Ethiopia frees all political prisoners and closes notorious Maekelawi jail in surprise decision


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  1. Ibsa Ganama says:

    The Ethiopian government has been pressured by the struggle to release some of our heroes who have been languishing in TPLF jails based on bogus charges. And yet I don’t see any good will on TPLF’s part in doing so. Its’s killing machine has become a loose cannon. What it is currently doing in Amhara and Oromia regions is a clear indication of this. My fellow Ethiopians, the power of the people has started showing signs of positive results. Together, we should keep upping pressure on TPLF. The struggle should continue until all political prisoners are released and we have genuine democracy. TPLF, drop charges and release all political prisoners without any conditions; no false confessions in exchange for prison release. They were not supposed to be in prison in the first place, had it not been for your bogus charges.

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