The Role of the Ethiopian Somali Region Diaspora: Yesterday, Today and the Way Forward


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16 Responses

  1. World Peace says:

    The only tplf horses this time are few Somali Region leaders.

    • bb says:

      Keep talking while do nothing other than receiving welfare, living in public housing, or divorced because of can’t lead your own family. If you are really Ethiopian please visit your county and will see how the country going forward but I can assure you that you are not Ethiopian or you are one of a few extremist diaspora who live by welfare, live in public housing or divorced let alone to lead the country you can’t even lead your own family that is why most of you who are extremist are divorced check your own life before you talk about the country. You know what I am talking about the last time I visited the country that has a lot of opportunity, I was disappointed to see the extremist diaspora living in public housing and most of you are divorced because you can’t provide anything to your family other than seating at coffee shop and talk.
      Yes this message is only for those extremist diaspora who rely on welfare live in public housing and to the majority who live a decent life who work hard and earn money keep the good work that you are doing.

      • Tigist Gebrehiwot says:

        There is no need personal attack. here every one has right to his/her opinion. it is really destructive behavior commenting personal staff. we are talking the people and the nation in general, positive encouragement news why disrupt with this gossip and cheep talk. I personally appreciate the encouragement and the good news. let us agree to disagree, accept the good and appreciate not through it all together your comment not helping

        • bb says:

          Dear Tigist, I understand that here everyone has to his/ her opinion but I have also the right to respond to those who are blind to call names otherwise I am well aware that to be agree or disagree with any opinions but when it comes calling name I will definitely respond with whatever they understand for and don’t expected me to back up and say nothing like you to those who are racist. I will always respond to the those who are racist towards others.
          Please be yourself!

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    Good news for who forgotten regions. Should build equa infrastructurel for all regional and cities. No more ባላገር and ከተማ።
    Awramba also bring right and balanced news.
    Don’t sided like ESAT and Ethiopia Review /anti-Tigrean/ or TOL and AIGA FORUM for TpLF, Not for Ethiopian nor Tigrai people……

  3. Juno says:

    Dabadhilif. Hooyadiis iyo aabihiis. Ma maantuu. Wali ku haminayaaa in abdiileey iyo tigree sii nooladaan walaahi meel xun baad ku baqtin

  4. ustaz says:

    As to growth and development, in reality it’s too little to speak of, whatever it’s skewed to benefit Cabdi Ilay and quite a few of his tribal chiefs as a beneficiary—for the most part, his role is limited to and enforcing the current minority regime’s ploy and machination. A good case or example is: the current secret military operation that is being conducted by him and the hired guns-Liyu police or special paramilitary gangsters deployed in driving out the Oromoo villagers from their ancestry land, thereby in stratagems of reducing any Oromoo resistance to the fascist regime of Tigray and replacing it with his own appeasing tribal groups!

    • Tigist Gebrehiwot says:

      what I do not understand is why are we barging political tribalism. this ideology is outdated not helping any one. this generation must come together to help their community in a civil manner agree to disagree and look the big picture impacting the nation in positive way. bringing personal issue on the nation issue not working. let us not be ignorant learn from the past how long we walk in this darkness left millions hunger and poverty because of such kind of behavior. we make every thing if i am not make it in life every one must go down with me, really? let us first and for most work to feed our own people take care and cultivate the land help our own people. not create enmity among ourselves we all are African. please for God sake how long we walk this walk blaming others for our own fault not working or make a difference, always want destroy what other built, can we just stop and see around us what we black people continue doing to this world blaming politician, blaming western, we can not even plant and feed our own people, became the example of poor, and hungry, really? is it the future we want. stop being unreasonable let us appreciate the little others do and take responsibility do our part

      • bb says:

        Dear Tigist, we are working day and night here in Ethiopia to eliminate our poverty and yes we are done an excellent job by decreasing the poverty here in Ethiopia and we are not blaming anyone else, we don’t have time to do that, I mean we are working day and night here in Ethiopia to change the country and we did I don’t really understand what you talking about may be you are talking about to the few extremist diaspora.

      • bb says:

        Dear Tigist, thank you and like to respond to your opinion about the young generation, today’s Ethiopian young generations are more smarter and more educated than the past most of them are hard working individuals who changed their life for the better and yes they all positive minded individuals who work day and night to change their country and they did, look today’s Ethiopia a lot of changes you name it I don’t have to tell you the changes that we made you come and see in your own eyes also this generations are really busy to make changes for their own life and for the country and no have time to lesson for the garbage few extremist diaspora who happened to be ignorant let alone to lead the country they can’t even lead their own family. Yes we do have respect for those who the majority diaspora who love their country and help the country in so many ways.

    • Abdidoobe says:

      Damn with your irrational enmity based imotional splashes

  5. Ahmed says:

    I, as a Diaspora, visited the country summer 2016,and couldn’t believe the development the country had made for the last 20 years.
    Keep up doing the good job, both the federal Government and Somali regional one. I wish you peace and prosperity. Long live President Abdi M Omar.

    • ustaz says:


      He, Cabdi Ilay, is NOT more than a placeholder and that is a public knowledge or open secret, depending on whom you talk to. Other than his loyalty and being Mr. yes, he is functionally illiterate and a proxy agent, who serves and pushes the interest of minority’ s regime from Tigray proper, known/ unbeknown to him.

      Furthermore, to the region’s detriment as a consequence, that is: something that would NOT bode-well for the Somalis themselves and the relations with their neighbors (Oromoo people, for example), at least, in the long-run the unintended consequence it might create.

      As to those Diasporas you’ve mentioned and yourself, I suppose, you do have stake in the outcome: whether the status-quo remains intact or a fundamental change inevitable, as those quite a few who’ve benefited under this current regime at the expense of the mass’s- – so NO wonder, you’re propagating a rosy pictures, bereft of any actual facts or reality on the ground.

  6. Abdidoobe says:

    WHAT AN EXTREME, BUT LESS INFORMED, Impolite Boyish TALK!!! come on Lad!

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