Battling Poverty through Organizing and Activating Potentials of Agro-Pastoralism in the Somali Region


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  1. Tolosa habtessa says:

    nothing to do with the article, but every Ethiopian must remember this. South Sudan READY to stab Ethiopia thinking Ethiopia is doomed but never Ethiopia will be doomed, Actually Greater Ethiopia includes South Sudan.
    Just how amazing how quick south Sudan leaders wan to jab Ethiopia when ever they thing Ethiopia is trouble.

    “South Sudan Gov’t Says Ethiopia No more Suitable to Host Peace Talks Since Ethiopia Needs Its Own Peace Talks ” without Ethiopia’s help South Sudan???
    Thank you south Sudan for your effort not to wish Ethiopia peace and security.
    We Ethiopians will remember.
    You may thing and assume that Ethiopia is weak. South Sudan leaders must learn one sure thing about Ethiopia. Ethiopia and Ethiopians always will comes out stronger than ever as one and victorious Ethiopia after Internal rift . For us Ethiopians your leaders negative vote of confidence on our homeland Ethiopia, is nothing new but it shows how traitors and not worthy of neighbor they are.
    God bless Ethiopia and the people of south Sudan (future Ethiopians.

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