The Fact Behind Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7 Senior Fighter’s Decision to Abandon Her Organization


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9 Responses

  1. Girmay beyene says:

    Dr Berhanu is a laughing stock of the academic world and a notorious liar who begins to believe in his own lie.

  2. Mebrahtu says:

    Bitter truth and Open secret about the so called “Organization”

  3. Papa Tango says:

    As every body knows BEN the ethiopian first host is the number one tplf slave but his last point of view is deffrent why you did not give it ceverage this time did he cross the tplf red line

    • bb says:

      ትክክል የሆነ ዜና ስትሰማ ያሳምምሀል። ውሸት መስማት የምትችልበት ቦታ ብትሄድ ይሻልሀል እሳትን እንደለመድከው ቀጥልበት። ዳዊትን ከሰማህ ያምሀል እውነት ስለምትጠላ። ዳዊት ትክክለኛ ስለሚዘግብ ያምሀል።

      • dergu temelese says:

        እኛን ያስቸገረን
        የብርሀኑ ነጋ ጉራ
        የግንቦት 7 ፉከራ ነው፡፡
        በወያኔ አባት ሻዕብያ ጉያ፣
        ብርሀኑ ያቅራራል ታሪክ ሊሠራ ለኢትዮጵያ፡፡

  4. Nana says:

    What organization ?

    the imaginary army that is not visible when it kills and invades .army of the illusives (kikikiki)
    የተስፋዬ ገብረአብ የህልም ሠራዊት ፡፡የማያድግ ልጅ ካካ ያበዛል እንዲሉ ፡፡መግለጫ ጋጋታ የወረረው ጭንጋፍ የሻአቢያ ገረድ፡፡

  5. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Al-Toweel Isaias and his operatives will not rest until they see the old country goes in flames along ethnic lines. He has been hatching the same scheme since the early 1970’s. His hope is that the people of our country will be occupied with inter ethnic fracas so deadly that nobody will be watching when he sends his well trained burglars hauling away the country’s precious stones, coffee, oilseeds and hides. He had done that in the 1990’s up until 1998-2000 war, right? That is his main and only motive. Who made him the Simon Bolivar of our glorious people anyway? You can tell the contempt he has for our people in his interviews. He claims that he is the only person who holds the key to the only solutions for the ills of our old country. But according to his playbook, my Oromo people must go after our Amhara brothers and sisters. According to his Super Bowl play book, our Amhara and Tigrayan brothers and sisters must go at each other’s throat first. For this and for this evil scheme alone he has been handing out deadly weapons like candy whoever is showing up at his door. OLF has been languishing somewhere in the forsaken Eritrean deserts for 26 years and counting. ONLF, G7, Black Maned Lion Liberation Front, Rent Is Too Damn High in Minnesota Rebellion Front, I Don’t Like Your Name Cleansing Party, Ethiopia Out of Oromia or is it Oromia Out of Oromia Green Tree Liberation Front…etc… I am just exhausted just counting. But seriously, I have said this before and I will say it again. If some one goes to Asmara to seek help of any kind from the proven despot, he/she does not only betray her/himself but the entire glorious people of the old country. They must be ashamed of themselves. Full Stop!!!!! Did you hear me? End of story!!!!! I told you not to start with me about that demon in Asmara.

  6. dergu temelese says:

    እኛን ያስቸገረን
    የብርሀኑ ነጋ ጉራ
    የግንቦት 7 ፉከራ ነው፡፡
    በወያኔ አባት ሻዕብያ ጉያ፣
    ብርሀኑ ያቅራራል ታሪክ ሊሠራ ለኢትዮጵያ፡፡

  7. Nana says:

    ወቼ ጉድ

    ከጉድ ያመለጡ ኤርትራውያንን ጠይቁ ፡፡ የአርበኛ ተብዬዎች መዋያና ማደርያ የአስመራ ኮማሪዎች ቤት ነው ፡፡

    ተራጨው በውስኪ ተጋደም ከትርሀስ አድርገው መፈንጫ
    ባክህ ነገ ጥዋት ይፃፋል የቁጩ መግለጫ(ቂቂቂቂቂቂ)

    ትግሉ ወደ አልጋ ላይ ዞሯል ፡የመደብ ትግል በቃ!!

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