Oromia and Ethio-Somali Regions Sign to End Border Disputes (Video)


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  1. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is excellent news. There is nothing to achieve through wanton violence. Border disputes, cattle raids and nonsensical inter clan/tribe fracas were and to some recent extent have been the vice bedeviling us for centuries. In all cases cool heads used to prevail by way of the elders and things used to be brought back to normal. People would go back to living in peace and harmony trading and bartering. It is now the 21 century. Both these ethnic groups, Somalis and my own Oromos are sitting an enormous potential be it human or natural resources. If they both put such resources to good and right use, the sky would be their limit. They must, I say must, address the issue of population explosion in their regions and pressure the leaders of the two major religions to play part to stem the runaway multiplication. The useful earth is shrinking around them and beneath their feet. There is no question about that. Thanks to overgrazing and over farming the land that used to be productive is no more. It has been scarred beyond immediate repair. Those good ole days of reliable rainfall are erratic now. When I look at some of those giant mountains that used to be covered with thick forests on Google map, they are bare from top to bottom. Dense forest I used to be warned not to go alone because the chance of being lost are dark or light brown earth now. When I ask my relatives about this or that hill, mountain or dense forest all I hear is there is nothing to be afraid of being lost. All those succulent berries and different types of deer and gazelles are extremely rare sights if any. Every predator except the hyenas is not there anymore. But the human population is increasing by leaps and pounds. This is the source of the inter clan/tribe deadly conflicts. This must be firmly planted in the psyche of all ethnic groups. One major factor that would put a kibosh on population explosion or can bear an immediate result in such effort is the liberation of our women. The more women become bread earners the more clout they will have on the family planning at home. Unless our women are taken out of their homes into making a living in factories and other work places, any effort to stem this over-population nightmare will be just that, a nightmare and a fantasy tale. That is my penny’s worth of an opinion.
    In the meantime, I say kudos to the leaders of these two regions. Congratulations brothers and sisters!!!! Right on!!!

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