EPRDF Sleeping While Innocent People are being Killed and Displaced!


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8 Responses

  1. From a decade ago Tigraionline was deleted any casualties of Tigreans by Shaebia or the Current TpLF. But when it comes to Amhara exaggerated and repeated it. The Sibhat media is make devision. Not reveal for solutions. ESAT and TOL should face justice equal with current Eri- TpLF leaders regarding killed innocent Tigreans for a decade with no justice since AiER

  2. To make clear-
    When Shaebis shelling Zalambesa , two innocent Tigreans was killed while having coffee in Cafe. When the Bus heading from Shire to Humera a lot of Tigreans killed by roadside bomb. A lot of young Tigreans kidenuped from Humera. When Arena members killed systematically and When I was writing at that time TIGRAIONLINE was deleting the information. But a lot Eritreans insulting Amharu by pretending as a Tigreans, TOL give them warm well come to write against Amharu. So the current problem on Tigreans the retaliation of Amharu / ESAT /hate propoganda of TOL’s hate articles against Amharu. So the prime enemy of Tigreans are ESAT and TOL. …

  3. Zerafu says:

    Well! Why should the government of Ethiopia care about innocent people being killed and uprooted from their livelihood, they are not their family members, anyway, right! Since when does a blatant dictatorship, cares for the people that, they oppresse, they’re are to busy looting and stilling the country’s wealth, as well as enriching them selves and their extended family members.

  4. Hailu tedla says:

    Yes ere beka is an under statement the most important question is who is the root cause of this all isn’t it shaibia. Governments come and governments go but what is heart breaking is shaibia is to outlast eprdf. Again this is because shaibia is with in eprdf pered.sellouts!!!stouges!

  5. Zerafu says:


  6. Anadil says:

    Amara-ANDM-Nephetegneas must be isolated and denied any backdoor access to power. Corruption must be eradicated . Purge Purge purge without mercy. Re-revolution is must. No power for those who cry, but power to those who do work for it. No power based on number, but based on merit and work. No Oromia please.

    2. Addis Master plan must be implemented and land owners compensated, not because the are Oromos, but they are Ethiopians.
    3. Arm Arm, ARM , Arm Arm Somali Liyu police, if needed, let them to do operation wherever there savages who attempt to repeat the chopping . No mercy for savagery. Savages must caught and executed in Addis Meskel Square, again, arm arm arm Somali Liyu police. Axum soccer player went to Bahredare to play with Bahredar but the Hotel they stayed bomb exploded, the Hotel is owned by Tigrayan called Yohannes Hotel. I think Tigrayans enough is enough and we got the clear message and this is not our country and time is up for us to find our new country to leave in peace.

    Tigray leadership must know that Bahredar is Tigray region and all Tigrayans from Addis Ababa must resettled in Bahredar and Tigray must build arm forces base right the out skirt of the city. If any Tigrayan is in doubt about Bahredar is Tigray region then check out below regions still Amharu living in them. Tigray must regain them all and let divorce and dismantle the country to have peace for lasting solution.
    Amara-Nephetegnea has no clue or smell of democracy. No Ethiopia would expect democracy from Nephetegnea, all Ethiopians know. No nomads who cut heads like in JImma and to Ethio-Somali can give democracy. It does not make sense. One can not give anything that he doesnot know. The Americans knows this and the Europeans know all these. Ethiopian again ruled by Amara-Nephetegnea means preparing Ethiopia again for red terror and famine. Those who talking about democracy were killing people and selling dead sons and duaghters to parent for the a price of the bullet that killed thier sons and daughters . No Ethiopian would expect to get freedom from subanimals. Time to do full load laundry work in Ethiopia. GERD must be completed. The issues in the north must be closed, that blunder done in 2000 is costing Ethiopia too much. Dismantled the new claims, land, and history. Criminalize false history, false story.
    Tigray lands looted by Amhara and Tigrayans will not sleep until we regain them. The logic for Tigrayans is if the looter can sleep peacefully why Tigray sleep while its lands are under Amharu and most importantly if the looter Amhara has no shame to the crime they committed why Tigray thinks it is shame to regain its own rightful properties???

    Beja Mider side
    •Tahtay Armachiho or Simen Armachiyo
    •Adi Arkay

    Wollo side
    •Guba Lafto

    From Gojjam around Lake Tana Dehre Bahri side:
    •Debre may
    •Yismula giorgis
    •Awra Amba
    •Amba Saame
    •Esay Debri
    •Dingle Beri

    I hope TPLF gives more attention to :
    1. Rail links within Tigray (no money when it comes to Tigray is unacceptable)
    2. The greening of Tigray (more trees)
    3. The security of Tigreans in different regions
    4. Review of No peace no war which punishes only Tigray (compensation from federal government for lost revenues)
    5. Publications of all names of anti Tigrean websites and YouTube genocide advocates. So that they are known by security services in their host countries. They nor their families must not enjoy from economic opportunities created by the people they hate. For example the brother of Brihanu Nega opening 5 star hotel recently in Addis is unacceptable. The same with many haters in diaspora.
    6. Abolish water and electric shortages for once and for all.
    7. Creat more activities for the youth in Tigray, like more music and art schools, drama and film schools, clubs etc. Everything must not be only in Addis.
    8. Serious education on children’s and adults diets. Forbid raw meat, it is only for savages.
    9. Teach English language more seriously for example by translating famous children’s books to Tigrigna.
    10. Concentrate more on mining in TigrayTigray has been waiting and waiting and looking and looking to bring back that macho Tigray unwavering banner of strong with fearless decision maker who can see the short and long term gain for the people Tigray and galvanize the spirit of all Tigrayans to follow him to do meaningful purpose to see the end of light for all Tigrayan.

    Whether we like it or not the cloud of 1975 is gathering once again and all Tigrayans must unite and revive our beloved organization Woyane and we must march under the banner of our martyrs to finish the unfinished business of Waela Tigray. Ethiopia is not only for Oromo and ahmara , there are many other ethnics who are with Tplf by any mean and will never allow oromo and ahmare get the power. So Ethiopia will go a head as it is to day with more justice done , fight of corruption and making the federal system more strong in order to keep the country more stable. In ethnic federalism the federal government is the main one.

    Hence , if oromo and ahmara dont work with TPLF and other sisterly ethnics to achieve this goal; and instead try to get power by bullying the TPLF and Tigray people, the Tigray people are not alone. There are many ethnic with them, who does not want this happen and if it happens by this way of bullying , there will not be Ethiopia. Offices must be balanced and priority must be given to marginalized minorities in Ethiopia such as Anuak, Kunama, Afar, Agew, and all Kemamnt , others many minorities. If the offices are balanced with minorities , certain groups can not do damage because they will not have free pass. Oromia must be taken care of Cationia and dismantled to pieces and bring out the buried minoriites and give them more power. Change the Federal system into pieces that does not depend on tribe . Free those who are assimilated and still oppressed in Amhara region. Purge all corrupt officials and those who are found plotting . we can KICK the Neftegna out of the Federal union and force them to establish their own Neftegna republic, then the rest of US maintaining the Ethiopian Federation plus bringing in our Brothers of Eritrea and Djibouti to replace the Neftegna we could be Awashed with an imaginable peace harmony and economic development. Those Neftegna are not task oriented but corruption and betrayal oriented, they rush to grab power for the sol purpose of corrupting their own house, they are people who sale their motherland abandon their biological baby and steal their own residence. In the last 7-years only they have stolen a Trillion birr of poor Ethiopian public Money. ANDM grabbed power through the blood of Tigrean youth. but we saw its betrayals in 2008, and what ever is happening in the Oromia region there are Amhara-Neftegna-ANDM hands in disguise. Therefore Amhara-Neftegna is the sole and prime cause of troubles in Ethiopia- and once Ethiopians kick out the Amhara-Neftegna-ANDM and maintained we would have solved our problems and focus on vibrant development free of corruption and sabotage.

  7. bekele gerba says:

    you will be the next victim by the hands of oromos and amharas , dawit agame

    enough to minority woyane rule

  8. dergu temelese says:

    Don’t make him Sibhat Nega hero. He is the great Killer of Ethiopia, because of his Eritrean decency. Not only he hates Ethiopia he also hardly works to dismantle it. History will judge his conspiracy.

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