PM Hailemariam Calls On Ethiopians in Saudi to Leave Country Before Amnesty Deadline


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  1. ethoash says:

    to The National Task Force for Saudi Returnees

    those undocumented citizens went to Saudi Arabia, looking for better paying job so what we should do is create job for the returnee and they will return

    how u going to create job

    we have to copy Dr. Arkebe Equbay’s playing boodk how to start Hawassa Industry Park for local inventors , entrepreneur and startup company we have a lot of them but we need place of work and capital… if we build local industrial park for local business we might solved the problem of immigration looking for job.

    here is how it work

    let say we have 1000 business and those business hire 10 people each that means we would created 10,000 job … now if we duplicate the same industrial park in ten region then we will create 100,000 … this doesn’t stop here this 100,000 job is direct job but if we created another ten for each indirect job then we r talking about 200,000 job … this indirect job can be suppler of the business and traders of finished good forget about how much foreign currency we going to save all this might create 1 million job

    now what kind of business we going to open here r few list of startup company need our help

    1. Published on Jul 20, 2012
    Habesha Darge is a passionate inventor who has designed, from everyday materials, a technology to convert plastic into fuels such as butane, diesel and benzene. Although he holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Addis Ababa University,
    Habesha explains that he always had a “calling” for chemistry and engineering. From his home, he experiments, designs, tests and, shares the results of his dynamic research. His vision is to provide clean, carbon-free, and affordable fuel that will allow people to live a more dignified life in Ethiopia and across the world.

    2. Mar 17, 2011

    Engineer and inventor | Israel Belema, Israel currently works as a researcher and has contributed many innovations such as video camera editing machines, voice recording systems, conferencing ystems and has two patents for developing an independent telecommunication network and another for inventing a unique international car security system.

    Published on Nov 26, 2014
    Meet Ethiopia’s Daniel Assefa, inventor of a natural pesticide to fight ants biting farmers in coffee plantations. Made of natural ingredients such as fenugreek, Mr. Assefa’s environment-friendly Dan-Ant-Cide is sold all over Ethiopia.

    4.Published on Sep 15, 2013
    Aysheshim Tilahun, an award winning inventor, has ambitions to modernise the weaving industry in Ethiopia. He invented a “dobby head” to help weavers add designs to their work. Tilahun says the invention will accelerate production and have a knock-on effect on the economy. He spoke to Al Jazeera about his design.

    i also watch Ato Daniel Gad speech on TEDxAddis about how to start a share company if one million people contribute 1000 birr share company then we will have one billion birr share company…

    if Awaramba time need how to build very cheap housing for this endeavor i will be more then happy to supply the information we can build industrial zone with local marital that is so cheap … if we dont do this and time is up and i wish my hand from the sin

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