Ethiopia Inaugurates Gibe III, the 3rd largest hydroelectric plant in Africa (Text+video)


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26 Responses

  1. Bereket says:

    The dam is located more than 215 km away from ArbaMinch. But it is located between Wolaita & Dawuro zone some 85 km west of Wolaita Sodo@Omo River.

    • Ermi says:

      “The project, the third largest hydroelectric plant in Africa with a power output of about 1870 Megawatt (MW), will increase Ethiopia’s power generation capacity by 234% according to Azeb Asnake, CEO of Ethiopian Electric power.”

      234%x = x + 1870 .. x being the current amount being generated before Gibe III.
      2.34x – x = 1870
      1.34x = 1870
      x = 1870/1.34
      x = 1395.5
      So the current amount is only 1395.5 MW? in the last 25 years woyane could only produce 1395 MW of electricity? What happened to the 4,000 MW they have been bragging about? And of the 1395.5 MW, Derg and the previous gov before it were responsible for enabling the country to produce it – probably 600 MW. So where did the tons of billions of dollars power generation investment go to? Was it all fake development? No wonder woyane and its cadres are stupid creatures.

      Ash, don’t screw your head with the above calculation, it is above the fifth grader brain.

      Peace to all but stupid woyanes!


      • Danny says:

        In Service:
        Tis Abay II Power Station (2001) 73 MW
        Fincha Amerti Neshe (2011) 100 MW
        Fincha Amerti Neshe (2004) 184 MW
        Tekeze Power Station (2009) 300 MW
        Gilgel Gibe II Power Station (2009) 420 MW
        Beles Power Station (2010) 460 MW
        Gilgel Gibe III (2016) 187 MW

        Under Construction
        Grand Ethiopian Renaissance (70% done) 6000 MW
        Genale Dawa III (To be in service 2017) 254 MW

        Ermi, they say ignorance is bliss, but I find yours rather disturbing.

        • Ermi says:

          Danny, your point? If it is about ignorance being bliss, I agree with you 100%. I would also add ignorance is a blessing as well. Had I been ignorant enough like the woyane cadres, i would have thrown a party upon hearing such a wonderful news of Gibe III. But knowing woyane’s fake propaganda, i rather wait …

          Anyways, what you stated above are forecasted quantities that never turned in to actual. If you take Tekeze as an example, 300 MW was what was forecasted to generate before the start of the construction on design paper – but the highest it ever generated since the completion is 75 MW. And that was even one time during a test run after a lot of preparation. But the actual it usually generates on a daily basis is zero MW, kkkkkkkk. So forecast VS actual are two completely distinct existences. But for ignorant woyanes cadres, actual is the Dedebit plan…lol

          Danny, I challenge you to comment/ponder and disprove me on the numbers I mentioned in my remarks.

          Peace to all but stupid woyanes!


    • selam says:

      Still no electric power in Ethiopia we are in dark like 80 years ago

      • bb says:

        Yes, you are dark like 80 years ago and yes you will be dark the next 80 years as long as you want be dark but we Ethiopians are not.
        I wish you the same to be what you wished for yourself !

      • Ermi says:

        That is because they can’t even maintain the current dams. And all forecasted amounts on woyane built dams are never realized cause they are based on fake calculations to secure bank loans and for political consumption.

        Peace to all but stupid woyanes!


        • yonas zewdu says:

          Are you serious? everyone knows what we had before and what we have now so please be kind to yourself and do something positive or stop the nonsense argument.

  2. Shiromeda says:

    The completion of the project is good .however, I do not understand praising Melese too much unnecessary. The first idea of the dam did not come from him and but he played certain role for the completion of the project as a leader any way it is completed during Haile Mariam time. I do not understand the Tigrians and the Amharas prejudices that always telling us their men & women are so special and as same time accusing others for any misunderstanding problems. This shows they are too selfish and greedy and want to make everything to their belonging. these two ethic group elites have to stop such outrageous action and start to understand others feeling to live in harmony and peace in united Ethiopia.

    • Danny says:

      Why don’t you focus on the content of the speech Meles was making rather than the fact he’s Tigrian. He spoke eloquently and clearly describes the obstacles we faced funding the project how those obstacles were mitigated.

      Nothing more, nothing less.

      Thank you for those who participated in building the dam!

      • shiromeda says:

        not the speech we need the action , & the outcome of its leadership , and the up & down of social, political, & economical life of the people. the people in general not a specific sector have to evaluate leaders , We see certain group of people & their media outlets always praising or worshiping a specific leaders without taking into consideration of others feeling or the reality on the ground. No body from these die hard tribalism to hear or listen the wrong doing of their worshiping leaders . leaders always left their finger print with good and bad avenue of history .

        • ethoash says:

          DEAR shiromeda

          When Haile Mariam start an idea and make it happened then we can praise him but this dam was started by great leader called meles he is the founding father of the dam… but if PMHM STARTED NEW project then come back to me

    • bb says:

      Nothing wrong praising some one who he/she gave tremendous amount of time for the country and accomplished the work they have done no matter which tribe they coming from so in this case our former prime minister is a good example to that also it could also be any other person too. Please if you have time do your own research what Meles done for the country and you will definitely appreciate him all the time.

      • shiromeda says:

        it’s a double standard. you always want praising the good work by exaggerating but not to mention his blunder and mistakes . when something happened negatively to country due to his wrong political calculation or predication or formulation, you always blaming Shabia or Gin 7 or Arabs countries . You trying to draw his personality as an absolute person who doesn’t have sin or wrong doing . Reality tells us leave alone to the country , he also crippled the little democratic culture that TPLF has had before. You do not need special magnifier to understand the current instability of the country and fragility of EPRDF , it simple and pure of his dictatorship for the past 20 yrs .This kind of problem is not only you others do the same when praising leaders from their ethnicity. This is also one of the the bottle neck not to have harmony among different ethnic groups. We have to have a genuine judgement and fairness for all good and wrong doing of our leaders. we can not live with pseudo history instead we have to strive to get solution to our current problem . Some ethnic group elites always want to talk about the prejudice of the leader rather than focusing in bringing solution of the people and country facing currently.. Haile mariam is not belonging to my ethnicity but i love the sprite of his speech with his limited action of power to bring unity of the country than any others. Specially at the meeting of eradication of corruption and mal government with other top EPRDfites , he was the only person ready to fight this chronic diseases of the country. we all know that this was the outcome of Melese’s Grand principle of preferring “Loyalty than Competency” of assigning the government officials..

  3. bb says:

    Thanks Dawit, you are doing your job well and please keep continue the good work that you doing. Let them know for some loosers diaspora about Ethiopian development from corner to corner .

  4. Osman yussuf Ali says:

    I know Ethiopia is richer in resources we are the blessed nation our people are very brave and its another milestone in development may peace and prosperity continues for ever

    • Qenale says:

      As long as weyane exists this dam is not a profit & a success for Ethiopian people, because weyane praises & glorifies the so called development & disown our national sovereignty with their barbaric & brutal repression against all Ethiopians!

  5. GGGG says:

    Credit where credit is due .Thank you Meles .
    ማንም መመስገን ቢፈልግ ይስራ ፡፡ ልብ በሉ ያውራ አላልኩም ፡፡

  6. Gojam says:

    Ethiopian writers appear to be very careless when they report on numerical facts. Perhaps the re[porter should have 80% instead ..

  7. Sadula says:

    Still addis get not enough power because they will sell it to other countries. Ethiopian stuck with debt yet TPLF continue to rob us.

  8. Ras Mitat says:

    “Non-profit” Lords of Poverty, aka Rivers International, Survival International, Oakland Institute…

    As long as self-hating Black people exist, White profiteers will happily play the role of master.

  9. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is great news. Kudos for this one!!! Kudos especially to that honorable lady who is the CEO of the electric energy department!!! She is an engineer also. Before her they were men who were in charge and for all intents and purposes they were milking the project at a turtle’s pace. She was given the mantle and we started hearing blinding progress after progress. I told you a million times what our women are capable of if they are given the chance. Those who happen to know that honorable lady engineer, please pass along my very loud congratulations in the spirit of engineers brotherhood for her massive accomplishment. By the way, how come she was not that one talking about the completion of this massive dam generating so much electric power? How? Let her speak!!!!!

    By the way, In your face Al-Toweel Isaias and his faceless/shameless stooges!!!!

  10. ethoash says:

    how to destroy our domestic enemy such as Ermi, Shiromeda ,…AGE77 AND OLD very simple give them more freedom of speech to speak up video tape them what they say about NILE DAM AND NOW ABOUT Gibe III call all the opp. leaders and ask them about Gibe III and dont interpret them let them say whatever they want to say and video tape them and presented to Ethiopian people … there is an Amhara saying u will be destoyed by what u altering

    i want those Amhara liberation front party leader (such as blue sky party leader Engl whatever ) must be interviewed and documented to debunk them

  11. Pozzo Infinito says:

    If you wanna more info, i suggest you this post:

  12. Alex says:

    I don’t support woyanne but building such kind of project need big praise. Well done. I hope this does get rid of power shortage in Ethiopia. Ethioelectric copration should give priority to local than exports. At least 50% power should be allocated to Ethiopians. Clean water and power should be our main objective.

  13. Degu says:

    I really don’t understand why most of disagree on completed projects and tried to make point by distorting fact and numbers. You are Westinghouse your time and taking the conversation to law level gossip. If you really want change talk about the people right , the real issues.

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