Ethiopia calls for calm in Eritrea-Djibouti border dispute


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2 Responses

  1. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    That’s him alright!!! Al-Toweel Isaias!! Now who in his/her right mind wants attack Djibouti, a country of one of the most friendly people in the world? That’s him, Al-Majnoon Isaias. This man wants to pick a fight with everyone. After he successfully castrated any possible and imaginary domestic opposition in his fiefdom of Eritrea, he needs to start bloody war with everyone nearby and afar. He even wants to pick a fight with our Good Ole USA but to no avail. You see. That’s him. He has this deeply ingrained opioid addiction for violence and unless he finds someone to kill he get this disturbing withdrawal syndrome. He went to war with Yemen, Sudan, Djibouti(Episode One) then with Ethiopia where he received a licking. If no one takes up his daring and challenge, he even fights with his own shadow. He can’t even use the extensive shoreline he already owns. He has sold most of it to the Saudis. What he really wants is to provoke a region wide conflict so he can send one of his clunky SU-29’s to bomb Addis(Finfine), the dam and the new port facilities in Djibouti. He is in his 70’s, right? He wants to go home with a bang!!!

    But this provoking of Djibouti may just end up being the beginning of his own undoing. What a loser!!!!

    Now watch his operatives and boot licking ‘liberation’ front foot soldiers he has been sheltering at his orphanage in ‘Piccola Roma’ pouncing at me!!!!

  2. Brian Ghilliotti says:

    The easiet way to control Eritrea’s is by getting its longest standing ally, China, to pressure Eritrea into restraining its self. Before the United States and its friends use “Syrian methods”, which puts China in a position to defend its ally. It is funny how one crisis in a strategic choke point is directly related to another strategic choke point crisis.

    Brian Ghilliotti

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