Ethiopia Benefiting from Economic Diplomacy, Says Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Video)


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2 Responses

  1. Konstantinit says:

    General Samora Yunus is currently in China, meaning all the allegation that was made against him about he along with other Generals routinely raping opposition females (especially those with husbands that are exiled or detained in Ethiopia) was false. Not only he is innocent from sex crimes he is also innocent from corruption .All the false allegation made by ETSAT opposition toxic diasporas were false that is why he is currently in China while other suspected elites are not allowed to leave the country .General Samora Yunus being in China right now is a sign that all the talks by the Gimatam7 about General Samora being suspected of the crimes were because they are afraid of him. Only those that did not take part in corruption are allowed to go out of the country.

  2. Konstantinit says:

    It is time to make General Samora Yunus the top gun in Ethiopia. He need to take over METEC and The Defense Ministry totally, to guarantee the country’s sovereignty , since he is a crime free General . Not a single allegation was made against him within the country in his lifetime.

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