Government ownership of Ethio-telecom saved the country from the woes, says Debretsion Gebremichael


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4 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    How many billions spent so far for the weak ethio telecom?

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    Mr Dawit. Please issue nation wide articles than about disgraced individials.

  3. Shalom says:

    Very informative, honest and natural responses. The journalist did a good job. He limited his questions to one aspect and let the Minister explained it.

    Dr. Debretsiyon spoke in a very simple terms to explain the complex issue. I see a real intellectual who is knowledgeable, who knows how to use his education towards his mission and tell a complex national story in real, everyday language. Please keep on doing the good work. Do not get discouraged with the lies of the empty brain talking heads in the diaspora. Bless.

  4. *Tigray People* says:

    When The Heroic Tigray People Liberation Front and The Brave Tigray People Were Smashing Powerful Heavily Armed Numerous Combatants During The Bitter 17 Years Wars In Tigray,Eritrea and Ethiopia They Were Unmatched by Any military Force In The World.

    During The 17 Year Wars and Right After Tigray People Liberated Ethiopia The Committment Of Tplf Leaders, Tigray People To Develop The Entier Tigray and Support Tigray People was Immeasurably High.And No Enemies Foreign or Domestic Would have never Dare To Cross Tigray,When Eritreans And Shabia/Eplf dare To Invade Tigray 80% Of Eritrean Army was Crushed, Destroyed In Tigray and 100 Millions Of Dollars Heavy and Light Weapons Were Captured.

    Today Coward Amhara, Eritreans,Oromo LED By Various Guhafe Wedi Guhafe political Leaders in Gim 7 ,Arebana Ginbar,Olf Etc Etc are Daring To Cross Tigray and are even daring To Fight Tplf in Gonder Which Tigray People Saved,Liberated Coward Gonderes From Derg.

    Qatar,Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Eritreans,Amhara ,Colonial Europe, Etc Etc Will Never Dare To Invade Ethiopia As Long as We Take Care Tigray People, Develop The Entier Tigray,Support Tigray People In Every Aspects Of Life and Embrace The True Tigray Culture That Helped Us Defeat Enormously Huge powerful Heavily Armed Armies, Liberation Fronts who Were All Vanquished, Crushed,Destroyed By The Fierce Gallant Tigray People.

    Tigray People Should Always Rely On Tigray People To Fight and Defeat Our Enemies as Well as Developing The Entire Tigray Out of Poverty.

    The Selfless Brave People Of Agazi/Adigrat,Zelanbesa, who Are Boring The Brunt of Eritrea Evil Wars,Ethiopia Armed Oppositions ,are Selflessly Advocating For The Development and Well being Of All Tigray .

    All Tigray People In Ethiopia, Diaspora, In Tigray Go Visit The Agazi/Adigrat and vicinities Areas To Show The People Your Love And Support For Thier Selflessness, Love ,And Advocacy For The Development Of The Entire Tigray and Empowering Tigray Culture .

    99% All of Us Tigray People Are The Same Ethnic, Blood, Families From The Same Mother and Father.We Should Be Proud of That and Chase Out Those People who Idolize Awraja,Mender, Villages In Tigray.

    Empower Tigray Language!!!

    Empower Tigray Culture!!!

    Empower Tigray Music!!!

    Empower Tigray Development Now!!

    Empower Tigray People Economically Now!!

    War Reparation Foe Tigray People Now!!

    Awet Nehafash Tigray People!!!

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