Draft law of Oromia’s Special Interest in Addis Ababa: Summary


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14 Responses

  1. Bcdx123 says:

    This smells OLF. And the first step to take over Adiss Ababa from all Ethiopians including Oromos and make it only for oromos who have OLF trait. Adiss is Addis not because the land is found in Oromia, it is because of heavy investments and hard work of all Ethiopians. Drafting such kind of law is purely racist and destructive and it should not be approved with out consent of all regional states and Adiss Ababa resident. Adiss Ababa belong to all Ethiopians and Africans. In every sentece of the draft resolution there are traces of OLF and Jawar. Aynachihu chefinu enamognachihu yimeslal negeru.

    • Ahmed says:

      U guy tell us heavy investment efforts of others in building Addis.But what u are blind of is and a deaf about is about those land owners who pushed away from their land and unknown today about their where about. My question to such people is if u say the oromo land finfinnee is property for all what about Bahir Dar, samara,Gambella. …..?are they also for oromo? If Oromo special rights on Addis is accepted it means simply nothing but just implementing the constitutional guarantee for Oromia. It never violates any citizen’s right. Please think for the unrooted Ethiopians .This action is a constructive response of the government to the people’s questions if ratified.

  2. Multitalented Demie says:

    The way things are going right now, it’s only a matter of time before Addis becomes Oromia. Let’s face it, Addis is circumvented by the Oromo land. As a matter of face, so is Dere Dawa. Think about it for a moment!

  3. Chorka says:

    One of the proposal must be read like this. —-Addis is Oromo diredawa is Oromo and harer is Oromo–they all come/goes to oromyia and those not Oromos/the majority of these three cities should be drived out by any means, be deported or tourtured or ****** except those who have weapons-they can defend themselves– manfesto–woyane/eprdf/opdo/olf and andem/-/sepdem/sotirdf etc. Now TLF/Olf opend the pandora box and be ready for the consquences. Did the 4-5 Million Addis Ababan asked about that? are they agree? or be ignored at all? I am Oromo but i am not happy with These ideas. Addis is a federal state with same right like oromyia. Let Addis stay Addis with ist diversity!

  4. Nana says:

    lets give addis to oromia and set up a new capital .
    Many countries did it .

    Finfine can b econonic capital
    While the new capital can be a diplomatic hub

    South africa – johannesburg vs pretoria
    Nigeria -lagos vs abuga …

  5. Ali Roble says:

    Multitalanted Demie

    Dream on , what a joke! ,Deridewa is surounded by Somalis and the land and city belongs to them historically. Oromos are recent urban immigrant like rest of habesha residents. Don t talk something you have clue about it.

    • Galasa says:

      False. This is your ignorance. The name” Dirree Dhowaa” is Oromo term per se. And the town is inhabited by the Oromos from the beginning. Do not throw ignorance.

  6. Galasa says:

    The RIGHT THING should come before THE GOOD thing. The Right thing must get a priority over Good things. Non-Oromos (sojourners) have occupied Finfine. changed its name. displaced and decimated all indigenous Oromo people. The sojourners have been ruling the city and have prospered for themselves. They have expanded the city at the risk of extinct Oromo cultures, history and values. All Oromo sons in the city and surrounding turned beggars and vagrants. You who wail today against Oromia’s quest for the constitutional special interest on the capital city, why did you not wail when Oromo residents were trampled? You fool, the spirit of decimated Oromos at Anole, Arsi, is still screaming, severed breasts and decapitated hands are calling on all Oromo generation. Who is going to forget the atrocity committed against Oromo people and its culture by minilik? Still, minilik progeny label “OLF” WHOEVER OROMO claims his human, democratic, and constitutional right. What an absurd idea! If any Oromo son who claims his right must be considered “OLF), I herald today that all 40 million Oromo people are “OLF”. If the concerned authority will not heed to the Oromo quest of its right, “Oromia Independence” is at hand. “Good governance is no substitute to self governance”. The right thing is Oromia’s administration of its territory and its resources. Sojourners should leave for the owners. This is the right thing

  7. Mimi says:

    If it is Ethnic Federalism we have in Ethiopia, the Oromo’s have every right to demand this. If you are against this legislation you might as well be against the current system!
    according to the Oromos and according to Ethnofederalism theory, they are accommodating all this people and have given their land so they must benefit for doing this favor.

    It is almost like lets say Ethiopia asks to build a centre in Khartoom, and the Sudanese are going to ask what is in it for us?

  8. hambisa lati says:

    Those,who are thalking too much about oromos are flush becuse oromos are democratic ,polited,and educted people that can not thing as celaf.so stop thalking and do it whith him,

  9. Solomon says:

    Fifinne/Addis ababa is Oromo land &center of oromia region

  10. Argani Si ha wallaalan says:

    I am not satisfied with this.Because it is not equivalent with bloodshed in Oromia

  11. Yeshwagate says:

    Addis Ababa is built with the sweat and blood of all Ethiopian. Hard working Ethiopians. Addis is much bigger than being a capital of Ethiopia. Addis is a capital of Africa. A symbol of independence. Addis being claimed with one ethinic group is a big disrespect and insult for the rest of hard working Ethiopians. How dare.

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