Eritrean President Describes Leaders of France and Germany as ‘Mentally Disturbed’


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6 Responses

  1. ashebir says:

    This paranoid guy he him self is mentally disturbed.

  2. Muller says:

    Iasyas you are a good boy with a rotten mentality, just link your weaknesses to others, not yourself. By now everybody knows you are mentally unstable, retarded and very weak person, you can fool Eritreans but no one else. Stop fooling yourself and the poor Eritren brothers and sisters. Do not look for others for help. Don’t be a rotten Al SiSi follower. Trust yourself and in the people you are representing. I forgot, the people you are representing are fleeing 5000 in a month, and no one is staying with you, mad dog. Finally, you admitted 5000 people are running away from you every month. May be tomorrow you are going to challenge UN by denying it. What a leader. You deserve each other with the fool Eritreans, for ever.

  3. Geeee says:

    I was wondering why they have started this Law for a man to merry more women? My question is answered, God have mercy on you people!!

  4. nana says:

    ተስፋ መቁረጥ ይህን ይመስላል ፡፡

  5. Kedir Mohammed says:

    Esuye, crazy boy

  6. Kedir Mohammed says:

    Essayas the mad dog of Eriteria don’t try to externalise your all-round weakness. You are just an ass. King of the poor people of Eriterias with what moral are you trying to accuse France, Germany and Ethiopian leaders? What have you done for your people and country? Is this the freedom or land of big prison. You just fought for your comfort and your fellow ass of the same donkey families

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