Ethiopia must give youth a voice, act on human rights – U.S. envoy to U.N.


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2 Responses

  1. Tekle Adigrat says:

    USA-Ethiopia relations and cooperation are at their strongest ever. I wish they rein in these lawless elements in the Diaspora who have been inciting violence in Ethiopia from their bases here in USA. The government of Ethiopia should open up continuous talks with the USA in areas of extraditions of criminals. If these elements are allowed to continue inciting violence in Ethiopia, there will be no doubt that they will do the same to innocent civilians anywhere. Look at the terms they use to describe gallant people like me from Tigray. Every one of them should be declared a terrorist. Tigres like me are meek and very religious people. We never do harm to others unless we are forced to defend ourselves. And we have been successful and victorious every time we are pushed to defend our homes and families. Just keep that in mind every time you think about going to Asmara and other hostile nations in the Middle East to pick up AK47’s. It is a good advice from the wisest man you ever had the chance to meet here.

  2. Hero says:

    What about the old , the middle aged , the kids and so on ? Don’t we deserve a voice regarding our human rights too?

    Why is this Ambassador talking about the youth only? Why is she forgetting the other age brackets who need a voice too?

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