USAID Provides School Supplies for Students in Drought Affected Areas


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3 Responses

  1. ethoash says:

    thanks for USAID Provides School Supplies for Students in Drought Affected Areas…. but my question is how long this going to last next year and after next year for next ten year are USAID going to provide School supplies or why not established factory that supply school supplies this way the money last and the school supply factory create job and economy

    even helping this kids to get education will help the AMERICAN soon or later few of them land in USA as refugee or other way but it is not better to get an educated refugee instead of uneducated refugee …even if they dont come to USA THEY can established locally and stay in Ethiopia saved the WESTERN world by not burden them seeking refugee

  2. D says:

    First of all, thank you USAID. School supplies with empty stomach is not going to help the kids. We have to come up with lasting solution with this stigma. Personally I believe in show me how to fish theory rather than hand out.

  3. kassa says:

    Thank you USAID, and keep on supporting ,despite our bullshit Diasporas who call on war among our poor people even in time of worst drought their own mother land faced .It was shameless of them to send us arsenals while we are looking bread. We feel like they are the worts cancer of our country who are least thinkers ,more weak in attitude than Ethiopians at home. Their theory of” We know what is best for you” is over ,We Ethiopians at home are much ahead of them. They are backward ,not us. because The whole world knows this than our backward Diasporas , So thank you USAID. GOD bless america next to Ethiopia.

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