List of countries of newly appointed Ambassadors unveiled


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4 Responses

  1. Fihira says:

    No Oromo from all of them only agame, what a jock. The Oromo people should arm themselves to uproot the weyanne regime. The have to unite with Amhara now

  2. amanuel aba says:

    .shiferaw tekile mariam appointiment very right country

  3. bb says:

    Good move Mr. President! The government of Ethiopia should not give attention to the extremists diaspora who happened to be negative towards any development that is going on in Ethiopia. I can imagine how
    much desperate they are when the talk about Ethiopian politics as if they know everything as matter fact majority of them spend their time at shisha , kat, drinking alcohol and so on let alone to led the country they can’t even lead their own family, I am glad that they live out of Ethiopia.

  4. Dazi says:

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