PM Hailemariam Meets Egyptian President on Sidelines of 28th AU Summit in Addis Ababa


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6 Responses

  1. Muller says:

    Never ever to trust Al SiSi or any other Egyptian for that matter. Egyptians are two sided swords and they were and are the arch enemy of our country. We have to watch them at all time and make our DEFENSE FORCES READY AT ANY TIME. Don’t be fooled by Al SiSi please. If you get a snake and an Egyptian, first kill the man and after that the snake. All the misfortunes of Ethiopia has been incepted in our generation by no one, but Egypt. Excellent example is the creation of ELF and EPLF in Eritrea. Remember that for the rest of your life.

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    They’re looks like good actors in movie, they did well how to pretend as close allies, probably Isaias might laughing when he saw them on TV,
    Al Bashir is really smart for the Sudan people interest. After the Dam completed the economy political power of Sudan will be lifted up dramatically. The year-long flow of water from GERD will be creating a huge farming in the world. The soil of Sudan is fertile and good for irrigation. So the support of the Dam by Al Beshir is smart way. Isaias is in the blacklist next to Al sisi

  3. ashebir says:

    Please do not trust this Guy. Prime Minster should be cautious we he talk to these unreliable leaders and has to be careful even for his health

  4. Sam says:

    Who remember “the four Cairo boys” story ? That is where Eritrean jebha front start more than 60 years ago , the aim was to destroy and distablize Ethiopia by any means . Still that set of mind live in new Egyptian leaders . So what ever they said don’t ever trust them .just finish the grand dam by any means . And let them cry like a baby .

  5. ethoash says:

    who should give something for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

    i say give him 1000 hector of land free of tax for Al Sisi so that Egyptian investor can come and invest in the free zone … we also give him free electricity say 200mw under Al Sisi name so any investor can come and invest in Egypt industrial zone we will call this industrial zone Al Sisi free zone near Nile dam area

  6. The people of Ethiopia have been victims of Egyptian intrigue and black mail for years. We know the present government of Ethiopia had a good support from Egypt and took power.
    This is the survival and interest of Ethiopia and keep building the dam keep blaming and accusing Egypt for disruption Ethiopia’ progress. Egypt should stop fooling and backstabbing Ethiopia’s progress
    That was then this is now.
    Keep up the good progress revolution.
    God bless and protect our Country.

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