Two prominent Ethiopians Receive Awards of Golden Order of Merit from CAF


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7 Responses

  1. abebech says:

    . Ato Abnet is not healthy and I can read it from the picture. Looks like he is gonna blow-up anytime now.

  2. dergu temelese says:

    Abnet the bull Woyane server has looted a lot of Ethiopian resources (like gold and land) alongside Saudi national Mohammed Al Mudi. One day in the future history will judge the work of those looters.

  3. dergu temelese says:

    ለወዝቶ አደሮች
    ይብላኝ ለእናንተ ምርጥ ለምትበሉት፣
    ይብላኝ ለእናንተ ውስኪ ለምትቀዱት፣
    በአምስት አስራ እንድ በቁምሳ ስሌት፣
    እኛማ እያለቅን በርሀብ እርዛት፣
    በህይወት ከመኖር ይሻለናል ሞት፡፡
    ቁርስ ለንደን በልታችሁ ምሳችሁ ናይሮቢ፣
    እራት አዲስ- አባ በሼራተን ግቢ፣
    ዓለምን ስትቀጩ ብርን ስትገድቡ፣
    ለእኛ ጥፋት እንጂ ልማት አታስቡ፡፡
    ወስኪ ጠጥታችሁ በቀል ስታገሱ፣
    የድሀውን ድርሻ ስታግበሰብሱ፣
    ሞትን ስትሸሹ ምስኪኑን ስትገድሉ፣
    ያጣ ወንድማችሁን በጥይት ስትቆሉ፣
    የህግ እስረኛውን በእሳት ስትቀቅሉ፣
    ዝም ብሎ ሲያይ አይኖር ፈጣሪ ሀያሉ፣
    የዘራችሀትን እናንተም ታጭዳላችሁ፣
    አምላክ ዕድሜ ሰጥቶን ለማየት ያብቃችሁ፡፡
    በአቅላችሁ ሆናችሁ በደሉን አስታውሱ፣
    ድሀ ከመረረው አይሳሳም ለነፍሱ፣
    ምኑ ሊቀርበት የምድሩ ህይወት፣
    ተቆራምዶ አይኖርም ለእናንተ መውዛት፡፡

  4. ethoash says:

    to Ato Abinet Gebremeskel

    pls pls watch ur weight… start swimming everyday and stop eating red meat and u will see a lot of change this is a kind advice to u … u cant be this weight and be a sport spoke person …

    swimming is low impact exercise… u would have been a great roll-model for other Ethiopian who r over weight

  5. Alemu says:

    woow! it nice News That We Heat From U Rspecially twoprominant Ethiopians Award.Both Are Deserved Gallant Ethiopians Congra!!!

  6. Eskinder says:

    You can’t find this award news in CAF website. Why?

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