Concerned Tigrians Announce Establishement of Independent Civil Society Organization in Tigrai


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4 Responses

  1. Tolosa habtessa says:

    WOW Finally Tigrai will be out of Ethiopia? Is some one translate this to Amharic, Oromigna, Afarigna, Somaligna or for that matter to any Ethiopian language or to English if you guys hate Ethiopia. But if you want to go on your own, great but Not so fast Hagoss and Hibisty Not before TPLF and its Tigre members puck the money they stole from Ethiopia. God luck and lick with your godfather Issaias Afewrki, Prsident of the renagade province of Greater Ethiopia No one in Ethiopia will miss you.
    Adios Tigri.

    • Jumbo says:

      Lol what makes u think tigray will just give up power? They came by the power of the gun and run the banking and military. You’re a fool if u believe this stooge oromo so-called PM will do anything to antagonize tigrayans.

  2. shewanbeek says:

    Dear, you made a significant omission by not reporting about EPRDF’s news chairperson who is poised to be your PM.

  3. Andom says:

    The name “sebhidri” does not appear attractive because it tells the CSO is established not with its own vision but a mission left by the previous generation..

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