Tigrai’s donation has no parallel in our history (From Ethiopian Somali)


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12 Responses

  1. World Peace says:

    Dawiet i want to know the conclusion of the court case between DC task force and Dr Addisalem Balema I am sure you are following this seriously.

  2. dergu temelese says:

    What do you mean when you say “Tigrai people and Ethiopian Somalis was never distant to each other, they have a close historical kinship ties. They have a common bond such as love keen for their home country”. At least the editor should have corrected your grammatical mistakes. Was has to be changed to have for a correct verb agreement.

  3. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is very encouraging news. One section of the population who, not at its own fault, was exposed to calamities many times in the past now coming to the aid of another section of the population, that is very deep. This is exemplary I hope and pray will take roots in every corner. The legendary magnanimous nature and harmonious livelihood our of people was never lost on me no matter how I was exposed to be shaken about it. Now this is where the most influential leaders of the two main religions can do their part to spread this sacred act across the country. In the meantime these same religious leaders should not try to interfere in the effort to stem this outrageously exploding population. This is the best opportune time to go full force persuasively to talk and educate the people about the worsening population problem. I am well aware of the fact that industrialization is in process and in earnest but it is not up there to absorb most of the jobless and able bodied citizens yet. It will take another decade or two for industry to take the leading role as a means for bread earners. In communities with pastoral and nomadic way of life it may take even longer than a decade. It could even be impossible to completely replace it. As I mentioned many times before, there will not be sufficient livable space now and it will be at a point where nothing can be done about it when the population balloons to a ridiculous number close to 200 million in just about 3 decades or so from now. Industrialization will drag women out of their home imprisonment into roaring factories. That will enable them to be the bread winners of their families and part of the decision making at home. I have seen it myself when it transformed Taiwan. That was what happened in the Latin American countries even though they are all deeply religious societies. Industrialization changes the psyche of the people in it just in a decade in a way a million preachers can not do in a century. My proof? Well I would encourage you to go to Taiwan with a loud bullhorn and start telling the women there to go back home to be homemakers only. Just try that. You better have the entire Taiwanese armed forces(and they have one of the best ones in the world) to protect you because you will be surrounded by women angry as a mother lioness bludgeoning you to death with their deadly purse. There are out of their houses and nothing or nobody can send them back. They say only one baby and that is all you can get, man!!! Hey what the heck, they are running that country there now, right? That is what Industrialization when it is spread from end to end does it to you or rather for you. This exploding population problem in the old country is so malignant ignoring or speaking against the control of it would be planning a national tragedy. When I saw a poor farmer in the lowland locality of Western Hararghe a few years ago complaining about the dismal harvest season due to lack of rain sitting in front of a barren and dusty field with a shabby home behind him, it moved me to my core. How many children he has, you may ask? I think he said 10 or 12. And another sad story from the northern highland part of the country shows a mother where she was also complaining about the shortage or rather lack of rainfall in her locality. She talks about how she lost her toddler son recently to starvation and she was carrying in infant baby on her back. She was a mother of 5 or 6. This erratic rainfall is not going anywhere. It will visit that region again and again whenever it feels like it.

    But this posture by our Tigrayan brothers and sisters is something that should be commended. I encourage others to do the same for others. And those of you who will hit hard at me because I wrote this comment, there nothing I can do about it. Demonizing others is your daily fix to get your high. You are just like a bad tree that grows sideways and refuse to grow straight up. And some among you, I can tell from the rude ways you talk or write that you were reared unattended at bazaars. Eyal-al-souqs!!! I guess nuff said for me for now!!!

  4. Teddyted says:

    Way to go my Tigray and Ethio Somali brothers! So proud of you, God bless!!

  5. Megartou Benya says:

    Hellow Mr Editor,
    May I start my comment by Chinese proverb which says if you catch a fish and feed a person, you can feed him for a day but if you teach him how to catch, you feed him forever” In connection to this, I know there are improvement in Somali region but it is obvious in many aspects Tigrai is better than Somali. Hence, had this support was given in the form of capacity building; it would have been nice or it was refund of previous refund of Somali with small margin of profit??
    I think there was too much publicity of this process fund release. I read somewhere in the report because Somali and Tigrai share many things in common despite the distance that separate them. I think don’t foul us 98% of Tigrai is Orthodox while 2% are muslim. In the case of Somali 100% Muslims it is not only this, Ethipian Somali their mind and heart is with the other Somaliland (Hargehessa) and Somalia, to any one surprise how many of them wath Ethiopia related films and dramas no absoluteltly like Ertrean music well heard in Tigrai.
    During derg, not only Tigre or OGaden even Amharas- which their languaguge and culture enjoy recognition. I think no one can forget during his last days Dergue has recognized five key self governance areas where the fight was so intense.
    1. Ertrea Ras gaz (Recognizing EPLF or Shabia) but he cut away Assab
    2. Assab ras gaz (Recognized Afar People Libration front)
    3. TIGRAY (Recognized TPLF or Woyane)
    4. DireDhawa ras (Stands for Haraghe part of Oromo, IFLO and OLF have strong) dergue was always saying we are burring in every corner of the country. This part of Mengistu speech is not yet displayed. By the way, like the birth place of OLF Diredhawa was also IFLO purely has nothing to do with religion but window of solicitiog fund from arab countries for the principal purpose. Even the leader changed his Arabic name to ethnic name Jarra abba Gada (meaning the century of abba gadda, you can see the motive of Oromo politiecs)
    5. Ogaden ras Gaz (Dagahabur,wereder,Gode and Afder) there is no doubt ogaden is the largest tribe of Somali in Ethiopia. Somali have got more land than they have demanded. Most them are assimilated Oromos than they are Somalis- there is no other prove than boarder disputed areas referendum held in 2005 in 420 kebeles 82% of them voted to be part of Oromo. Except Ogaden there is no pure Somali in Ethiopia, Ogaden in oil rich area-hope we will explore in the near future.

  6. Mebrahtu says:

    ኣየ ጉድ በትግራይ ህዝብ ትግል ለዚህ ደርሰህ ኣሁን ትግራይ ጥገኛ ሲሆን ታየህ። ምን ዋጋ ኣለው በናንተ ዲስኩር ኢትዬጽያ የኃሊት ጉዞ እንድትጓዝ ለማረግ ነው። ተወደደም ተጠላም የትግራይ ህዝብ ዛሬም እንደ ትናንቱ የስልጣኔ ማእከል ይሆናል። ተፈጥሮ ሃብት የሌለው ክልል እንደሌለ መራራ እውነት ነው። የግዜ ጉዳይ ነው እንጂ ኣሁንም በወሬ ሳይሆን በተግባር እንደ ሓወልት የመሰሉ የጥንት ቅሬቶች ሰርቶ ያሳያል ያንን ጥገኛ ያልከው ህዝብ።

  7. bb says:

    Dergu, ምለስህ በጣም ትልቅ ነው ግን ምን ዋጋ አለው ፈሪ ሽንታም ሆንክ። ተናግረህ ሞተሀል

  8. Shiromeda says:

    Instead of finding a solution for our real danger problems that treating the country to destabilize. The ruling regime is extremely streching the tribalism problem to extent of noncurable stage. This is not a genuine donation but a means of keeping up a corrupted system and its politician by a barrel of gun and divide and rule system.

  9. Geeee says:

    I believe this is a good help whenever there’s an emergency, but also the country need to galvanize the youths to do better than what is been done so far Example 1) do start boys scoot
    2) girls scoots too
    3)Summer field trips to integration from state to state
    4) limit the alcohol consumption above 21 years
    5) stop underage relationship before the age of 17 years and technically teach children to work harder in schools and become a better citizen by working in rehabilitation their environment when they are out of school because today’s children is tomorrow leaders, I hope someone look at this massage and go to work on this project ASAP!

  10. Daniel Aduma says:

    Dear Mohamed abdi dheere,

    I found your article above inspiring. I’m happy to know there are individuals like you who spend their time writing meaning full articles that spread love and respect amount brotherly people. Thank you for job well done and please keep inspiring others to be loving and respect full to others.

    Daniel from Canada

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