Two words for the Prime Minister to be: GOOD LUCK


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2 Responses

  1. Getachew Silva says:

    Great article! Please continue writing!

  2. Geeee says:

    Dear Sr. I just read your article on the current leadership and where Ethiopia is going at this time, it sure doesn’t look good, but for something good to come, we should look on our history back to just few weeks back and say are we really caring enough for the country we love the answer is no, there is no better time to learn than the past 26 years as you where the change makers yourself , but as the same time there are those who think and act even from the west Ethiopian Americans if they are not in power or heard what they want because they are mercenaries of others like G-7, they will not stop distributing their hate through mass media and make Ethiopia like the Middle East and Somalia , blocking roads, burning institutions, displacing people and killings your own people, what is next disintegration ? Shame on Ethiopia and Ethiopians I don’ t blame the Government , but States that don’t accept diversity but their own ethnic and language and blame others on their own fault for not creating opportunities , being selfish corrupt, extremist” it is not what our country can do for us, it is what we can do for our country” like Kennedy said what happens to me today happens to you tomorrow. I would tell who ever is coming Good luck, but listen to your people and act on it, your position is to serve the people and change for the better. Thanks

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