TPLF co-founder and veteran fighter Speaks out about EPRDF’s failure in combating corruption


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31 Responses

  1. ethoash says:

    To my dear Ato Sibhat Nega….

    the USA declared war on drug and they could not win …. America also declared war on alcoholic drink … it sound good … who in the right mind opposed war on drug or war on alcoholic drink … but the reality is something else the America fail to enforce prohibition and they allowed alcoholic drink and the war ended

    another example is tax on cigarette or war on cigarette… who in the right mind opposed war on cigarette… the Canadian government fail again because people start buying black market cigarette and the mafia make a good money out of the cigarette ban as soon as the tax reduced the Canadian government win the war over cigarette

    so when some one say let us declare war on corruption who in the right mind will opposed if u do people will accused being corrupted so everyone go alone but this will not solve corruption problem because the corrupted official become more sophisticated instead of giving up their corrupt way..

    so who u going to solve this problem first u need a layer of solution the first layer is to pay the political official the real market price

    for example if one political official seat on one billion birr budget and u only give him 3000 birr doesn’t work … if he running one billion birr budget then u should get ten million per year as slavery this is one% of one billion birr when people see this amount o money they get shocked but u like it or not that is what they going to get with corruption if u dont pay them up front..

    second layer of solution

    now if one city mayor attracted additional one billion birr investment then u will get 1% of that if he attracted two billion additional income to the government in form of tax and revenue then he get 1% of two billion birr no limit how much the mayor can earn this way they will be busy attracting and developing the city and increasing the city income instead of being corrupt

    3rd level of solution

    any retired government official get one mega project to mange as CEO for example cement factory or any other factory the idea is the same 1% share would be the govt. official pay if the factory grow then the slavery grow

    4th investor also can help out to pay for the government official

    for example if there is 10,000 factory or business owner if they pay 1000 birr for business effectiveness and to cover the government worker cost that means the government worker get ten million income that boost their income that means they will work to attract 100,000 business instead of 10,000 which is good

    making money should not been seen as bad thing everyone need to get rich so what is the problem if the government official get their wroth

    • Nakfa says:

      Ethioash son of the filthy agame hooker, the tribal regime of yours is unable and unwilling to solve the corruption that kills Ethiopia until the weyanne is the main beneficiary of the corruption it will stay that way until Birhanu nega visit 4kilo

      • ethoash says:

        as Eritrean u should know ur place to comment in Ethiopian affair…

        Dr, birr took 500 dollar from each taxi driver and parking lot attendances from DC telling them he will give them citizen certificate mind u citizen certificate without having a nation and took their money give them paper certificate

        dr. Brri ask pardon from TPLF saying he will never do anti government activity and freed he broke his term of pardon … now i have no problem breaking TPLF pardon BUT would u trust him if he broken TPLF PARDON why do u think u will keep your promise

        dear Nakfa it is not about one person that u change and everything will work

        • tarik says:

          what are you on about? it is very difficult to make sense out of what you write.
          wasted my time on absolute rubbish..

      • bb says:

        Dammy SHABIA! Why don’t you fight your own government instead of commenting that none of your business anyway I don’t blame you you are no where to go other than receiving welfare, or at the most working parking or cleaning hotels. I know what made you to right all this JEALOUSY well I can’t help you with that.

  2. World Peace says:

    Ato Sibaht you are the most hated person in Ethiopia ,it is your last chance to confese the evil things you did through out your life and die in peace.

    • ethoash says:

      TAKE for example had mengistu haile mariam stayed in Ethiopia the TPLF would have arrested him or even killed him so he have to run once his term of power ended ….so telling mengistu haile mariam not to be corrupted is useless because his life is endanger from coming power so his 300 birr slavery is nothing to live on in Zimbabwe

      so telling the founding father of the new democratic Ethiopia to live on in his 3000 birr slavery is a joke …. look our beloved World peace trying to Ato Sibaht to die in peace … do u think Ato Sibaht be save after TPLF removed form power ? no so Ato Sibaht must have money to live on for the rest of his life in other peaceful country for this Ethiopian government must pay him all other politican must get million of birr while in power so that they can have safe haven to live after power so it is not a corruption it is life insurance

      mind u that oromo president who run away if America did not accept him as refugee what would he done … even America accept him he would have ended up as taxi drivers at his age no body will employee him so the smart guy goes back to school and get free money as student for the rest of his life he will not work because he will embarrassing himself driving taxi or working at parking lot (mind u both job r respectful job but not easy if u were former minster )

      • bb says:

        Who do you think remove the current government? You or Ginbo7 or some loosers diaspora
        The answers is none of them only by election. Let me tell you this I heard most of the diaspora men who are screaming in Washington dc are welfare recepiance, live in public housing , divorced and cheaters in so many ways . Let alone to lead the country they can’t even lead their own family that is why they are divorced. Hope that the president elect Trump will investigate to all this criminals in DC who abuse tax payers money and bring them to court and hope that the good people can help the president elect Trump government by informing who they are.

    • Gonder says:

      You said it right, for this devil’s.

  3. D says:

    Look who’s talking. The king of corruption himself. His extended family and him are part of the problem. They created the God father of corruption in Ethiopia.

  4. Alemu says:

    What a joke? The only way to minimise corruption is transparency and accountability. In short term real democracy. With out any opposition, independent police force,and jurisdiction,it never work. For epdrf,the party can’t afford questioned its own loyal elites about corruption because if it does that the party will going down. I don’t think there is one clean official when it come to corruption. TPLF are no longer held high ground for moral conduct, most of its officials are corrupt. It can not clean its own household but blame others party branch specially Amhara and Oromo. These two parties will further pissed off for been targeted again and again. My advice to TPLF is clean your shit then check out others. Other wise it will create more fractions than already exist. In the two biggest region of Ethiopia,ppl Waite for any reason to revolt against the government, so we better check and play fair to keep things in order.

  5. Ato says:

    Sibhat Nega…
    An enemy within.
    A dedicated Shabia Agent

  6. Sam says:

    Ato Sebehat is right when he said corruption is a problem. In looking out a solution for the problem he is so wrong. There is no way EPDRF gets rid of corruption. Over the years the party has evolved to become full of corrupt polticians. True , there maybe afew idealists who are not corrupted. But they are the minority. Those who are corrupted have the means to silence the idealists, if they still exist in the current EPDRF. The solution Ato Sebehat open up the country for political competition. End the EPDRF monoply of poltical power. Well, the very backbone of corruption is severly damaged. It might not go away within a year or two. But for sure its becoming worse is arrested. Ato Sebheat fight for a multi-party system, which Ethiopia is lacking currently.

  7. ethoash says:

    here is how corruption work this is real life story

    let say ur name is Ato Samuel Daregea, and work at Quality Control Authority under the Ministry of Trade, ur salary is 2000 birr so u want to become millionaire over night how u do it easy blackmail soft drinks company

    conduct Ph level test and if the company fail even by point 0.07 u tell them u going to shut down the company with in 24 hours and make the company lose 25 million dollar if this blackmail doesnt work go to ur buddy news paper guy Addis fortune newspaper and destroy their image by telling the public your recall their soft drink because of public safety…

    look now Ato Samuel Daregea, given power to accuse the company and to be a judge because he have the power to shut down the company this is where the corruption come in

    had Ato Sibaht stop Ato Samuel Daregea, acting judge and prosecutor….. Ato Samula job only to be test the soft drink and if the company fail he should only have power to tell the company to improve the ph level if the company refused to do so and fail again then Ato Samuel only have power to take the company to court let the judge make the last word

    as u can see replacing Ato Samue with another Ato Samue will not work replacing the system work the system is very simple if Ato Samue is a prosecutor. he should not be a judge and order the company to close down only the court should be able to do that

    now about the phd test Ato Samue tes should not be accepted in court 3rd party test should be accepted by both parties

    Ato Samue said the phd level was 2.43 and it should be 2.5 that is why he closed the comapny the question is is 2.43 is bad thing ? lemons phd level is only 2 so what is the problem having phd level 2.43 the company could have improved the phd level had been given a chance

    anyhow if the test come back and prove that Ato Samue lied in his test then he should be fired and sued for corruption this is not a joke only form one company 500 worker lost their income and job AND also Addis Fortune newspaper must be sued this is not their first time taking part in shakedown of the companies

    another time i will deal with another shakedown of company…

  8. Genet Hagos says:

    Let me share a proverb of the Ethiopians. One whose oxen been stolen in his village, asked by some one who knows that he has stolen his oxen ‘did you get your oxen?’ Wow, he said, How could I get them, since those people who stolen me are searching with me for. How those corrupted officials can bring a solution for the current problem. The first step should be throwing this officials to a jail. The concept of Ato sebhat is the solution for the current problem, let’s appreciate

  9. ethoash says:

    here is part II corruption story

    Seyfettin Kocak and Imam Altınba shareholders of Else started a textile factory and they hired 1000 Ethiopians and the took out loan around one billion birr Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE)

    so far so good but the shakedown started when the DBE start asking their money back

    HERE are the liability

    9 million electricity bill
    30 million back tax
    20 million unpaid supply bill

    now look how on earth this two owner run way form billion dollar investment because they have 59 million bill

    to me hydro must give them a break if this company closed down who is going to buy hydro 9 million birr wroth beside even the hydro guys should not be given right to shut down company like this …. here is were the corruption come in anyhow will say the company own them 9 million birr and if they dont pay we going to shut it down that is why i am saying the power should be given to court let the court shut down the company not the hydro guys

    second 30 million tax how we arrived to this figure if they company is not exporting and if they r losing money they even could not pay their loan how on earth the tax become 30 million beside is not the hydro bill should be cover out of the tax and all other cost like 20 million birr for unpaid supply bill should not come out of the tax

    saving this company is number one job for Ato sebhat , if this two Turkish business men should be given immunity to return and explain themselves u will end up uncovering the real story the bank guy can be a real bully at first they will recall ur loan they dont even give u any break if u dont pay one time they will descended like vultures to finish u … now tell me anyone what would Ethiopia benefited by closing this company and chasing way those investors

    again the bank loan mangers have to much power they can even prevent you from leave the country that means it is team work they will tell u they will do all kind of thing and when u run away then they got ur investment it worth one billion loan but they bank want to settled for 729 million Br that means 300 million discount anyone who buying it happy to give the bank manger ten million birr to sweeten the deal and the buyer get 300 million birr discount

    to me this is domestic enemy at work … here is how it work JOYWAR from USA TELL his buddy in Ethiopia to burn factory and industry when those hooligan burn the factory all Ethiopian rise up and denounce the looting and the riot but if a bank manager doing the riot and the looting of the industry with his white collar crime no body notice in fact many people hold the bank manger as hero for protecting Ethiopian interest

    trust me those what those bank manger doing is more then looting and riot look how many company they closed with their pen … Ethiopian government should know this people double agent are attacking the government by closing the factory under their eyes

    so what is the solution the solution again is very simple

    the bank should not be judge and prosecutor

    once the bank loan the money they should not be also collocating agent the bank should go to court and argue their case and demand their money throw the bank

    so if the bank and the investor doesnt want to go to court then they should settled their case with court intermediary…. in this case jail should almost never be used to jail a business men for civil case all civil case must be seen at court

    as far as i am concerned the bank loan interest should be limited by government for investor the interest should be 3%

    also tax must be done by investor not by taxman if the Fed revenue send their own man to tax audit then u open up the corruption therefore let the company do their own tax and send the tax as long as reasonable tax paid Fed should leave the investors alone to do their business because taxing them to death is not in Ethiopia interest

    PART III coming

  10. tarik says:

    The biggest thief,Sibhat Nega is in face saving exercise.oh lord! these woyanes have no sense of shame.

  11. tewodros says:

    @ nakfa u stupid anseba this is not ur bussiness

  12. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I would like to say to this veteran gentleman this old adage: Show me the money!!! I am glad to hear something devoid of this or that of ethnic in nature. You see, corruption does know no boundary be it national of ethnic. Talk is only talk unless some strolling is accompanying the moving lips. This is excellent news that should be commended. There has been a lot of talk about rampant corruption by those close to officials with power. Those who decided to go after corruption, even though their dragnet may have some escape holes, must be encouraged for such bold action. When actions is taken against those who got caught either dipping their sticky hands in the public coffers or grafting their way into moving up into having deep pockets of millionaires, I(we) would like to see the list of those who got bussed to court/the slammers. Corruption, unless dealt with a lethal blow, is like a terminal cancer that will eat away the soul of not only the regime but also the entire society. Just look at some of African, Asian and Latin American countries. Nigeria, Guinea, Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, you name it. Some of these countries have made rampant corruption a way of life. My list also includes some of the former Soviet satellite nations. All these nations have very high literacy rates and the only readily available career seems to be coming up with another fraudulent scheme. That has been one of my concerns about the old country, that the historically upright and generous people to see his children learning the art of duplicitous career and there is nothing can be done about it. That has been my big time concern. Despots will come and go but in their departure they have a tendency of leaving behind remnants of their wicked malfeasance. Just look at what that demon Mengistu left behind. Some of his hand picked cadres are now members and leaders who are madly fit to liberate my own Oromo people. What I heard and still hearing is some of these leaders of ‘rights’ advocacy groups used to sing and write plays glorifying Mengistu’s demonic acts when he butchered the cream puff of the country calling them ‘anarchists, CIA hirelings, children of the old emperor’. When someone told me such shameful backgrounds of these individuals among us, I asked him for ocular evidence and he showed some old videos on VHS tapes. What a shame? I was so disgusted.

    So, I tell this fellow elderly man, keep nagging those who are with authority to call the shots and go after corrupt officials. The penalty should be severe enough(not capital punishment and death penalty should be abolished) to be a deterrent for those who are contemplating about committing the same crime against the people of the entire nation.

    • ethoash says:

      Ittu Aba Farda

      u said

      I tell this fellow elderly man, keep nagging those who are with authority to call the shots and go after corrupt officials. The penalty should be severe enough(not capital punishment and death penalty should be abolished) to be a deterrent for those who are contemplating about committing the same crime against the people of the entire nation.”

      dear ITTU

      U cant solve corruption by jailing full stomach hyena and replace him or her with another hungry hyena to be corrupted again and the cycle keep repeating

      so what is the solution to put a system to control corruption

      for example if u have coffee shop and ur cashier stealing your money u dont keep on hiring another cashier hoping the next one will be honest

      instead u implement system to control ur cash
      first u buy cash register and u do all ur business with receipt… this solve major problem but not enough so the second line of defense u put camera this camera will solve 98,9% problem

      now with the government official to solve their corruption problem

      u dont solve it by firing one thief and hiring another thief

      instead u put system to self control and balance and check system

      first u hire someone for their skill so u have to pay them the market value… if the market value is one million birr u pay them that but if u pay them 3000 birr that means u r the thief not them so when they become corrupt dont cry

      now if u give them million birr they have something to lose so they will not be corrupt this is not enough u put lay and lay of system to minimized corruption

      after u give the CEO base salary u tell him if u grow the company u get 1% bonus… this alone will give the CEO to work hard and grow the company because now it become his own company because the more the company grow the more the CEO make money so he doesnt need corruption money he will be benefited form his 1% bonus

      now check and balance system

      for example let say Ato Z is hydro power CEO and one textiles company own 9million birr to hydro power no the question is does Ato Z have power to shut down this textiles because the company own back bill if your answer is YES then corruption will come in because Ato Z will go to textiles owner and he will tell them i going to shut u down if u dont give me bribe

      the company have no choice but to pay bribe so what is the solution simple remove the power form Ato Z to shut down for none payment like anyone else Ato Z must go to court to get his 9million birr only the court must have power to shut down someone for not payment of bill not some hydro power ceo… as u can see by removing power from hydro ceo we can control corruption not by replacing one hydro Ceo with another Ceo or jailing Ato Z for taking bribe because the next guy also will take the bribe even if u kill them they will take bribe look the difference of not taking bribe without bribe u only getting 3000 birr with birbe u getting ten million birr

      anything fail u will start losing ur skill people for corruption once they get their money they start running way to America then who is going to run ur company or government

      • Ittu Aba Farda says:


        Points you made are well taken with me. Corruption is one thing that has proven to be very hard to eradicate completely. In many countries it is rampant and seems to be out of control. Rent seeking is deeply embedded in our custom. I remember when I was growing up witnessing my father and uncle preparing valuable stuff to take with during one of those visits to the offices of the district’s governor. Call that a gift or whatever but it was an evidence of corruption. They did that even though they have 100 percent chance that their need would be fulfilled. In the prevailing custom then, you just do not walk into the governor’s office empty handed and expect your demand is met. According to the unwritten rule, that would not have been the right thing to do. Such custom is hundreds of years old. Now that is in the psyche. Corruption does exist everywhere and even in the Good Ole USA we hear and read stories of public officials who were caught dipping their sticky hands where they do not belong in malfeasance. But we see them get caught and send to jail to serve a long prison term. Now, coming back to the old country. First of all, there should be an apolitical and independent body in charge of fighting the alleged rampant corruption. You see. Corrupt individuals with power do not care about the fate of their innocent colleagues once they get the taste of unearned money or property. They give a hoot about tomorrow and what comes along with it. They have to amass it today. And many of them will kill for it. And when they lose they bring everyone close down with them. Sometimes they bring down the whole society with them or their passing too. It is not the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even the 1990’s. It is the era of the information highway and news travel around in a flash. There is no hiding place for autocrats steeped with utter corruption. So all what I can say to those with power in the old country is this: You have been forewarned about the consequences of rampant corruption. It is a communicable cancer that will eat you up at the hearts to your demise. You better do something drastic about it and bus all those caught red-handed to the slammer. They should be humiliated for using the people’s trust and treasury to their personal advantage. And let’s hear about such legal actions. Something has to go down with faceless corrupt officials.

  13. Bedele says:

    Yes, it is correct, but he must be the first to be judged and go jail!!!

  14. mohe says:

    which ever way go the point is this kind of people in such era like sebhat nega are very important to the country if the action going to be take soon but not hajacked by some sort of incident like zenawi involving outsiders its good begning i can say otherwise as sebhat said corruption will end the country desteny i hope some group will come with sebhat to end the problem soon or later,

  15. Ittu Aba Farda says:


  16. ethoash says:

    what is going on are we going to solve corruption or not …. this is very important subject why we only have 11 respond when phd Al mariam wrote we have 60 reply but when it come to national interest we only have 11 reply

    any how we cant talk about corruption without talking about CEO salary…. for example what is EAL CEO salary? 10,000 birr or MELES 3000 birr salary and we expected world class CEO ACTION AND result if we want result then we start paying OUR CEO million of birr which is the real market value of their salary then only we see result

    look Ethiopian telecommunication the worst in the world the sad thing is when telephone invented it took only five years to reach Ethiopia that means we were the first to import telephone but look after almost 100 years we still have primitive telephone company why because we dont hire the best CEO and we dont pay them

  17. Baredou Genamo Beriso says:

    Hi forum members!
    I just read what Aboy sibihat was interviewd from the said news paper, I guess the intent of his message and the overall interview was direly related with his personal view. Anyways, in relation to this late me define some of the points.
    What is corruption? What kind of corruption? Economic, political or/and financial corruption? Corruption is using public office for personal gain. Characteristics of corrupted government
    1. Attention diversion activities
    2. Confusion public by using its own resource.
    3. Promoting and cultivating hostility in whatever form (…be horizontal or vertical) simply to stay in power.
    4. Contradiction itself in many arenas. Example what is written on the paper is Federalism yet the practice is feudalism,
    5. Divide and rule policy
    6. Poor understanding about the level of conscious of own society
    7. Killing own self through own media
    What is rent seeking? For most of us rent seeking only corruption is it the only element? Absolutely no. Rent seeking has got several elements like transparency, accountability, participation, etc putting public service first tan own interest.
    What is federalism and how it differ from unitary government Is really true federalism in Ethiopia today?? What is developing regions? For how long the government keeping assisting? Once infant always infant. How many Gambella in Oromia or Amhara ? Federal ministerial offices how it stand to its name? What is the composition of ethnic group or 90%one ethnic group so is it federalism or unitary. I think Ethiopia need to learn more about federalism than show up about the case. Are you sure there is no domination in any sector of the federal?

  18. No እሹሩሩ says:

    ሁሉም የበለፀጉ ሃገራት መሠናክሎችን ሁሉ አልፈው ነው እዚህ የደረሡት ፡፡ በማስተማር የሚገባውን የለውጥ ሀይል ማድረግ ፡፡ የማይገባውን ደጋግሞ ማስተማር ፡፡ሽብርና ክህደት የመረጠውን ያለርህራሔ መቅጣት ያሻል ፡፡

    አሜሪካ እዚህ ለመድረስ ብዙ መከራ አልፋለች ፡፡ በአጭሩ እድገት አልጋ ባልጋ ሁኖ አያውቅም ፡፡ ወደ እድገት !

  19. Dureti Zebene Asras says:

    ጤና ይስጥልኝ ዘመዶቻችን!
    ብንናገር እናልቀለን ዝም ብንል ሞኝ እንባላለን ምን እናድርግ ወዳጆቼ? በ21ኛዉ ክ/ዘመን መረጃ መደበቅ አይቻልም፡፡ የተባለዉ ልማት በፍታሃዊነት ሁሉም ቦታ ይደረስ…ሰብዓዊና ዲሞክራሲያዊ መብታችንን አትንፈንጉን፡፡ቆይ ቆይ አንድ ነገር ልጠይቃችሁ አንዳንዶቻችን የሶስት ሺኅ ዐመት ታሪክ እንላለን… አቅጩን እንነገር፡፡ እኛ የሚንተወቀዉ በርስለርስ ጦርነት፣ በረሃብ ና በመሰሰሉት ነዉ፡፡ በርግጥ በፈረንጆች ቅኝ ግዛት አልተያዝምን …በቅኝ ግዛት ከተያዙት ሀገራት የተሸለ ነገር ምን ሰረን? Where are we now? In the world poverty list on the top, Why always killing each other (be it state sponsored or civil) from Minilk to the current. If we do so, what are the very pillars of to be Ethiopian? When the foreign envade us we are all hero but after the war is over is over we turn to each other and become zero. Why? You know the reason the power in the hand of minority is like the liquid blast in hand of terrorist of course, No ishiruru for corruption but often it is used for the personal attack. I personally vote for democratic ,federal and prosperous Ethiopia but I am increasingly and deeply dissatisfied with human right situation in Ethiopia, after all what is civilization if you always keep on (…).

  20. dergu temelese says:

    Does this mean that Nega himself is one of the fighters of corruption? By providing such a message he wanted to convey a message that he was free from corruption. I think MR Nega is lying the people. Because he is one of the corrupted officials. He can not commit suicide . Nega is abve the law. He hates Amhara. Dr Aregawi Berhe wrote the following in his dissertation about Nega.

    Woldesilassie Nega (Sibhat). A TPLF CC member since 1976 was born in a
    village called Adi-Abune near Adwa where his father was a fitawrari who owned
    substantial farmlands. Sibhat claims to be a descendant of a legendary warrior
    known locally as Wa’ero, who is said to have owned large tracts of land in the
    district of Adwa. In this sense he was filled with ‘feudal sentiments’, which earned
    him the nickname ‘feudal intriguer’. He finished high-school in Meqele and
    studied agricultural economics at H.S.I.U. He joined the Front at Dedebit and was
    an ordinary member until he was elected to the leadership at the Fighters’
    Congress in 1976. He showed to be strongly ethno-nationalist, and organized likeminded
    individuals around himself and considers any ‘Amhara’ as his enemy. His
    relations with the other people in the Front are reputed to be clannish and nobody
    knows what tangible political or military contribution he had in the struggle; but,
    as Tecola W. Hagos (1995: 8) rightly put it, indeed he ‘is the ‘Exchequer’ of the TPLF.

  21. World Peace says:

    It is ludicrous the devil we know for the last 26 years is telling us he is transformed to an angel and preaching about corruption.

  22. Dergu temelese says:

    መሪነት ሃላፊነት እንደሆነ የገባቸው ሰዎች መሪ ለመባል አይጣደፉም የእነዚህ ሰዎች የመጀመሪያ
    ጥያቄ ይህን ሃላፊነት መወጣት እችላለሁ ወይ ነው? ምክኒያቱም ሃላፊነት ሸክም ነው። ሸክም ይዞ
    እንደልብ መተኛት ፤እንደልብ መዘለል፤እንደፈለጉ መቧረቅ አይቻልም። እንደ ሹግ የተከማቹ
    የህዝብ እጆች፤በዕንባ የተሞሉ የህዝብ ዓይኖች፤ያገጠጡ የህዝብ ገላዎችን እየተመለከቱ እንዴት
    መተኛት ይቻላል? እንዴት?። እንደነመለስና አዜብ፤ ስብሃት ነጋ፤ሳሞራ የኑስ፤ አባይ ፀሓየና
    ሌሎቹ ብልጣ ብልጥ ገዥዎች ዓይነት አንድ ህፃን ዳቦ በልቶ ጠግቦ በማያድርባት ሃገር ውስጥ
    ልጆቻቸውን ቢሊየነር ማድረግ የሚችል ዲያብሎስ ሰራሽ አዕምሮ ያላቸው ጨካኞች
    በመሆናቸው በእነርሱ ቤት የተራበን አብላ የተቸገርን እርዳ የሚባል መንፈሳዊ ልዕልና ያለው
    እሳቤ ቦታ የለውም። በእነርሱ ዓይነት እነመንግስቱ እና ሌሎች የደርግ ባለስልጣኖች በብዙ
    እጥፍም ሃላፊነት የሚሰማቸው ሰዎች ነበሩ።

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