Video Highlights of Mekelle Industrial Park Inauguration Event (Video)


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3 Responses

  1. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is nothing but soothing music to my ears. I want to see more women at this manufacturing setting and keep them there for hours and hours until they forget going back to their homes. Keep them there making factory goods and not babies. If the men start grumbling they should be told to find a deep pond and jump in it. No more bondage, baby!!!! No more staying at home ‘serving your man’ baby!!! Those days should and will be gone. Then we can talk about population control sensibly. Now, the leaders of the two major religions should stay out of this and rather preach strictly what is in the Holy Scriptures. Preaching ‘be many and multiply even more’ has not cut the mustard. It rather led to the current population crisis. The Almighty Our Creator told us to populate the vast empty earth but did not tell us to over-populate it. It is getting out of control to a point there is not enough arable land to sustain the ridiculously exploding population. There were 7 young relatives I knew when I left them in the late 1960’s and they have now multiplied to almost 200. Except one who had 2 wives the rest were married only to one wife or husband. The one with two wives was not even the main culprit but others with only one spouse were the ones who multiplied to such hefty numbers. It looks like 7 is the magic and minimum number. One couple even has 12. The local officials should embrace the fact that the current rate of increase in population is not sustainable and is going to lead unseen chaos and carnage. I say let the women flock to such factories in droves. They are more productive than the men anyway. Keep them there!!!! If they have to go back home, help them go back with six pack of the morning after!!! You know what I mean?!!!

  2. Shalom says:

    I’m very excited that this will play a meaningful role in the nation’s effort to gear towards an industry based economy. Congratulations!

    Hope the pavement around the blocks in the park will be asphalt soon. ABWARA AYASFELGEM. Please do a perfect work.

  3. አጎናፍር says:

    ባንኮች ዉስጥ ብር ጠፋ፣

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