Ethiopia: The process of replacing weak performing leadership with efficient ones shall be continued, says communication minister


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5 Responses

  1. Tatek says:

    As Ethiopia’s democratic and human rights trajectory keeps sliding down a slippery slope at a rate never seen in the history of the nation, the newly crowned Govt Communications Affairs Minister, Negeri Lencho, attempts to try his political wings by talking human rights. According to those who know the Regime Propaganda Affairs Minister in person, efficiency of the sort required by the public as purported by him set as aside, the Minister had far less than stellar-reputation himself. In an effort to appease his Dedebit Masters, the Minister was responsible for the mass arrest and complete dismissal of Oromo students from his former Addis Ababa University in recent years. The world had seen that the EPRDF Communist Govt sounded extremely bewildered. The last several months following the regime’s ‘’100% Electoral triumph’’, which was soon followed by deadly public uprising demanding an absolute change had been unquestionably hair-raising and nerve-racking, and as a result, the regime was having trouble forming a clear thought. When announcing the decision of the Ministers’ Council regarding the State of Emergency meant to curb the Oromo and Amhara uprising that almost brought the foundation of his Communist regime down, premier Hailemariam Desalegn’s facial expression told it all: his face was bright red and his anger could light fires. Many might still think ‘’this born again son of God’’ would just do the honorable thing if it came down to choosing between his Almighty God and his Communist EPRDF, but very few people, if any, knew the real Hailemariam Desalegn — the devil hiding beneath the angel’s wings. Minister Lencho, sadly, still wants the Ethiopian public to believe that the deadly uprising happened because of despicable leadership, widespread corruption, institutionalized nepotism and gross regime failure to see-through certain pieces of the Meles Constitution. As a woman who desperately wants the sex but not the pregnancy, Lencho and the Communist regime he serves are determined to deny that Ethiopians’ quest for absolute policy and regime change had anything to do with the Govt losing any legitimacy in the eyes of Ethiopians. The regime wants the world and Ethiopians to believe that the change banner is being carried by the real demons based in the Diaspora with teeth and claws that stalks Ethiopia’s rural and urban streets and uses kittens and puppies to prey on the innocence of the nation’s unemployed youth, who might be College grads but too young to tell fantasy from reality. One pro-regime blogger, who understandably thought the stake was too high and the nation’s pro-regime media had been virtually swept away by the extremist-led social media, stated that he was overly concerned and deeply disturbed that the nation’s very existence was in shocking jeopardy. For the first time in twenty five years, the regime and its die-hard backers started to use the Unity file to try to save their power and the heavy benefit riding on it. Regime propaganda mouth pieces in Awramba Times, Tigrai online, Walta Information Centre, Fana Broadcast Corporate and EBC had all been busy airing OLF extremists waving the extremist flag in Cairo flanked by Egyptian politicians who seemed to be enjoying the current inferno in Ethiopia. What they failed to tell Ethiopians was that their Communist Masters did the same thing when they were desperate to overthrow Mengistu’s Communist regime. Pro-regime forces feel that the regime was riding a tiger and if it chose to come off or forced down by hostile forces, the regime might lose its power but the regime-backers might be eaten altogether. Minister Lencho recently stated that the Govt understands its shortcomings and that the public anger would be dealt with very vigorously and the EPRDF had always collected its pieces when confronted with a scathing trial and got going. While the Minister might be a Communist crook who had been shaping school grads into Communist thinking, he peculiarly lacked the ability to conceal his emotions and reactions behind a gracious, exquisitely polite façade when cornered by hostile forces — one basic instinct of a political survivor that made his argument baseless. For him and the regime he serves, things were always seen in black and white and there simply was no room for shades of gray. The EPRDF Govt always saw the opposition as the human balance scale: if the opposition went down, the Communists went up.

    The regime is devastatingly panicking and with any whisper of violence heard anywhere in the country, ice kept being formed in the stomach of EPRDF rulers. They all are well aware of their heart, and it was thudding heavily in their chest. Fear flowed like acid in their veins and every survival instinct that Minister Lencho boasted that his rulers possessed in abundance was suddenly screaming. The daily prayer of the Govt and its die-hard backers might surely be for a heavily fractured opposition, but there is no denying that the EPRDF was standing on the smoking ruins of the country now, and unfortunately this time, lady luck doesn’t seem to be in the Communists side as the opposition had someone deep inside the regime’s closet, one who knows what is going on in the shark pool.

  2. Sam says:

    I am not saying replacing incomptent leaders with new a bad idea, but I say it is not a solution. It is a matter of time before the new appolntees become incomptent. The incomptent leaders do not create corruption. The political system has created corruption. And the incomptent politicians exploited it. If the EPDRF politicians believe the system cures itself, they are wrong. The EPDRF polticians must admit they are not the only Ethiopians who wish well for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. People who support opposition parites are a good standing Ethiopians as the supporters of EPDRF are. Admitting this very fact helps EPDRF as a party way much more than changing personnel to fill a reactionary burecracy.

  3. Emama Emitt says:

    As long as Woyane controls the Addis Ababa Amhara men the rest of Ethiopia will be easy for Woyane to handle with the completion of the GERD dam.The main base power of woyane is concentrated in Addis Ababa, not even Tigray or anywhereelse in Ethiopia. Woyane’s end will only come if it looses control of the Addis Ababa Amhara men. Woyane wants to expand Addis Ababa so it can expand it’s base.With money raised with selling electricity Woyane can easily hire mercinaries to do it’s dirty job in hiding allover rural Ethiopia.
    Woyane targeted Addis Ababa Amhara men since it got to Addis Ababa in 1991. The problem with most Addis Ababa Amhara men and previous Ethiopian youth in general was they got intimidated by Woyane easily.If that wasn’t the case Woyane would have lost power early on. Very few Addis Ababa Amhara men walked the walk without fear while the majority Of Amharas in Addis Ababa turned up into zombies being so terrified of Woyane all their life . I remember when I went to court in Addis Ababa to support Professor Asrat many years ago Woyane soldiers started intimidating the youth that were standing infront of me. Woyanes tried to to disperse the numerous Professor Asrat supporters that showed up at the court house. These youth were so scared of Woyane they pushed me without hesitation and I fell breaking my leg. None of the men even bothered to help me up, few friends of mine-old women my age somehow managed to help me get up and get me out of the way so the men don’t walk allover me. That’s when I left Ethiopia to USA almost giving up hope in Ethiopia’s future . But then I realized later very few brave Addis Ababa Amhara men are still around, that helped me regain hope in the future generations having a chance of making things right. Now I see many youth that are much braver than the youth of Ethiopia from the previous millennium. I see many brave Ethiopian youth walking the walk regardless of the sacrifices they are paying. I don’t think the Addis Ababa Amhara men are as brave as the rest of Ethiopia’s youth currently. I think Addis Ababa Amhara men who were youth of the previous millennium was somehow intimidated or bribed by Woyane they ended up becoming very anti-Ethiopia . These youth of the previous time that are now in their 40’s watched woyane kill Professor Asrat and kept quiet .They saw Woyane sell Eritrea and kept quiet. Imagine if the youth of nowadays were around they wouldn’t let none of that take place .Especially The AMHARA Addis Ababa residentS who are currently 40 something years old are serving Woyane knowingly or unknowingly. The AMHARA Addis Ababa residentS who are currently 40 something years old or 50 something years old are puppets controlled on a string by the woyane. Since these 40 something years old Amharas-Addis Ababa residents are scared of Woyane they are still even using their own wives , children and mothers to shield themselves from Woyane. They will sell their own mother to get praise by Woyane and not get beaten by Woyane . As long as Woyane controls/intimidates the Addis Ababa Amhara the rest of Ethiopia is easy for Woyane to handle since the main base power of woyane is concentrated in Addis Ababa Woyane will loose power olny if it looses the base in Addis Ababa . Woyanes base is not even Tigray or anywhereelse in Ethiopia but Addis Ababa only . Woyane wants to expand Addis Ababa so it can expand it’s base. Woyane’s end will only come if it looses control of the Addis Ababa Amhara men. .

    • bb says:

      I am sorry to say this , you are one of a single minded person and I have no idea what makes you think that the residents of Addis are Amhara or majority of them please if you really are from Ethiopia go and check it out .

  4. Observer says:

    ዶክተር ነገሪ ፣
    ከዚህ በፊት ከምናውቃቸው ቃል ኣቀባዎች በተለየ መልኩ other things being equal ስልጣናቸውን ለመድንፊያ ሳይሆን ህዝብን ለማገልገል በጎ ፍቃደ አና ትህትና የሚያሳዩ ሆነው ስላገኘሁዋቸው ምስጋናዬ ይድረሳቸው።

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