Interview with Ztseat Save Adna Anania on current political developments in Ethiopia (Aidio)


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5 Responses

  1. Shiromeda says:

    The best analysis. To the point & best perscription to get rid off EPRDF problems. I hope this message is deliverable to all top EPRDF…

  2. Mnmmmmm says:

    I am from Tigray, TPLF should step down . They hurt more tigraway.

  3. Betty says:

    Time is up

  4. Betty says:

    Thanks brother, I hope TPLF think twice!

  5. ethioash says:

    i think we misunderstood what ethnic fed. system is

    it doesn’t mean based on ethnic ,,, if that was the base then we need 80 ethnic state what we have is only 9 fed state therefore it is not an ethnic base even so we call it ethic fed system or ethnic fed state.

    second ethic fed state doesnt means one ethnic have ownership … for example oromia ethnic fed state cant say oromia is for oromia and try to kick out other ethnic groups … this is where the misunderstanding coming from … when oromia get the ethnic fed right they have some responsibility ,,, give and take

    they got right to govern their own region , they have the right to speak their own language and many more right but for this gain they have to give up some right such as respecting fed rule that respect any Ethiopians to live and work any region of their choice … this mean the Ethnic fed. region have limitation of power means they cant kick out other ethnic or ban other ethnic from coming to their region …

    another thing is people think democracy is xbox where u can plug and play .. no it take a long long time .. for people to understand the principle of fed system.. that is why some people think this is their region and they dont want other to come in… based on this fact they might cause so many problem and mistake but this is a process not the failure of the ethnic fed system it take time … even America took them 215 years still democracy is work in progress

    once we understand fed system took time and we will have many misstep what is going forward…

    let me start with example GOVERNMENT want to start WOLKAIYT SUGAR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT…. The govt. thought the Wolkaiyt people welcome them with open hand and celebrate them for brining billion of dollar investment but what they find was opposition the question why is the opposition

    the answer is very simple the Wolkaiyt people doesnt want to see other come to their region and make billion while they still remain in poverty they want to share with the rich… the Tplf should have understand this fact and give some benefit to local .. the simplest thing could have the sugar factory had done was give money and total support to the local church that was in Wolkaiyt .. yes the church as far away from the project it doesnt matter … the sugar factory should have good relationship with the Church by asking them what they want if they want drinking water dig water for them make them happy then they will stand with u

    second Ambo upraise about the master plan

    my simplest answer is Ambo youth become jealous of the Addis Ababa oromia getting develop so in way they want to stop the development at any cost … even so their front is standing with their brother and sister oromo from Addis Ababa deep insides they dont want to be left in poverty while their kin developed … i am talking in human level … everything is secondary

    so once u understand this fact what is the solution very simple we have to share the progress with the Ambo use

    let go back to what PM meles did when he face with AA hooligan in 2005 .. what Meles did is very smart he open up job for million hooligan cobblestone, and public housing condominium project employed million hooligan that means more or less unemployed people got job that means they have no time for protest … we saw it many time over when the Gondar upraised happened the Gondar people thought the AA people will follow them but no body join the protest because AA were busy making money..

    for this let us look recent event in Illubabor … according to JOYWAR the protest was share of the region wealth .. as Joywar information Government give የድንጋይ ከሰል (coal)mine to Tigray ethnic business interest … this caused problem … now what is the solution… the solution is very easy . the mining company must show they r paying tax and royalty to the local government second even the company have money they should issue share for local investor even if the company sale ten % the company that is make it an oromo company .. if they people knows they can buy share in to this company and share the wealth then they will not burn their own property but if they think other come and looted their resource then they will not care even if they burn it … even so the workers are an oromo their emotion will get the better of them…

    hopefully the government learn from past mistake and learn sharing the wealth with local.. the fed government must spend billion of dollar in each region to develop their economy if they regional are busy no body will look for protest no body will have time for protest …. if everyone have their house they dont want to lose their house … and their job they start living their life to the fullest therefore if they fed. government greedy and did not spend money then they might even lose the power and start living aboard…

    all it take is one small trigger .. king haile lost power because they introduce one cent increase on oil price .. can u imagine had they know they would have paid billion to keep their regime … even in Arab countries smallest thing trigger the revolution .. like The idiom the straw that broke the camel’s back…. if u look at it is is just one straw but if u keep on loading the camel even that one straw will break the camel back .. even so the camel back strong it have it is own limit the same way if u load the Ethiopian people and u keep on doing the same thing again and again they have their own limit instead look toward yourself and make a change.. what ever we r doing it did not work .. the people really need job not one investment here or their they need massive job this only created by public housing project and willingness to spend money

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