Hundreds of Passengers to US Stuck at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, following Trump’s Executive Order


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22 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Wish the Ethiopian Gov let the Yemenis, Sudanes, Somalis stay in Ethiopia if they wish so. Afterall it is Ethiopian to give sanctuary for those who are pushed somewhere.That makes as a big nation.

  2. Maereg says:

    Ethiopia needs to open its door for refugees, it’s our nature and tradition to welcome refugees, the refugees need to be given a choice to decide where they want to go, if they decide to live in Ethiopia they are welcome.

    • Sara Olofson says:

      Maereg, I wish that there were more kind and caring people like you in the world. Thank you.

    • Zenebech says:

      Yes your absolutely right but when it comes to our culture, they are not refugees, they are our guests, ready to share what ever we have, make them feel comfortable & feel @ home.

  3. FAN says:

    we expect Ethiopian toxic diaspora sent for justice to Ethiopia .


    • bb says:

      You absolutely right! Only for the criminals. ዝምብለው ቁጭ ብለው ወሬ ለሚያበዡ ስራ የሌላቸው በመንግስት ድጎማ የሚንቀሳቀሱ እዣው ባሉበት ይሁኑ ምንም አያመጡም ምድረ ውሸታም

  4. Gt says:

    Ethiopia is unable to take care of its own citizens, all you have to do is drive and or walk through the steers of Addis or just travel to any of the provinces and observe the dire conditions of its’ people. I will not be surprised to know the current corrupt government agreed to take them in in exchange for money.

  5. World Peace says:

    To all Ethiopians what is your comment? In a country at a time 20 million Ethiopians starved, in a country more than 60 million people do not have access to clean water, Dr. Tedros Adhanom is spending more than 40 million dollar for lobby to be WHO Director General

  6. ethoash says:

    add my name with Adam, and Maereg

    million of Ethiopian were and is refugee in every country this is the time we return the favor… it would be black spot in our history if we kick them out of Ethiopia

    IN FACT we should interview them and if they r skilled we should hire them on spot … this is like having free oil and Gold for free because human capital is more then Gold and oil Ethiopia dont miss this chance to show what we r made of 1500 years ago our Axumite king received the Muslim this is our turn to accept them

    specially Yemen they give us AG7 leader who is in jail for this reason alone we should allow them to stay hope UN help us with money and everything going to be okay

    we need video to we have make big noise to make a point where is the video call all those human right guys who try to stop our Nile dam to come and interview this people

  7. Be ewnetu says:

    Keep our ancestors tradition that warm welcome even for enemies, so why not for Sudan, Yemen, Somalia Brothers?
    Bole securities should aware probably Gim7/ESAT and Jawarian supporters /those who burnt and stepping our graceful flag/ might deported purposly or by mistake…. On the current misreble….

  8. Sam says:

    Trump is trying to answer to his base. His base mostly, not exclusively, wants an America that is predomibately white. Singling out the Middle Easterns and Africans for anythibg bad happenibg is a good bet. From the day I set foot on the US soil to this day I have stuided American politics eagerily. I have concluded American politics is more defined by race than class. I am a proud African, most appropiately Ethiopian. I have a zero interest of applying for US citizenship. That means I would be at risk of deporrted if a demagogue like Trump gets his way as what is happening to the green card holders now attest. Well, Ethiopa is not on the list for now. But do not be fooled if Trump succeed now in denying Sudanese immigrating to US, Ethiopians will not be immune from it much longer. That very knowledge makes me want dying as an Ethiopian citizen although whether I will be buried in the country I was born or not is unknown.

  9. Muller says:

    Ethiopia should raise the current affairs of the USA president Trump head on with African Union. With Trump what is next is well known, he is racist, prejudice, narrow minded, racially motivated, Islamaphobia, but he is unopened book. What ever he said during his election, he is applying it with out giving a consideration to no one. The whole world must standup against Trump as his move might start word war III. Hitler started first by hate propaganda against Jews and black people. Trump started his propaganda as he said it in his election against Moslim, Latin America, women, black people etc., and it was unbelievable to hear his speech. Now his election promises are becoming reality. What is next is obvious, start a war somewhere. The world is in dangerous situation for the future with Trump.

  10. Beza says:

    As a good gesture if they wish to stay in ethiopia let them stay in ethiopia, because of humanitarian issues. The government has to show tolerance on this matter.

  11. TRANSPONDER says:

    From my understanding, Trump administration, has retracted itself from deporting , those nationals of seven countries listed as not to be allowed in the US. These nationals who are trapped at Bole international airport, can return to the US, for as long as they held their permanent residency and green card, permits.

  12. Django says:

    we don’t need them, please send them back where they come from. we have enough of our troubles

  13. ABERA says:

    It is our tradition to accept refugees. But some of the countries where refugees came from are hostiles to ethiopian refugees in their country. Some of them beheaded ,raped and tortured Ethiopians for being christians. So when we saying it is our tradition to host refugee , it should work in both ways. We can’t be nice to people hostile to us. Period. Let them go where they came from. Also Ethiopia is not in a position to fund refugee program. We have 5 million Ethiopians needs food assistance.

  14. Gjl says:

    These comments are ridiculous. Ethiopia is going through a continuous drought, there are no jobs and the government does not provide adequate 21st basic needs to its own citizens. Morally they should be able to stay but the government can’t support them.

  15. ashebir says:

    Well done my beloved country,Ethiopia. Well done trump as he told as America is for American’s not for the toxic Ethiopian diasporas

  16. Tedy says:

    Weyanen yemtkawemu bemulu tibareralachu weyane gn mihret yaderglachuhal aybekelm

  17. Tman says:

    The Ethiopia govt should accommodate deportees, training them to become useful to their society and make them feel at home so that they can forget their worries

  18. Let them live in Ethiopia as they have wished. Our country does host many refugees from Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan etc. So we’re proud for that hospitality.

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