Interview with Mahari Yohannes on Recent Reshufle of TPLF Leadership (+Video)


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5 Responses

  1. Samson Shewit says:

    Oh, my God! what a great break-down deep analysis and precise answers to the questions asked! Bless your heart Mehari, you made my day! You are awesome and brilliant! What Tigray really needs is young sharp leaders like you who stand tall and firm for Tigray and its patriotic people. Thank you and keep it up, brother.

  2. TeklayG/giorgis says:

    Great job Dave! u go ahead.

  3. Andom says:

    I realy appreciate for the candid and crtical reflections. As you have rightly stated it, we do not belive there is difference between the current and the disamnteled leadership. It is known that TPLF/EPRDF leadrship decides collectively than individually. Therefore, each and everyone in the TPLF should be be accountable for all the situation we are in as Tigreans in Tigrai and outside. TPLF is an organization which can not bring sustaible water supply to the towns of Tigrai. I do not think this is because of Abay W, it is all of TPLF leaders who are baloon failures. They should be held accountable.

  4. Kahsay says:

    I listened to Mahari Yohannes’s point of view on the TPLF’s process of renewal and the reshuffle. I follow his analysis and he appears to be reasonable. One thing is clear to all of us that TPLF cannot continue the status quo. However, in the absence of a well-organized party, reforming the TPLF from within may be the only option Tigray has, particularly at this point in our history where the animosity from different corners towards our people is obvious. To do so, the new leadership needs time and we need to give them the benefit of doubt. They already stated they would engage different sectors of the society and the public. In this context, I found his analysis highly premature and not constructive. They did not even spelt out their vision yet. Would not be prudent for Mehari and the likes to engage the new leaders instead of outright dismissal?

  5. dergu temelese says:

    The sun is setting for TPLF.

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