UN Human Right Commissioner’s Visit to Ethiopia and Its Fallout


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4 Responses

  1. Zenebe Tamirat says:

    I was surprised to learn that Ethiopia is currently a member of the UN Human Rig
    hts Council. This is a weired situation
    to many of us as the country is known for its poor performance especially after the TPLF seized power by the barel of the gun. The genocide in Gambella, the killings of peacefull demonstrators in the streets of cities and towns have been in a continious and routine reports through out the supressive rule of the TPLF in the past twenty five years. The recent masacre of demonstrators in the Amhara and Oromoa regions need to be investigated as the report by the Govdrment run Human Rghts Council is doubtful because the number of casualties are heavily understated. The UN official was trying to find out the truth disbelieving the doubtful report of the Ethiopian Government to its parliment filled with one party members. Moreover the Ethiopian Government still rule by gun declaring State of Emergency on its own people. The UN Human Rights Council’s effort to find out the truth should have been given Ethiopia’s officials cooperation. The government failef to do so to cover the human rivhts violation that is going on in the country.
    My believe is that Ethiopia’s current place in the UN HRC must be revised.

  2. Zenebe Tamirat says:

    Excuse typo. Pls read “Government” instead of “Govderment”. Also read “rights” instead of “rivhts.” Thanks. ZT

  3. Berhane says:

    Sovereignty is the key word here. Internal matters must be left to be solved by the country’s people and government. No outside interference would be welcomed by any country that fiercely protects its independence. After all, these outside bodies only leave behind muddied waters after they conclude their investigations. More often, their so called investigation is one sided. They cause illusion, mistrust, and uncertainty between the government and the people.

  4. Awetash says:

    Tigrayawis with the spirit of the Meles Zenawi foundation will rule all of Africa .The Meles Zenawi Foundation is dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of the Great Leader Meles Zenawi in his lifelong commitment to peace, justice, economic development, good governance and democracy for the African peoples. Tigray Mass Media reported the Meles Zenawi Foundation has great role to transfer the thoughts of Meles Zenawi to generations starting from Meles Zenawi’s birth place Adwa spreading to all of Africa .Recently Building of Adwa Pan African University was officially launched. Not only that but the Ethiopian government is biding to pay millions to secure the domain name http://www.Ethiosat.com expecting to promote Pan africanism through satellite tv eventhough Pan Africanism is a strange concept for extremist Oromo and extremist Amaras that are watching ETHSAT protesting to divide Ethiopia into pieces. A State of Emergency was declared on Sunday, October 9, 2016 by Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, although the state of emergency reportedly took effect on Saturday, October 8, 2016

    Pan-Africanism is the principle or advocacy of the political union of all the indigenous inhabitants of Africa. Meles Zenawi left a huge legacy for the Ethiopian people to encourage them to continue on the path of peace, stability, unity, progress, and cohesion. With his vision to be carried on, his untiring devotion would be rewarding.The Meles Zenawi Foundation Board President, Azeb Mesfin, called on the public to take part in the activities undertaken to transfer the legacy of the Visionary Leader Meles Zenawi to the next generation.

    Azeb in an interview with Tigray Mass Media said the Foundation has great role to transfer the thoughts of Meles to generations.

    She said the Foundation would help the youth to embark on research of the living works Meles in building democracy, development and poverty eradication, thereby contribute its share for the nation’s development.

    The owner of the Foundation, the public, has to participate in the activities of the Foundation by originating ideas and nurturing the Foundation, she said. Heads of State and Government, high-level representatives of African nations, development institutions, multilateral agencies, regional trade bodies, and civil society organizations will take part in the yearly symposiums which Meles Zenawi Foundation holds inaugural on the African Democratic Developmental State. Deliberations from the symposium will be submitted to the African Union, with the expectation that these will feed into the main AU development strategy, Agenda 2063.

    The idea of the symposium is conceived by the AfDB and MZF as a platform for intense deliberations and deep analyses of development issues geared towards policy change.




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