High-level Officials from Germany Visiting Drought Affected Areas of Ethiopian Somali


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4 Responses

  1. dergu temelese says:

    High-level Officials from Germany Visited Drought Affected Areas of Ethiopian Somali. Because, Germany is the center of Illuminati. Germany is supporting Satan. The Satanic TPLF works to please the secrete societies. George W.Bush, Bill Gates and Obama who are members of Skull and Bones have visited Ethiopia before a year. Angela Merkil who is member of the Illuminati has Visited Us. Following the visit of these high profile secrete societies leaders drought affected Ethiopia. In the name of food assistance the secret societies will do their jobs.

  2. Ethiopian says:

    what we should not forget is that the Ethiopian Somali people better are off with Abdi Mohammed umer than their cousins in Mogadishu because they have relative peace & stability.if they can learn & work hard they can defeat poverty due to bad climatic change.

  3. wedinakfa says:

    Dear Dr. Gerd Müller, German Development Cooperation Minister,

    with your benevolent money The Woy-aneconomic has produced double digit economic growth thus created few big belly bastards and thousands of landcruisers and 8 digit or (20,000,000) hungry people.

    thanks Dr. Muller keep it supporting brutal dictators while ignoring the plight of the poor!!!

  4. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I call upon all members of the Diaspora to do everything we can to help our brothers and sisters in the Ogaden region and all other places where the drought hit hard. What I hear from my relatives who are merchants is that in the areas where extreme drought took place, there isn’t one cow standing. Every domestic animal is wiped out. That is a death warrant for our Somali brothers and sisters who I was told it is the hardest. Our Afar brothers and sisters are also affected. My own Oromos have not escaped the wrath of this specter. We are fortunate enough to live here in the West where worrying about the availability of our next meal in non-existent. Our very proud and glorious people of the Ogaden are asking us to help them in this time of natural calamity bedeviling them. A section of my own Oromos and Afar brothers and sisters are asking the same. We should cut back in our food budget and send that portion plus more as donations to various humanitarian organizations that are in a thick of it helping those unfortunate people. This is where politics has no part and should not have any role. When politics is inserted in the crisis like this, some dire consequences will take place where thousands possibly millions will perish. That was what happened during the demonic Mengistu days of 1984. Nobody should be proud for playing politics then. Nobody. So please lets play our part and start(keep) sending donations with what we must until this nightmare is over. Death from starvation is the most agonizing death that can happen to any living thing. A slow and excruciating death! Woe My People!!! Woe!!!! Woe!!! Woe!!!!

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