Dr Tedros is the Leader the WHO Needs


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6 Responses

  1. Alemseged says:

    some people in the diaspora( some who were pardond after commiting crime in Ethiopia and left the country) are running a dirty revenge compaign against Dr. Tedros. So wierd.

  2. Muller says:

    Here we go first hand witness from non shaebian. Why did I mention Shaebia here on this topic. Because, Shaebia had an article about the good Doctor, even they said the Dr. Adhanom doesn’t know proper english as such he will never even pass the first phase of election. However, the good Doctor is still standing tall to lead WHO. GOOD LUCK DOCTOR ADHANOM, I KNOW YOU WILL SUCCESSFULLY LEAD THE WHO ORGANIXATION, AS YOU HAVE SHOWN US WHEN YOU WERE THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH IN ETHIOPIA AND THE FOREIGN MINISTER OF OUR COUNTRY. THE BEST THING THE WORLD WHO ORGANIZATION CAN DO FOR ITSELF IS CHOOSE YOU. I HAVE A GREAT TRUST IN YOUR FUTURE ACHIEVEMENTS IN WHO.

  3. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    If this countryman is elected to lead WHO I wholeheartedly will congratulate him. I hope he will come out roaring championing family control in societies like the old country. He and his colleagues should not shy away from endorsing well organized program of such measures. The population is exploding in numbers that the ongoing development will not be able to accommodate. It is becoming a destructive enigma. That old country is expected to balloon by almost 3 million people a year. And that is conservative estimate. Development is and will not be at pace with this scourge. My reservation with Dr. Tedros was that he was not leading the effort by example since he was oblivious of what he was doing himself at home. Other than that he can do the job.

  4. Sun son says:

    የደርግ ርዝራዦች ማሊያ ቀይረው የዲሞክራሲ ተሟጋች ሆነዋል ፡፡

    ያለ ማመንታት ሊጋለጡ ይገባል ፡፡ አለም የቀይ ሽብር ተዋናዬችን ድምፅ እነዲለይ በቂ የዲፕሎማሲ ስራ ይሠራ !
    ካለዚያ ጅብ በማያቁት ሀገር ነውና ነጭ ባንዲራ ይዘው ሠብአዊ መብት ምናምን እያሉ ያጭበረብራሉ ፡፡

    ዋሽንግተን የመሸገው የቀይ ሽብር ተዋናይ ይጋለጥ !

  5. soloda says:

    Arkebe said over ten million dollars of Ethiopia money has been used to put tedros on top. Ethiopia is a poor country why spent so much money?

  6. Ephrem M says:

    Are u telling me that WHO needs a killer criminal at its top- this is a man who covered up Cholera outbreak in his own country and now u need him to do the same at the world level. You should be a person with no morality and professional ethics at all. SHAME ON YOU!

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