u pay form medical… why not the sport commission take care of them by buying lief insurance … and even collect donation or support for public to that end and also get govt. support we have to make it a culture to donate for cause as Miss Ermi think is donation is given to poor … Bell gate also donate for cause so it doesnt mean always giving to poor u can give for cause for higher propose

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