Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Elects Abiy Ahmed of OPDO as Its Chairperson; Expected to Sworn in as the Next PM


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  1. Tolosa habtessa says:

    Good luck Dr.Abiy Ahmed , now lead a nation in good faith, to improve the life and well-being of its citizens as a whole. build a great nation and dismiss separatists agenda and scrap Article 39. No nation on earth put a plane to dismember a nation only Enemies of a nation conceive such a diabolic agenda and forcibly under the barrel of a gun like thugs in the lawless hood and shove it on citizens .
    Be a leader of the Greater Ethiopia . The people trust you and bring them long lasting peace. Work with neighboring nations. THE DEVILS SCRAP ARTICLE 39. ETHIOPIA IS NOT DIVISIBLE BUT WILL BE GREATER THAN EVER.

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