Former Ethiopian Foreign Minister Named Among the Final Three Nominees to Lead the Planet’s Specialized Public Health Agency


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20 Responses

  1. Geeee says:

    Congratulations Dr. Adhanom, I believe your hardworking attitude will put you wherever you want, but I hope Ethiopia and Ethiopian interest need to be in your mind because there’s is a lot to be done!

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    To be honest, this time is for rising of Ethiopia.
    Meles the the only and the first representative leader for Africa in G8 and G20,
    Pope Paul was the first Ethiopian Pope to chaired world Christian Association in New work,
    Now Dr Towdros is a first Ethiopian candidate for WHO,
    ግም ቦት7 ኢሳት ማበዳቸው ነዉ።።።።።።

  3. kiros says:

    these person is a member of acriminal organization woyane who spread hiv over ethiopa except tigray, please avoid these person.

  4. Abdu Edris says:

    Congratulations Dr.Tedros Adhanom
    This is a result of your endeavor, hard work and commitment in your previous posts where you were assigned. You deserve it and i hope you will be the director General of WHO. This will be a great success to our country, too.

  5. biruk says:

    u are beset of me. I wish all the beset d.r

  6. Muller says:

    Congra, congra and congra to Dr. Tedros Adhanom on your way to represent not only yourself, but your country as well. You have been a great help to Ethiopians, while you were a Minister of health, and a great leader in foreign affairs. We believe in you, in that you are going to do a great job in WHO as well. I am very proud of you man. To those who are Shabians, who have nothing to do, but defame you and other hard working and honest Ethiopians as previously did in their article in DEHAI, you are indeed liers and lying is in your bones. Look at him now, he is standing tall and he is becoming a winner. When is it going to stop your lies? I guess never, shame on you, bandas. Drop dead with all the chouvinsts in Ethiopia. At the end, I would like to say Tigrians will never fail in anything we want, if we put our minds together. We were great before, we will even be greater in the future. Is it in our DNA? The only one who knows about this is GOD ALMIGHTY. Keep up the good work Doctor.

  7. elias awel says:

    Congratulation .dr tedros is the right man for the position .he will win and will be the general director of WHO.

  8. Tsena says:

    This simply shows how the quality of leadership has gotten worse and worse in a global scale. How on Earth someone like this narrow minded, member of facist tplf group run for this position in the first place? I just don’t understand how this world is working. So what citizen is he representing when we kick the Tigriyans out of Ethiopia? Eritrea? I dont know.

  9. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    As an Afro-centrist I support him. But on his own personal record as a negligent family planner I fail him for the job. In a country where population control should be the most urgent task in the country where the useful land is shrinking but the population is exploding, he had been incubating his brood like a red rooster in a company of hens. All this news I am getting lately from my merchant relatives is such a depressing one. Even though the incidence used to happen the whole time I was growing up, it depresses me even more when I hear it is still taking place. It just breaks my heart when I hear my Somali brothers and my Oromo kin and kits are going at each other’s throat fighting over a shrinking livable space. My Itu clan on my mother’s side has taken the brunt of this deadly conflict over the years that where places used to be my ancestors domicile are now either in the so-called Somali or Afar territory. Some of the members of the clan have migrated to the northeastern areas of the Bale region. I mean villages where I used to spend some nights when I was a young boy are now Itu villages no more. The source of the problem is not tribalism or one ethnic group’s hatred it harbors against others. I have Somali friends who I have known for a long time. The real problem is the over population of livable areas and when you couple that with the nomadic way of pastoralist lifestyle conflicts are inevitable. Cattle rustling has been there for centuries and it did not have ethnic boundaries or limitations. I used to hear dire warnings being given to our ‘dardaraas’(young cattle herders) by elders not to dare cross the Awash territory. That was and is a Karayoo(another Oromo clan) territory and if you cross with your cattle for grazing you might not make it back alive. Also towns like Afdem(Aware) used to be an Afar populated area because I had seen it myself in the 1950’s. Now it is different. I am not advocating a rigid demography but it boggles my mind when I see the population in the old country exploding and the arable land shrinking or not expanding. With the alarming climate change the lowlands of eastern Ethiopia will continue to face deadly and long running droughts. Thanks to the rigid influence of the leaders of the two major religions in that country the 110 million people have the potential to swell into 150 million in just a decade. I see this to be the most dangerous factor that country is and will be facing in years to come. Deadly guns are everywhere in that society. Old bolt action rifles have given ways to the most efficient fully automatic shoulder guns. The days of fusil gras are gone and it is AK47’s time. Drastic population control should be a must and every government official should lead by example. I fail this candidate for that reason only. He has the required educational background not the discipline to run such an extremely important organization. But if he is the winning candidate I will accept his victory.

  10. Mustefa says:

    Congrats Dr. Tedros! This is a great leap for Ethiopia to be represented in such organizations.

  11. Antitalk says:

    የኢትዬጰያ ወጣቶች role model አርአያ ነህ ፡፡አሀ ይቻላል ለካ እንዲሉ ታደርጋለህ ፡፡ ወጣት ተማሪዎች ያንተን አይነት ሠው ለመሆን ይጥራሉ ፡፡ የዋሁ ፡ ትሁቱ ፡ አዋቂው ሠው በርታ ፡፡

  12. ደቦል says:

    መልካም እድል ዶ/ር ቴዲ

  13. Mulu says:

    Congrate Dr. Tedros. You deserve for your hard work. Do not mind what other say negetive about you.

  14. ashebir says:

    Congrats Dr I am proud to be Ethiopian.this is enough for you and us to be happy. Above all this is not foot ball yo be appointed for boursia Dortmund or some bike race rather some thing that requires mind. This is a measure of IQ.

  15. World Peace says:

    He got the chance to be one of the top three because Africa must be represented by one candidate had there been anther candidate from Africa this chance to be one of the top three would have been zero.

  16. ashebir says:

    How long should we wait for your moderation

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