Interview with political analyst Muluwork Kidanemariam on current political events in Ethiopia


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7 Responses

  1. WediAkxum says:

    From what is presented here concisely, he have expressed his legitimate concerns, which I share also. The government have a duty and/or is supposed to guarantee the peaceful existence, the safety and security of the citizens. That is what is a governments primary duty, I.e. to protect defend and guarantee peace and security of its citizens, so that they can live their lives without fear or worry of violent death randomly and/or suddenly. Nevertheless substituting Ethiopian Federal unity and integrity for fear of temporary political disturbances is not the solution. Instead the respect of law and order by all concerned parties is. The rule of law must prevail. Respect for each other’s human rights and dignity does. We must leave together in peace and harmony with dignity and freedom, unless we want to perish in unpredictable and uncontrollable civil war and chaos in misery and desperation forever. We need to think it through deliberately and patiently to see the consequences of our decisions or choices. All concerned parties in Ethiopia need to consider our past, present and future when we make decisions about our country and its people’s lives, rights, dignity, benefits, freedom and its place in the world compared to others. Why can’t we get along? We have soooo….much in common.
    God bless Ethiopia ! ! !

  2. Fillmon says:

    Thanks awramba . We need more community views and ideas if it is possible you guys.

  3. Slick says:


  4. Beza says:

    If there is one ethnic who want to creat chaos in Ethiopia it is the Amharus. They have established many TV stations, radio stations and websites for the sole purpose of insulting Tigreans 24/7. Tigreans are daily portrayed as thieves and criminals and should be eradicated from the face of the earth. They are abusing western democracy and are daily calling on ethnic cleansing of Tigreans back home. Their followers has heeded their call and are killing Tigreans on broad day light. Many cities in Amhara region are ethnically cleansed from Tigreans. They have no shame of portraying themselves as victims while killing innocent Tigreans.These corrupt Amharu in the diaspora mostly live by grafts and stealing from places they work. They still have the audacity to accuse others of stealing. It is Amhara tradition to steal whatever they put their hands on and those Tigreans who tried to stop them have become their enemies. The whole administration in every office is run by Amharus and live by their traditional culture of GUBO. Can anyone live with Amharu? Yes, only if you speak only Amharic, hate your own tribe and curse it with them. The moment you speak your language or listen to your song you become their enemy. They hate every tribe in the country. They always call themselves Ethiopian which means Amhara for them. So if you want to be Ethiopian you have to be Amhara essentially. If these Amharus were a little genuine they would have been grateful for what Woyane did for them the last two decades. 1. Amharic language, music and literature has advanced like never before 2. Their mud house cities are transformed to skyscraper towns like Desse, Debremarcos, Debrebrihan etc.. 3. Most of the rich people in Ethiopia are Amharu.
    Patience of Tigreans and many other ethnics in Ethiopia is limited, it can not accept such ethnic cleansing siting idly. If Tigray secedes there won’t be Ethiopia as we know it. They can form Ethiopia with artificial solidarity with their former slaves the Galas. God knows how long they can live together before they start killing each other. We as Tigreans have enough of these savagery and barbarity. Tigray can protect itself from such Neanderthals. For evil Amharu patience, respect and tolerance is seen as a sign of weakness.

  5. Curious says:

    Mekseb G/alef · 15 hours ago

    The shameless and shameful son of Debretsion must be stopped on his track, somebody should tell him to zip his loose and aqatarit mouthhole and stop him from blabbering on face book his idiosyncratic, openly anti-Tigrean, or palpably un-Tigrean-like thoughts.. He is shamelessly trying to brag about the so-called weyane leaders for what he calls their “good deeds for non-Tigrean Ethiopians”- which is tantamount to appreciating the traitorous weyane leaders for their systemic impoverishment, isolation, remotization, and encirclement of Tigray along with its fettered, heroic and ultra-honest Tigrean people .
    Ezi kebdam, zebenay, Ebay Amharut openly bragged about Mekele having no running water, of course, thanks to the likes of bad apples like his dad who orchestrated that sort of utter abomination on Tigrawot . The idiot brat also told the hooligan gallalut and Amharut to “target weyane generals instead of poor Tigreans”. What a coward son of Amhareyti bi’tch, I know his porn star daddy is not even exemplary Tigraway much less weyane tegadalay, and if his son,/ this hodam little brat was fair, he would have invited the coward bunch of animalistic/ hooliganistic gallalut and Amharut to target his own traitorous father and the likes of him for they are the selfish, un-nationilistic, bunch of bastards,who are still holding Tigray and the heroic Tigreans as their defenseless hostages and sacrificial lambs on whose boold they want to modernize the fake and good-for-nothing country called Ethiopia..
    We need to kick out these traitors, fake Tegarus/shiwawiyan tegarut, then and only then can we free our Agazian people from living with the primitive gallalut monkeys and the asinine, eternal donkeys, called Amharut.
    Longlive Agazian, viva to Tesfatsionism!


    Alef aka eskiyalf yalefal,

    Listening to, RATHER reading your ranting and raving tirade aside, I would rather urge you to re-visit the sequence of events that have led us to this current sad states of affairs, in the first place, and the root cause of the quagmire – if NOT rectified on timely manner and with care might lead the country into irreversible abyss, there by unintended consequences!

    “Gallalut”, what idiotic and asinine remark in YOUR PART! To say the least.

    FYI, Agazi is Agew, there you have it!

  6. ሰላም ዳዊት ከመይ ትኸውን ኣለኻ ? ብወገነይ ሰላም ኣለኹ ። መቸም ናይ ወዲሰብ ቀንዲ ነገር ጥዕናን ሰላምን እዩ’ሞ ፈጣሪ ጥዕናን ሰላምን ክዕድለካ ይምነ ። ካብ ኡ ሓሊፉ እትገብሮም ወይ እትጽሕፎምን ፖስት እትገብሮን ኩሉ ግዜ ይከታቶሎምን እየ ። ብጣዕሚ ድማ ንሃገርን ንህዝብን ጠቃሚ ኮይኖም እየ ረኺበዮም ክብለካ ይፈቱ ። በዚድማ በርትዕ ንህዝብኻ ዝጠቅም ንሃገርካ ድማ ናብ ዕቤት ዝመርሕ ኩሉ ኣበርቲ ዕኻ ክትጽሕ ይላበወካ ።
    ዳዊት ሓደ ነገር ብጣዕሚ ንሓገርና ንህዝብናን ጠቓሚ ዝኾነ ነገር ከካፍለካ ደሊየ ነይረ ‘ሞ ብኸመይ ክረክበካ ይኽእል ? ብፍላይ ኣብተን ዕብይ ኦብይ ዝበላ ከተማታት ትግራይ ብዙሕ ሕማቃት ነገራት ንህዝብናን ንሃገርናን ዘይጥቅሙ ነገር ተዕዚበ ኣለኹ ስለዚ ምስ ጭቡጥ ነገራት ኣተሓሒ ክልእከልካ ደሊየ ነይረ ብኸመይ ክረኽበካ ይኽእል ሓብረኒ?

  7. Tolosa habtessa says:

    He should ask mercy instead of being a rotten messenger at the eleventh hour.

    Ethiopia must be for Ethiopians only

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