Unnamed Egyptian official “warns” Addis Ababa to stop accusing Cairo of supporting outlawed opposition groups


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8 Responses

  1. kassa says:

    we ,Ethiopians from all corners of our country know how to kill our common enemy. Our Enemies know this twice as much. what surprises me is our enemies didn’t use to learn from their consequences of trying to invade our country. any way we ,the new generations of Ethiopia are more diplomatic than our ancestors,and twice ready to die and kill bitterly till we all die.

  2. kassa says:

    this shows Egyptians and Egypt Politicians are backward who chose to sink together than sail together ,refusing our offer to the fairly share the water. which reveals they did not built the pyramid,if not the Nubian. any way GOD gave his water for his holly nation ,and faithful people. It is his blessings that keeps its people hero and victorious over its enemies. Let them invest worthlessly.

  3. Abubaker M. Ahmed says:

    It’s really unsettling to see Ethiopian leaders’ inability to call enemy, the enemy. Egypt is working day and night to destroy Ethiopia. It’s doing secretly and out in an open arena. They will plot against us, we will cry about it, they will simply deny it and we leave it there. It’s as if they’re saying, so what? What can you do about it now? They are not respecting us, and we fail to postulate it. We see on media what’s going on in Cairo’s public squares yet look what the Egyptians foreign minister is saying “Ethiopia has no evidence of Egypt’s involvement in such action, and Ethiopian refugees in Egypt, like all refugees, respect the laws that regulate their residence, which ban political activities”. NO POLITICAL ACTIVITIES? This kind of comments is not just lying, its malicious, it’s the heights of disrespect and he is daring us. Egypt destroyed the good will of the Ethiopian people long ago. Our leader’s behaviors are disappointing. We are not gaining anything by our dovish attitude. We have the ability and the means to put Egypt in its place. So, why are we not utilizing it? The government of Ethiopia should immediately stop all high-level diplomatic contact with Egypt. It should also suspend and walk out of the Nile river three-way dialogue. That will certainly serve as a warning shot. If the situation warrants, additional steps should be considered. May almighty Allah hasten the demise of Ethiopia’s enemy. Amin.

  4. Dagna says:

    Foreign Affairs Minister Workneh Gebeyehu (PHD) ?
    first and for most you don’t ask the thief whom you know definitely stole you car if he by any chance he knew who stole you car. You just tell the police about the thief, in Egypt’s case bring you proof to the International community (do not expect any answer there either) however through diplomatic cover go and cut your enemies head, first on chopping block should be those who are operating and working for an enemy within your own network. Egypt is Egypt it is and it will always be a nuisance and it knows a direct conflict with Ethiopia will only result in its demise, but it will use, Ethiopians or those who are claiming they are Ethiopians to do its dirty work. The most and dangerous traitors are within the government by way of Ethnic division, who foul cry Egypt did this, Egypt did that while they are serving Egypt’s agenda by creating division, fueling a never existed before ethnic clashes among Ethiopians.
    On his interview in 2012 Olympic with an Ethiopian media ( God bless the interviewer, good job)
    The great late Miruts Yifter (The Shifter) said that he was asked once by a foreign journalist who is the one competitor he is afraid of, his answer was not surprising to us Ethiopians and heart warming when he says “my own country men”.
    He said it proudly, and good testament to Ethiopians confidence, pride and patriotism.
    However that is only true when want to. It can be also very scary and terrifying when we turn against each other, a bonanza for our enemies. That is what we are doing now, turning against each other.
    Foreign minster instead of calling Cairo, Start to Reach Ethiopians, All Ethiopians at home and abroad , Free Ethiopian political prisoners, they love their homeland nothing less, except those who are Arab agents , because if you do so you will need the prison space to lock down the real and dangerous enemies from around you, the network. The Network must be destroyed.
    God bless Ethiopia and True Ethiopians.

  5. Muller says:

    No one in the whole world will harm Ethiopia as long as we stand firm in our stand. Egypt should read tenbita Isayas chapter 17 to 19 of what is exactlcoming to the ones who are going to be involved with the Nile. The futurity is going to happen this time or never. Tenbita Isayas future tale never failed and I believe Egypt is not going to frighten us any more. Come out Egypt from your hidden agendas involving our people Eritreans, Oromos, Amharas and others, and face us in any way you want and your defeat is near one way or another. Do not use our people as cannon folders and as guinea pigs any more, with out firing a bullet. Do not mix Tenbita Iasyas with the jerk isayas afewerki, the mad dog of Eritrea. He is there to finish Tenbita Isayas’s tale and to finish his life as yihuda who sold our Lord Jesus Christ for 30 birr. Amen

  6. D says:

    The unnamed Egyptian official ought to know that his words doesn’t intimidate anyone anymore. Those days are over. Ethiopia is now all equipped to deal with any attack that might come…..

  7. ethoash says:

    Foreign Affairs Minister Workneh Gebeyehu

    should be smart instead of accusing the whole Egypt government why not just ask to hand over the guy who shouted DOWN DOWN TPLF ! If they refused u get them that way

  8. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Pooffffff!!!! Bug off!!!!! Shoukry must have had a huge slice of Halawa that day. Do you see what having too much sugar at lunch does to you? It may make you talk too much non-sense. Zip it you…………..!!!!

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