Interview with Author and Historian Gebrekidan Desta on Current Political Events in Ethiopia (Video)


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  1. Sure says:

    Memhir kebrekidan you were not born yesterday because you were old enough to remember what has happened during the 1998-2000 Ethio-Eritrea war, endless Eritreans were deported by Weyane empty handed from Ethiopia , did you raise your voice saying they were Brothers and told Weyane it was wrong? Obviously You did not. How about when Weyane was forming alliance with Yemen and Sudan to corner Eritrea did you voice your concern to Weyane they were doing it against their own blood? Of course not. How about when Yemen was claiming Hanish islands and the court gave them to Yemen and Weyane tugs were happy did you remind them it was Agazian land since you said Tigrai Tigrini boarder was up to Red Sea? Of course not. How about when the tiny Djibouti claims Dummera Weyane Tugs we’re supporting Djibouti saying Eritrea invaded Dijiouti land and claim your self as historian and Ethiopian history mentions boarders of Red Sea is from Ras Kasar to Doumeira, did you remind them it was TIGRAY Tigrigni land, of course not the” Agaazian or TIGRAY Tigrigni land and we are brothers” claim is nothing but a plot that came at the last minute to save your skin. Because good or bad, a brother is brother but Tegaru never been good Brothers to Eritreans and you will never fool any one anymore.

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