Ethiopia’s Communication Minister on Current Political Events (Video)


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6 Responses

  1. Slick says:


    Your idiocy has no end ! I tried to watch your garbage. As always you decided to post what is left from your cut and copy edits. You clearly know that you have no audience locally so whatever messages you have seems to be for the diaspora.
    Let me tell you kid the diaspora are smarter than your idiocy. Who the hell you think is in danger of deported to Ethiopia? Let me assure you it’s not even.0005% Ethiopian who do not have legal status to live in the state. So do not cry about them!!! Cry for the 90 million Ethiopian who are under TPLF rule. Your communication minister wasted his valuable time trying to explain what the Ethiopian government is not prepared to do! Bunch of laiers!!!!

  2. wedinkafa says:

    What a belly, he was advocating for transparency, accountability and truth now his belly is bigger than he imagined and thus singing Woy-ane defunct song sad while his brothers are massacred he is dining with the killers of his brother!!!

  3. ተገመገመ says:

    በአማራ ክልል የሚታየውን የጸጥታ ሁኔታ ለመገምገም ከፌደራል የተላከው የኮማንድ ፖስቱ አጣሪ ቡድን ፣ የአስቸኳይ ጊዜ አዋጁ ቢነሳ ህዝቡ በቀጥታ በመንግስት ላይ ከእስካሁኑ የከፋ ጥቃት ሊሰነዝር ይችላል ሲል አስጠንቅቋል።
    ኮማንድ ፖስቱ “ የክልሉን ህዝብ ገትቶ የያዘው መሳሪያ ነው” ያለ ሲሆን፣ አዋጁ ቢነሳ ከእስካሁኑ በከፋ ሁኔታ አመፁን ለማስቀጠል ዝግጁ መሆኑን አረጋግጠናል” ብሎአል፡፡
    ለአንድ ወር ያክል በጎንደር፣ በባህርዳር እና በአዊ ዞን የተለያዩ ቦታዎች ተዘዋውሮ የህዝቡን ሁኔታ ማጥናቱን የሚገልጸው የፌደራል ኮማንድ ፖስት ቡድን፣ በአማራ ክልል የተካሄደው ተሃድሶ የይምሰል እና ስር ያልስደደ ነው ሲል አጣጥሎታል። ተሃድሶው “ትዕዛዝ ለመፈፀም የሚደረግ ከመሆኑም በላይ መንግስትንና ህዝብን ከማቀራረብ ይልቅ ከታለመው ዓላማ ውጭ በመውጣት መንግስትና ህዝብን የሚያቃቅር ፣ ለስርዓቱ የማይጠቅም እንዲሁም በስህተቶች የታመቀ ሆኖ ተጠናቋል ብሎአል።
    ሰኞ እለት ለኮማንድ ፖስቱ ወታደራዊ ክፍል የቀረበው ሪፖርት እንደሚያትተው፣ በአማራ ክልል የጥልቅ ተሃድሶው መንገድ መስሩን መሳት ብቻ ሳይሆን፣ በመንግስት እና በህዝቦች መካከል ቅራኔ መፍጠርን ቀዳሚ ያደረገ ነው ይላል።ተሃድሶው “በህዝቦችና በመንግስት መካከል መቃቃርን አስፍቶ፣ በጎንደር እና በክልሉ የተደረጉት ህዝባዊ አመጾች ትክክለኛ መሆናቸውን መንግስት ጥፋቱን እንዳመነ አድርጎ በማቅረብ እንዲሁም መንግስት ባደረገው የስልጣን ሽግሽግም ለለውጥ መዘጋጅቱን ሳይሆን የ ስራ ዝውውር እንዳወጣ ተደርጎ እንዲታይ አድርጓል በማለት ይተቻል። ”
    የኮማንድ ፖስቱ አጣሪ ቡድን “ህዝቡ ከአመፅ የተገታው በአስቸኳይ አዋጁ በተሰጠው መመሪያ እና ትእዛዝ እንጅ በፍላጎቱ ባለመሆኑ ፣ የአስቸኳይ ጊዜ አዋጁ አፍኖ ባይዘው ኖሮ አመፁ ተጠናክሮ እንደሚቀጥል ለማረጋገጥ ችለናል” ብሎአል፡፡ የኮማንድ ፖስቱ አጣሪ ቡድን፣ የአስቸኳይ ጊዜ አዋጁን ማሻሻልም ሆነ ማንሳቱ እንደማይመክር ያሳስባል፡፡
    አጣሪ ቡድኑ በሪፖርቱ “ በክልሉ በህቡዕ የተደራጁ ሐይሎች መኖራቸውን አረጋግጠናል” ያለ ሲሆን፣ “ተደጋጋሚ የቦንብ ጥቃቶች መኖራቸው እና አሁንም ህዝቡ ለመንግስት እየሰጠ ያለው ምላሽ እና በተለያዩ በሄድንባቸው ከፍተኛ የክልሉ ተቋማት ከህዝቡ ያገኘነው ምላሽ ጥላቻን ያዘለ በመሆኑ የአስቸኳይ አዋጁ ጊዜ መራዘም እንደሚኖርበት” አፅንኦት እንሰጣለን ብሎአል።
    የኮምንድ ፖስቱ አጣሪ ቡድን፣ ጥልቅ ትሃድሶው በጥራት እየተካሄደ ባለመሆኑ የማስተካከያ እርምጃ እንዲወሰድ ለምዕራብ እዝ ጦር በአድራሻ እና ለአማራ ክልል መንግስት እና ለብአዴን በግልባጭ ደብዳቤ ጽፏል። ይሁን እንጅ የማስተካከያ እርምጃው በምን መልኩ እንደሚወስድ ዝርዝር ነገር ባለመጻፉ የብአዴን ባለስልጣናት ግራ መጋባታቸው ታውቋል።

  4. Beza says:

    There are two fundamental questions that are not answered yet: (1) Why does one ethnic group, which was part of all the evil deeds of Haile Selassie and Dergue, exhibit so deeply seated hatred against Tigraians? Why do the chauvinists from that ethnic group interpret cool headedness, calculative patience, civility, and farsightedness as timidity and fearfulness? The answer is simple. They are so ignorant, arrogant, and ethnocentrically foolish. They keep refusing to learn the lessons of Woyane Tigrai. The lessons of equality, justice, peace, and development for all Ethiopians within the framework of a true democratic constitution are not and never will be palatable for foolishly arrogant chauvinists and for the self-serving opportunists.
    The self-serving opportunists, who claim to be Tigraians, are the worst of them all. Their treachery is beyond words can explain. They do not seem to get it. Not only that they are colluding with the enemies of Tigrai, they are also roaming around the world to trade the Rights and Freedoms of their own people for their individual selfish ambitions to grab political “fame” and power. There are also cyber space and radio wave stooges who write and talk on behalf of these opportunists. Shame on them all!
    In closing, a few final words are in order. It must be clear to the chauvinists, the opportunists, and the stooges that the Tigraian masses, along with the masses of other nations, nationalities, and peoples, are and will always be on guard to defend their hard won democratic rights. Particularly the people of Tigrai will never be complacent, because they realize that they have been and are the lead players in defending the Ethiopian revolution, which has ushered in a total socioeconomic and political transformation. To that end, as Asghedom (2000) put it, “Today, the people of Tigrai highly value the achievements of their bitter struggle. They are determined to stand steadfastly on guard of their Woyane for eternity. The founding fathers and all the rest of us will die. But, Woyane is eternal. Its torch will be passed on to generation from generation to generation… continue!”. By Asghedom Ghebremicael In the present day Ethiopia, therefore, the people understand pretty well that defending the ongoing democratic social revolution is the only strategic approach to reaping the benefits of peace, justice, unity, and equality. Then, the war against the pervasive and abject poverty will be won. That is why we all should say eternal Woyane with no apology,the extremest elements of Ethiopia still persist to demolish the federal system in Ethiopia and we thought the article is more relevant than ever today.

    As the people of Tigrai and Ethiopia are getting ready to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Lekatit 11, the day that started new chapter for Ethiopia, we are facing the same enemy.

  5. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I like this man already. Go and get’em tiger!!!!

  6. dergu temelese says:

    There are two types of people in Ethiopia. 1) Those who live on earth to fill their belly and belly only and 2) those people who live for truth and humanity. Where can we categorize this Minister ( he studied his undergraduate studies at the Ethiopian civil service college ( the then ድንጋይ መውቀሪያ).

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