Serving the Poor: Spotlighting an Ethiopian unsung hero of Ophthalmology (Video)


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11 Responses

  1. Samson Gudeta says:

    Ethiopians are brave and smart people. They always come up with something to solve their problems with their own sons and daughters. Dr. Abdulaziz is a man of integrity. All I can say is this guy should be Awramba times’ person of the Year.

  2. Marta Sisay says:

    Oh God, what an inspiring personality!

  3. Getu says:

    Dear editor, thank you for your time and energy. This is what we need

  4. admin says:

    He should be awarded for his compatriotic heroism. Let the the world know this man

  5. ethoash says:

    Dr. Abdulaziz thanks

    but i always think this kind of kindness can be economy spark …here is how u do it how small it is u tell those who cured to pay one birr per month to the hospital that is their insurance if 100,000 people live in that area then the hospital get 100,000 birr per month … make everyone buying health insurance form the hospital by showing them those who are given the gift of site..

    second use this money to prompt prevention how by building toilet… and by digging for drinking water and using biogas so that they dont cut wood for fire i can see the area is kind of Sahara desert so the public can plant tree and plant grass, grass is more important then tree because with 3 month u get matured grass then 3 years tree growing season … the list is long but no more free service every one should give what they can even free labor … excluding the old people event the old people can be sale personal for the hospital telling other to go to hospital or become member

  6. Jamil says:

    Mashalah mashalah brother ALHAH gives you more berka . INSHALAH give us your contact info INSHALAH we be in touch.jzk bro keep going.

  7. Dagna says:

    It is a wonderful story, most of all it is an amazing and “a just social commitment” from Dr. Abdulaziz Ibrahim Ismael. This what serving the people means.
    Thank you Awramba times, this is a story that has to be told again and again, and this is what matters to Ethiopia.

  8. Sam says:

    Dr. Abdulaziz and people who work arround him , let the palms of Allah grows with you . You are true and hero Ethiopians . I proud of you . Please let all us share the burden and do what we can do . We love you Dr. Abdulaziz and all of people work with you . And great thanks to Somali administration ,

  9. bb says:

    Thanks a lot Dr. Abdulaziz! You are a hero to all Ethiopians. We need more people like you who are generous and Dawit thank you so much for the good news.

  10. miftah.m says:

    Dear Sir,Dr Abdulaziz your achivement has started to be manifested elsewhere in Somali region,Ethiopia and beyond so i can say nothing but keep your momentum forward realizing your inspiration and inclination towards living for the sake of others,prioritizing and serving the interest of those who are hard to reach.

  11. Abablehatu says:

    Wow, no words to say, this is the result of the federalize system, you know we lost so many like Dr. Abdulaziz do, keep up the great work, we Ethiopians proud of you dear!

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