Who Owns EFFORT? Sibhat Nega Speaks out (Video)


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12 Responses

  1. haile says:

    EFFORT is owned by Sibhat Nega and his families ( Meles Zenawi, Kidusan Nega, Tedros Hagos, Bereke Simon and other Eritrean blooded people). The people of Tigrai do not benefit from TPLF’s companies. TPLF has been, from day one, controlled by Sibhat Nega who fought for Eritrean independence.

    • ethooAsh says:


      instead of EFFORT is the Chinese own all those property would u be happy ?

      • Nana says:

        Ethio ash ,

        I respect u .these hooligans simply hate tigrains .they have no clear insight

        If i were tplf ,
        I will sell it to to chinese firms and leave tjem with zero excuse

    • bb says:

      You are claiming yourself to be Ethiopian while you are one of dammy SHABIA. Go to your website and preach your Damn lie to your boss SHABIA. This is not your place I don’t have to explain for you how the above names you mentioned are a true heros all times.

  2. gaga says:

    i hate this guy who owns our property for 20years.and deposit millions of dollar in canada

    • bb says:

      Ohhh yah! You hate this guy? What a moron you are! Of course you hate him because he is hero and he is always aginst the virus SHABIA . By the way who cares you like him or not since you are moron.

  3. ethoash says:

    the Golden kis Sibhat Nega have no match if he was born in USA by now student would have learn about him in shcool in text book …

    here is what the Golden kid said

    we r building Government not a leader … and he explain it very well

    King Haile never thought Derg would take over because they thought the power will go to their first born … Derg did not know that he will be replaced with Meles… that means if TPLF and opp. leaders did not pass the power peacefully then they will not know who would be after PMHD and this means anarchy..

    another thing the Golden kids try to explain even the host could not understand is the difference between public property and private property

    al amudi money is not our money we cant tell him where to invest or not invest … because it is private money the same way TPLF money is TPLF money not Ethiopian Govt. money … even the host could not understand the difference between the two

  4. Nana says:

    Kiss kiss my leaders

  5. Alemseged says:

    Why a party running the government needs money? There is a clear BIG LOOOOP hole of conflict of interest.The private business for poletical parties and those at the public service should be regulated and restricted in a transparent way. Poletical parties are not a private business! EFFORT companies must go to public ownership!

  6. Queen of Sheba : Israel Alemayehu says:

    The TPLF agames in diaspora are creating fake Tigre/Eritrean infested so called “Ethiopian Orthodox Churches” by renting auditoriums once a week from Baptist and other churches in USA and Canada.

    Eritreans in diaspora are funding these fake Tigre/Eritrean infested so called “Ethiopian Orthodox Churches” churches in diaspora, so SHABIYA weaken Ethiopia by dismantling the pure Ethiopian Orthodox church that went in existence for so long in Ethiopia.

  7. Awetash says:

    Mahbere Tigray conglomerate is the owner of EFFORT.

  8. Asfaw says:

    Kkkk we bring money from out side.

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