Ethiopia awaiting response from Egyptian Authorities for its official request of breaking ties with Ethiopian terrorist groups


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10 Responses

  1. Tango Papa says:

    Why tplf is crying very loud this is the sign it is the end of their apartheid ruling.

  2. Dawit says:

    Ilemi Triangle to Eritrea ?

  3. Sarah says:

    This is so typical for African leaders, once in power they don’t want to let go of the power.

    This current government did a great job in educating the Ethiopian people, especially in comparison to the way it was before.
    However, now that you have a more educated population they want to participate in the direction and further development of the country.
    If history tells us something, The people that are resisting will not give up and the government will continue to try and control them instead of transitioning in a respectable and dignified manner. The protesters will continue because, they have nothing to live for and they have caught on to the fake democracy in Ethiopia. So this will end when the country have been destroyed due to the turmoil, this is just how these things have happened in many different parts of the world.

    The government is trying to contain the human spirit but it’s impossible once it has decide to rebel….

    • bb says:

      Dear Sarah, I don’t agree with your comment because I don’t believe throwing a government with riot or without election. EPRDF is a legitimate government who won election and they should not compromise with terrorist who tried to destabilize the country. Remember Ethiopia is not for those who are extremist who live abroad and do nothing for the country other than preaching hate towards others ethnic group but the good thing is they will never accomplish anything other than counting their age .

  4. New Approach says:

    Don’t wait or expect anything positive or good coming from Egypt but do what you have to do or don’t do what you have not. Abay belongs to Ethiopia and Ethiopia has the right and capacity to use her resources including water within the country without asking any saying or permission from any outsider as all nations do this way with their resources including oil and gas.

    They have oil and gas. We have water. These are natural gifts and their ownerships are decided based on the country boundaries. When we need oil and gas, we are buying them. That means they also must do the same buying water when they need it. Nature didn’t say or decide to sell oil and gas with high price and earn billion while giving the rights to get it for free the most precious and highest value item which is water. Selling oil and gas while getting for free the river water without paying even for custom in the border and Transportation is a human made crime and it has to be corrected.

    The Ethiopian Nile water consists between 86-95% of the total Nile water in Egypt based on the season on the Ethiopian highland and 100% the sediments and minerals the river is carrying. The Nile River is not the only big river on earth heading from south to North but also by far the most mineral rich among all rivers on earth thanks to the Ethiopian highland.

    So, if Egypt wants this kind highly valued Nile water from Ethiopia, she must buy it including the Transportation and custom fees. But what they are doing is the unexpected from any living thing including animals and Plants. They are totally dependent on the Ethiopian water and fertile soil getting for free despite it could bring to Ethiopia the minimum of 55 billion dollar a year if it is sold 1 dollar per cubic meter which is the cheapest while the right price has to be more than 100 dollar per cubic meter and 55 billion cubic meter Egypt is getting for free could cost her 5.5 trillion every year.

    However, Egyptians are the most dishonest and traitor people on earth. Since January 2011, the Gulf nations including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and the likes gave to Egypt the total of more than 50 billion dollar where Saudi alone gave to El Sisi 26 billion since 2013 coup conducted by him. yet, right now Egypt is becoming number one enemy to the gulf nations and she is siding now with others that are promising her more free money as USA has been giving her about 55 billion dollar since 1981.

    Egyptians has been and they will continue being the trouble makers and parasites to humanity and earth. Most Islamic terrorists including Al Qaida members are Egyptians among the others the current al Qaida leader is an Egyptian. No one satisfies Egypt, make her trustworthy ally, useful and peaceful nation. But they are the trouble makers, beggars and traitors have no the human conscious to behave normally based on the treatments and benefits they are getting. They do think they are entitled to get money, water and anything that are getting so far for free.

    Egypt is the number one Enemy to Ethiopia along side with the English. Egypt created ELF (Eritrean liberation front) in 1962 by organizing Eritrean Islamic students in Egypt. Then USA and UK created EPLF to counter the Islamic ELF. EPLF managed to destroy the Islamic ELF. However, since the 1974 Durge revolution in Ethiopia, the west mainly USA and UK started to use EPLF against Ethiopia and its objection became for the Eritrean independence which was not the main object when EPLF was created but ELF was. This way EPLF got support from the Arabs including Egypt and west as well the same times. As a result EPLF got all supports from Arabs and safe haven in Sudan.

    History is repeating itself. OLF which is now totally dominated and run by Muslim Oromo is becoming the new Islamic group for Egypt to destabilize Ethiopia as she did with ELF and then EPLF. Daud Ibsa, Jawar Mohammed, Wako and many more in the OLF are savage Muslim Oromo having plan to create an Islamic Oromo emirate. Jawar Mohammed who is not an Ethiopian but a Yemeni as his father is many times said
    “there is no one who is none Muslim in the place I was born and grown up. If there is any, we cut his or her head off. 80% Oromos are Muslims. So, we are going to create an Oromo nation with Islamic identities. Others have to convert or must leave. If not, we will kill them.”

    These remarks are just few out of the many he was publicly talking and writing about. And Islamic Egypt is using this opportunity to support this terrorist group to destabilize Ethiopia.

    However, this is a sorry time to the none fanatic and Christian oromos. When the uprising against Mubarak started in Egypt, the minority Christians in Egypt where fully part of it. But when the uprising was over and Mubarak overthrown, those acted as if they all are Egyptians meaning Muslims and Christians became against Christians. The Egyptians Christians are becoming the number one Target to the Islamists using the chance created to them including by the Christians and west.

    That is why none Muslims oromos must aware and think about it before it is too let what would happen to them if the savage ismaic terrorists like OLF and others are getting any support from the oromos and they managed to cause troubles in the country. There will be no one but the Christian Oromos and none fanatic Muslims Oromos will be the worst to be affected. None Muslim Oromo and those are not fanatic Muslim Oromo must fight anything has to do with the savage Islamic OLF that has in mind to create an Islamic Oromo emirate which is not going to happen in a million year knowing Oromos are the most divided people based on Clans, sub clans, sub sub clans, religions, regions, culture, traditions and languages as well.

    Any significant problems against Ethiopia as usual comes from abroad through these savages using religion to unite themselves while operating differently in eth name of oromo in order to hide their true identity and stop objections from others and get supports most of the times coming from the Jews/Zionists including in the media and journalists doing propaganda jobs for the terrorists to destabilize nations like Ethiopia. But the main reason why such things are happening to Ethiopia is because of the problems within the country. the outsiders are just exploiting what is going on inside while doing their share to make it happen based on the way they are having on us in our own country.

    The TPLF minority regime is just doing that dividing the nation in self created illegal and damaging lines because of its serves the TPLF minorities as we all know how. They like it or not, they agree or not, the Amhara are the greatest, well established and powerful people capable of keeping Ethiopia united and safe under one nation and equal right to all the citizens principles. Instead of having good relations with the Amhara, the TPLF minority regimes are waging all sorts of wars and committing crimes against the Amharas for the last 25 years working together with the outsider enemies that are acting as friends and allies by being are in the country to pretending to help which is a lie but the rule of the game they are playing against us and we are dumb to understand and stop them by doing our jobs by ourselves while working together with genuine, useful and honest nations like China, Russia and so on. .

    The Amhara are no longer accepting the endless and horrible crimes the Tigre regime is doing against them despite the Amhara are the ancient, greatest and most powerful united people in Ethiopia than anybody else. The Amhara people are not divided based on Clan, sub clan, sub sub clan, religion, region, culture, language or whatever reasons but they are one and the same always committed for one and united Ethiopia for all.

    If the Tigre minority groups are stopping their crimes against the Amhara and instead they finds their place in the Ethiopian society feeling they are not special but equal and the same like everybody else as a citizen, the united and strong Ethiopia will be re created against. When Ethiopians are united and fell the TPLF minority regime is not there anymore to divide and affect them based on its benefits, there is no force to challenge Ethiopians as it didn’t for thousands years. Therefore, the problem is not Egypt or any foreign force but the TPLF regime within with its damaging policies and rules.

    Egypt is the weakest nation in Africa breathing only through billions of international aids every year, huge loans, begging and its military is totally relaying on the USA military aid. If USA, UK, WB, IMF, and since recently Israel stop giving free cash and military donation to Egypt, the country would not reach tomorrow as a nation but mass migration to all over the world knowing Egypt is empty desert and can’t and will not sustained by herself. The strength Egypt having is the TPLF regime weaknesses dividing the society in the name of ethnic policy and kilel which is existing only in Ethiopia because of it gives them the possibilities to steal lands including Wolqait, property and power as it is going on for 25 years.

    If the TPLF regime has any wish and desire to keep Ethiopia in peace, united and prosper, they must have a new way of doing politics and stop their evil nature against the Amhara. Only the Amhara has the leading power to unite all the citizens from North to south and east to west working together with all Ethiopian based on respect and understanding as it was done 130 years ago in Adwa. Affecting the Amhara means affecting the whole of Ethiopia. The TPLF regime must stop doing politics in the name of Ethnic policy and kilel dividing the society further but bringing all together in the name of one Ethiopia for all.

    We also know Shabia or Eritrea will not serve Egypt to wage war from its soil but continuing doing the same things as it has been sheltering the toothless so called rebels. The day any conflict started in Ethiopia coming through Eritrea serving nations like Egypt, will be the end of Essayas and Shabia era. Issayas knows that. That is why he is not allowing any meaningful attack comes through the Eritrean and Tigre as well as Afar boarders which are directly linked to Eritrea. Instead in looks around in the west, South or Somalia.

    We cannot say definitely no but we can say with pretty certain understanding that Egypt will never do any direct attack against Ethiopia knowing what would be the consequences mainly in the long run against her. However, she will continue relaying on the Islamic Savage OLF and other islamists that are not only becoming Egypt’s hope but also the west mainly England as the English University is giving a master program free education to the none Ethiopian and none oromo sick and evil jawar Mohammed who is looking to create an Islamic oromo emirate after eliminating others including Christian oromos.

    The solution is clear, simple and very useful. And that is the TPLF minority regime must stop its evil nature against the society dividing them based on its ethnic policy and kilel. It must stop doing what it is doing against the Amhara for the last 25 years working together with evil western regimes and organizations where the Jews are the brains behind. The Amhara are no longer keeping quiet or accepting but they have already said and make clear enough is enough. This is the pay back from their side if the TPLF groups are not stopping targeting them in any form or kind.

    When the Amhara and Tigre quarrels and the Tigres are continuing affecting the Amharas because of the Amhara gave them the time and chance to do so which is now stopped, then both of them loses and the Ethiopian enemies like the Islamic OLF gets chances. When the Amhara and Tigre are united as they are 99.9% the same and one people despite TPLF is doing its best to divide them creating fictional stories, then the whole of Ethiopia benefits and the savage Islamic OLF look likes losses and will get no chance for anything in Ethiopia but barking from Egypt, USA, UK and the west that are harboring them as they have been doing with other Islamic terrorists including al Qaida.

    We are hoping Germany, France and others in Europe will get new leaders in 2017 and the Jews/Zionists created damaging political as well as economic system and social fabrics since the second world war will die and buried. When it happens, the Islamic terrorists will be the first to be wiped out as the current system that is created after the second world ware is the only reason they are here. And the beggar Egyptians that are living by being totally dependent on others including aids will be gone knowing if they don’t get free cash, military donations and free Nile water, they are gone within days.

    As long as Ethiopians remain united and work together for peace, unity and progress, no one would hurt the nation let alone Egypt. Only our weaknesses are our enemies’ strength. In order to do good to us and our nation, the Tigre minority elements must stop what they are doing against the amhara we all know what is going on there for the last 25 years working secretly together with the racists and criminal elements from USA, UK and Israel.

    The Amhara are no longer keeping quiet and watching silently when they know evil things are happening to them because of the TPLF elements. Only the quarrel between Amhara and Tigre will hurt both and Ethiopia as well. The unity between the two is the unity of the nation and the south nations are going play big roles for the unity and prosperity of the nation as well while the oromo will be divided and badly affected by the Islamic Oromo like OLF and others based on clans, religion, regions and so on.

    The answer is on the Ethiopians hands and this must start working by stopping the TPLF elements 25 years long damaging behaviors dividing the society based on ethnic policy and kilel and coming together for one and equal to all Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the God given great nation gifted with the most important natural wealth such as water, best climate, fertile soil and location thanks to the highland which is 75% of the total Africans continent highlands.

    Egypt will not do bad to Ethiopia but Ethiopia has the power and possibilities to destroy Egypt jut by blocking the Nile while agreeing to consume together with Sudan. Egypt must withdraw from the huge Sudanese territories she is occupying since 1994. Only the TPLF regime is hurting Ethiopia while giving the opportunities to the enemies to behave and do the things they are against our nation including from and through Egypt.

    Western nations are coming to Ethiopia for their secret project against blacks because of we are giving them the chances in the name of food aid in Ethiopia; the country has more than 90 million hectare arable and fertile land with abandoned fresh water and best climate. This is no one’s fault but the TPLF damaging policy they are doing intentionally. Right now, Ethiopia could be the only African and one of the word top food exporting nations. We know one day she will but not under the TPLF regime Ethnic policy, kilel and its hostile nature against the Amhara and the Amhara are no longer accepting it but will do the same against the Tigres which is bad for both as well as to Ethiopia.

    TPLF must stop what is doing and let the PM, VMP and the likes do their jobs without the TPLF command and interference as we all know Abay Tsehay is acting as if he is Meles Zenawi is on power while the PM is there just being as a symbol. TPLF must stop playing damaging games we all know it is bad to all including TPLF Tigres as its already started because of the Amahra have enough with them.

  5. Sam says:

    That Egypt wants Ethiopia not to modernize is a fact. An Ethiopia that uses the Nile to benefit the country, the Egypt government assumes, denies Egypt its lifeline. That is a false assumption. Why Egypt is persistent in opposing the dam being built? Racism plays a role. Ethiopians who oppose the Ethiopian government politics should not be an instrument to promote some Egyptian politicians interest. I oppose the Ethiopian government politics. But I am mature and nationalist enough not to be used by any government who is against the interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  6. Woldu K says:

    Wake up, give us your alternative to the present political system of Ethiopia. Opposing with out offering a better system than what you even accepted that the system you opposing did a wonderful job till today is a sign of ignorant. Study the real content of the country and the people and show your alternative to the people of Ethiopia as a choose not to those who live abroad and consider him self as intellectual by writing an openion with a borrowed and broken English. Real change comes by the people to the people not by few across the ocean.

  7. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Yes, Egypt should respond. Egypt will continue to be a thorn on the side of the people of the old country even if there is a democratic system. Our people have been extremely generous in sharing their Almighty given natural gift with the people of Egypt and everyone living along the banks of that great River Nile for millennia at no charge. Things are different. Our people have the Almighty bestowed right to harness their natural resources to good use still generously accommodating their neighbors. The people of Sudan seem to understand that very well. But those Superpower-Wannabe-Megalomaniacs in Cairo don’t get it. What will happen if the Blue Nile all in a sudden stops flowing in its current paths and in stead starts flowing south or eastward? Then what? Egypt should be very careful. It should not try to anger our friendly and ever glorious people!!!

  8. Observer says:

    Dear Dawit ,
    I fail to understand why you don’t post my comment. I believe it is a very important input for policy makers to take into account in their decisions.

  9. Dergu temelese says:

    Shame on you Tamirat Woldegiworgis, Managing Editor and owner of Addis Fortune News Paper. I read your article published on your news paper Volume 7, Number 851 on 21 August 2016 entitled ”Disarmament key to a Peaceful Society “. The theme of the topic was to convey a message to the Ethiopian master race the TPLF that the importance of disarming the Amhara people would ensure to maintain the Tigrian supremacy. I wonder the expression you used as if the Gonderian uprising was a terrorist act while TPLF is engaged in committing genocide on the people of Gondar and Gojjam by killing innocent civilians who were only demanding justice from the TPLF led government. The message explains that by disarming the Gonderians the Tigrian control of all the Humara area land and the remaining Ethiopian resources can be guaranteed. It is also a well known fact that the people of Tigray are provided armaments from the government stock while you are advising the disarmament of the Amhara people. Thee people bought the small arms by themselves to protect their properties. Shame on Fortune and the Managing editor

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