PM Hailemariam Desalegn’s controversial speech that captivated public attention on Social media (Audio)


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13 Responses

  1. Shalom says:

    Calm down Tigray extremists. The PM has just stated the obvious. First things first then you go to the next. Even you extremists know that the PM is not against Tigray. So, stop playing victim, the act you picked from the drama book of Oromos.

    EPRDF has issues that should be addressed. But accusing that party of standing against the development of Tigray is just nothing more than an empty cry out for attention. Loosers!!

  2. Alemseged says:

    Hmm, I hear nothing controvertial in his speach, except that he was honestly discussing realities and posibilieties and vision with the audiance. Injera bilu, neger atibilu.

    • teklit says:

      በኛ ዕድሜ ላይደርስ ይችላል what does it mean ….we have not financial fainancial capacity ………….ምናልባት ከኤርትራ ሰላም ከሆነ and so on what does mean??!

  3. Sam says:

    Why is it controversial? I think he is honest answering the question. Government should be adept in selecting priorities. As he said it is costly to have a train route throughout Ethiopia. The more mountains the train route is the more it costs because as he said the train route is different from a bus. The train needs a levelled surface. He is also right priority should be given for trains routes between Addis and the ports where imported and exported goods disembark. I do not hear any controversial statments he made. Because it was in Adwa he gave the speech some in the audience might prefer to hear him speaking Adwa and Addis will have a rail route within two years. He did not say that. First, it is expensive and the country has no money for it now. Second, it is not a route that should be given priority. He should be commended for being honest. After all, he is the prime minister of Ethiopia. He should weigh in the interest of the country in every decision he makes. Being honest is not a synonyoum with being controversial.

  4. roots says:

    Why are Ethiopians so obsessed in SPLITING HAIRS and CRITICISING all things .

  5. teklit says:

    ለወሎ ህዝብ ማ በኘላን ጣብያ ባይኖርም ይሰራል አሉ ለአድዋ ግን የባቡር ግንባታ ውድነው አሎን እና የአድዋ ህዝብ እርካሽ እንጂ ውድ አያስፈልገውም ማለትዎ መሰለኝ አይንቀት መጨረሻው ግን አኔ እንጃ

  6. Mebrahtu says:

    Are we growing or failing by cancelling planned and officially known projects?

  7. Alegnta says:

    What is controversial about this? We need a railway network to link Ethiopia with Port Sudan. This is likely to travel through Northern West Ethiopian historic sites including Bahir Dar, Gondar, Adwa and Axum linking with Addis and beyond. It makes sense to use the rail lines for both freight and passenger travel purposes. He mentioned Adwa probably as he was in Adwa and people wanted to hear about their town – I don’t know the context but jumping in to band the comment controversial seems unfair. The EPRDF has been fair when allocating resources to the various regions of Ethiopia. Indeed much of the development is in the south.

  8. solomon says:

    So what is controversial about it? Adwa deserves much better than railway line. It is the center of history not only to Ethiopians but Africans and black people in general,how dump it is,we didn’t do any thing so far about adwa. Besides economic wise adwa is at cross roads going to port Sudan, and port of massawa, so it makes sense to build a line across it in the future.

  9. teklit says:

    Throwing stone is the solution because they believe in stone and circumstances i am sure that if we destroy something a number of projects will be bombarded in tiray

  10. Muller says:

    Visionary PM HD does not have no vision in building a railway connecting Mekela to Shiere, thereby, going to Humera and connecting it to Sudan and any other regions in the North of Ethiopia in his reigns because it is so mountainous. The people of Adwa were clapping at that mpment, which does not make no sense to me, if all attendees were not Cadres. He also said Adwa was never beutiful than it was six years ago, so are other cities including the mud houses of Addis and Awassa, if we want to split hairs as stated above. Infact, Adwa roads which have been dug and left as it dug can speak for themselves.
    His speech to me is to fool the fools, again stating that may be the railway would be quickly connected if we make PEACE. With whom? May be, he ment with Shaebia. However, about 2 weeks ago, he said he tried by all means and ways necessary to make PEACE with Etitrea to no avail. Period. What makes him sure that this time there will be PEACE, if he is not going to reward Eritrea giving up BADME, which is soaked with our brothers and sisters blood from every corner of Ethiopia. You might not see no controversy on his speech, because you might be blinded by your own ego and narrow chauvinistic ideology, but truth be spoken PM HD never has spoken ever as controversial as this one before. Mark my word this controversial speech can go a long long way. Time will show.

  11. Leul says:

    What he is token about this man if he try teaching tigery people maths he better stop and doing the job he have very serious I have questions for him before they check what they have way they’re try to started if they are started they have to do it .i am from Tigray and we pay the prices for that we have to gat it .is that’s we have to be out through stones like the anther if we are trying to out we never stop until we gat we needed things about that pm halemariam you sound think twice before you stop work the works it will be be bad

  12. Chorka says:

    ,, …I hope this corner stone will not be stayed as corner stone only as it was mostly the case untill now..” interesting speech of PMHD.
    Guys you think always like a greedy marchant, we payed that price, we pay this price, price price price etc-who in ethiopia did not pay and not paying now heavy price with zero sum. Adwa is at the corner of tigray like adigrat. You know uncle Esu`s target was adigrat cchemical indistry and stores/warehouse or (aider) school. Do you think he will not try to bomb if there is railway? Goegraphy make adwa wulnerable. Mekele took every thing what tigray deserves and tigray took every thing what ethiopia deserves. enough is eneough! mekele must share for the rest tigray and tigray must share for the rest of ethiopia. Now adwa cries against PM HD and Ethiopia cried and cries against PM MZ and PM HD due to unfair share of meager wealth of ethiopia. We must eat together like our families. I know mekele people are smart and generous, they give all they have. I do not now about adwa!. Any way we all deserve fransportation facilities. The next rail route should be either to Hosaina or Jima or Metekel. It Needs no feasiblity studies to figure out the These routes. It will be cheaper and use more people.
    Negati bula! ana chorka da.

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