South Sudan Denies Striking Deal Against Ethiopia


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6 Responses

  1. Dangna says:

    South Sudan is a sovereign nation, and have absolute right to have any kind of diplomatic, economic and even security and military relations with any AU or UN member nation to serve their national interest. However if they forged a dirty relations beyond the norm of AU or UN security Charters that is hostile to other member nation, in this case to harm Ethiopia by entertaining and accommodating the evil agenda of Ethiopian known enemies like Egypt and Eritrea, their dirty action is meant to harm Ethiopia and it is nothing less than a direct threat against Ethiopian sovereignty and security. It is too obvious what the Kiir agenda is exactly that to play dirty game to harm Ethiopia.
    But one must wonder and ask why a nation betrays a great nation that helped it get born?
    – Silva Kiir is a brutal war criminal and he knows his time is numbered, he is not alone in his dirty deal with Egypt, he has a mentor, who recently became a work of film makers in a documentary called the master of “A Brilliant Genocide ” who accommodated in darkness the meeting of Sisi and Kiir.
    -For Egypt , Kirr or his handler are nothing but useful Black Africans, and will be discarded at any time if they do not do their dirty work, that is first and foremost to create a border conflict, to lead to full out war that will fuel animosity between the people of Ethiopian and South Sudan. ( make Ethiopian neighbors enemies of
    Ethiopia. that is Egypt’s finger print).
    Ethiopia now has to do what it always do.
    -First the government must has to stop, calling local or any other medias, to give some briefing and openly blaming every time Egypt is making its dirty move. The government has to bring every bit of hostile act by its enemies with solid claim to international community, by way of diplomacy.
    -The Ethiopian government must be prepared its army to combat a “Two front war” too bad it should have dealt with Eritrea when it can, it failed and we all know why. Now Kiir of South Sudan is rattling his made in Egypt sabers.
    -If and When things are getting worst, the Ethiopia government must “Directly Address the people of South Sudan ” telling them directly, it is the wish of Ethiopia to always have them as brothers and sisters but their leader Kiir is sleeping behind their back with their own enemies who once enslave them and came back now to throw them to a fire of war.
    -Ethiopia must look to any avenue to remove Kiir for good. He is Beyond Repair.
    Now the most important thing is, we Ethiopians must unite if in case war is broke out. We must put out political self destructive clashes aside and destroy who ever threatens our own existence as a nation..
    -Division and dealing with an enemy made us land locked, we should know that must not have happened but it did because those who we thought our own betrayed us. But no more.
    this my personal Thoughts, we Ethiopians will overcome even if our political leaders failed us in protecting our territorial integrity.
    Their is no time to blame and no time to pint fingers now, the Enemies are building to strike us, they are already shaking our gates. EPRDF, Ginbot 7, OLF etc. you better talk to each other now, the people of Ethiopia will never mercy to all of you if you betray us now.
    God bless Ethiopia and True Ethiopians.
    Ethiopia will prevail.

  2. Embibel Ethiopia says:

    Whatever, wether anybody or somebody strike or not strike a deal against us, we have less influence. But we have 100 ℅ influence as to building our capacity in every thinkable and unthinkable ways to deal with it. Fast economic development, political maturity, unbreakablity through foreign fake news and outright information war und standing firm for peace being some of them.

  3. Haile E says:

    Ethiopian authorities continued to downplay the seriousness of the alliance of the axis of evils against ethiopia and its interest. I don’t want to hear later from our authorities that ” we didn’t expect from friendly nation like south sudan and egypt to stab our back at this moment,,,,,bla,bla. It is evident how the surrogates of egypt are preparing to encircle ethiopia from every direction to force us accept their xenophobic stance under duress. Therefore, nothing is more important at this time than making sure that our national security is protected and defended by all means necessary. Preemptive strike should not be excluded.

  4. Be ewnetu says:

    There is Egyptians military base in S.Sudan around the border to Ethiopia. So what is the task of this Egyptian army ? Peacekeeper?why .in Dahlak/Eritrea ?
    If still training /the Banda/ Gim7-OLF in Eritrea and smuggling weapon through Eritrea to Gonder and from S.Sudan to Gambela who co-oprate them with out knowledge of S.Sudan regime?
    Remember, when IGAD chairman Siyum Mesfin meddling Kirr and Machar Ethiopia was sided to the illegal rebel leader Machar and The legal elected Kirr was sad by Reval Machar well treatment in Ethiopia.

  5. Sam says:

    Now Ethiopia is the victim, what ever happened to widely preached Eritrean army back Brocken? I guess they cannot remember

  6. Anuak Lives Matter says:

    The Gambella region activists and concerned individuals from Gambella are voicing their concerns about “no peace, no war policy” and its repercussion on the overall development and investment opportunities in Gambella. The activists are concerned on their letter that the invaded province of Gambella, Ethiopia should get possible benefits and compensations from the federal government to recover from the calamitous damages it faced from South Sudanese officials who have stepped up their rhetoric against Ethiopia in what analysts see as a crucial moment in the relations between the two countries. An official with South Sudan’s ministry of information recently said his government was not afraid of Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia has been looking at Juba with second thoughts lately after South Sudan’s embraced Egypt’s policy towards the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [1]and the Nile water agreement.

    An official, who is a close aide to the information minister Michael Makuei, has said the government of South Sudan was not afraid of Ethiopia and that the country had nothing to explain, adding that the country would press on with its strategic relations with Egypt.

    “It’s a normal practice to look out for your own interests; all countries do that……. we are ‘not afraid’ of any country, be it within the region (Ethiopia) or beyond, I think our ambassador in Addis Ababa made it clear to them on Ethiopian Broadcasting Television that we do not have to explain anything on our diplomatic relations with other countries” said Atem Deng Makuac an official at the ministry of information in Juba

    Makuac’s statement comes just a day after the South Sudanese ambassador to Ethiopia was summoned on national television to explain President Kiir’s recent visit to Egypt and to dispel recent rumors that South Sudan and Egypt agreed on a “dirty deal” over Ethiopia’s building of a mega Dam on the river Nile.

    The official said the government in Juba would not back down from any deal with the Egyptian government due to their long standing relations.


    የጋምቤላ ታጋች ህፃናት ለፖለቲካ ፎጆታ እየሆኑ ነው!

    ህፃናቶቻቸውን እና እንስሶችን እንደፈለጉ የደቡብ ሱዳን የሙርሌ ጎሳ አባላት የሚነጥቁባቸው ዞን ውስጥ ከፍተኛ ሹመኛ የሆነ ሰው ነው ያደረሰን።
    ሚስጥሩን በደረስንበት መረጃ መሠረት ገና ከዚህ በላይ የወረዳው ሰው ሁሉ ሊወሰድ ይችላል ይላል፡፡ ምክንያቶቹን እንዲህ ዘርዝሮ ልኮታል፡-
    1. ለም የእርሻ መሬት ከእኛ እስከ አጎራባች አለ ይህን በሚያርሱ የወያኔ ኢንቨስተሮች ለበርካታ አመታት ከህይወት እስከ ንብረት መስዋትነት አስከፍሏቸዋል።

    2. #ወያኔን ሊያሰጋ የሚችል ሁሉ እስካሁን በሙሉ ሃይል በየቦታው ባይንቀሳቀስም በወታደራዊ ጥናታቸው መሰረት ያሰጋልና ስለሚሉ እስከዛው እኛም የስጋት ምንጭ ተደርገን ስለምንቆጠርና ለጥቃትም በቀላሉ ተጋላጭ ስለሆንን ዘራችን የሚጠፋበት አደጋ ውስጥ ገብተናል።

    3. ከደቡብ ሱዳን ውሎገብ የፈለግነውን የጦር መሳርያና የእለት ፍጆታ ሸቀጥ ያለስጋት እናስገባ ነበር። ያንንም ለማስቀረትና እኛል ለመፍጀት ነው።

    4. የወያኔ ሴረኛ ቡድን ከደቡብ ሱዳን ጋር በጥበብ በመመሳጠር በግጦሽ በማመሳሰል ምንም የማያውቀውን ህዝቡን እያስገደለ ነው።

    5. ለወረዳው ቅርብ በሆነ ሁኔታ የሠፈረው በትግራይ ኃላፊዎች ብቻ እንደፈለጉ የሚያዙት ልዮ ኃይል፣ ፌደራል ፖሊስ፣ ሽምቆች እንዲሁም መከላከያም አለ። የመጀመርያዋ ጥይት ሳትጮህ ለመከላከያ አዛዡ ተደውሎ ነበር እንደርሳለን ብለው አውቀው የውሃ ሽታ ሆነው ቀሩ፡፡

    6. ቢያንስ በቅርብ ርቀት አስተማማኝ የአየር ኃይል አለ። ታድያ በትንሽ ደቂቃ ብቻ እስከ ወረዳው መድረስ ይችል ነበር ግን አልሆነም። ለምን አትበሉ። ዘር ፍጅቱ በወያኔ የተቀነባበረ ነው።
    7. መሬታችንን ያለግብር የሚያርሱት የትግራይ ዜጎች ቢሆኑ ኖሮ የተጠቁት 57ቱ ወገኖቻችን ሳይመለሱ ተጨማሪ 16 ህፃናት መወሰዳቸው ሌሎችም ሊሞቱ ቀርቶ ደቡብ ሱዳንን በጨፈለቀ ነበረ፡፡
    8. #በመጨረሻም የሱማሊያን አልሻባብ ተሻግሮ ለመግጠም ሰራዊት የሚልክ እንዲሁም አልፎ ላይቤርያና ሱዳን ሄዶ ሰላም አስከብራለሁ እያለ ኃይል የሚገብር የወንጀለኞች ጥርቅም ለራሳችን ዜጎች መሆን ሳይችል ይብስ ብሎ በአስቸኳይ አዋጅ ስም ሰላማዊ ህዝብ ሲያሸብርና ሲጨፈጭፍ ማየት እጅግ ያማል።
    9. አሁን እኛም በስለናል። በተለይ የእኛን ወጣቶች በገፍ ለውትድርና የማያውቁትን ገጠራማው አካባቢ የሚመለምለው እንዳይሳካ ተግተን እየሰራን ነው። ለነፃነታችን መከበር ደቡብ ሱዳንን ሣይሆን ህዋህትን/ወያኔን ከአጋሮች ጋር ተደራጅተን እንታገላለን፡፡
    ድል ለጭቁኑ ህዝብ! በማለት ይህን ብርቱ ሚስጥር ለኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብና ለአለም እንዲታወቅ በአስቸኳይ ይድረስልን ብሏል።

    አሁን ይድረስልን ብሏል !

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