Tigrean Scholars Spoke Out on Election of Dr. Abiy Ahmed, as chairman of EPRDF (Video)


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4 Responses

  1. Tolosa habtessa says:

    WOW. this is what matters, Kenyan Borana from Moyale, Marsabit and Isiolo joined the Oromo of southern Ethiopia to celebrate the election of new Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed. The Kenyans in Marsabit and Isiolo towns welcomed Mr Ahmed’s election to succeed Hailemariam Desalegn who resigned last month.
    Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001275188/kenyan-borana-celebrate-election-of-new-ethiopian-pm.
    “Tigrean Scholars” what a shame they hate to call themselves Ethiopian Scholars. Dreamers of Article 39
    Oh Tigrean leaders founded Addis Ababa, too the seat of Au and Africa’s Capital hummm .
    Ethiopian scholars spoken out well and clear, their is no place for for termites. again what? Tigrean Scholars or Kenyan Borana from Moyale, Marsabit and Isiolo joined the Oromo of southern Ethiopia to celebrate the election of new Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed? The latter matter more for Ethiopians.

    • Aberra Kiros says:

      Tolosa Habtessa:
      Did you say Termites? The short answer YES! Yet, I urge you to use your God given brain to check on how the Termites, Ants Bees etc help each other and fight to the death to protect their colonies. I could go on and on but, I let you figure out yourself Brother Tole!
      Before I forget, congratulations Dr. Ahmed for being the Prime minister of Ethiopia. May the almighty help you do your job and please remember those galant Fighters whom you grew up with simply because the martyr’s blood help you to swam and their bones to use as a ladder to get to the highest post of the land.
      Stay positive Tolosa, who knows you might get the same chance as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Simple question, how can you refer to fellow human beings as termites? This is what happened in Rwanda. Tigrayans have been targeted and abused and kept silent. How can they trust that the country will stabilize when many of them were burned out of their homes?

  3. Dimmy says:

    I have seen many times in social media while people are making fruitless dialogue. I dont know why people now quarrel each other. For a peace to come to this country, and for a person seeking to see his country becoming peaceful, we don’t need very much big things from any body. Only do these things forgive eachother, love each other, believe in unity and work hard for the unity our country, doing all these things will result in simply peace. If some one is exercising these, who is blaming of the person? And what extra costs are required for a person to do so. But everybody has failed at least to Contrbute his part for the countrys peace. Our new prime minister made a call to every citizens of the country to work with him and cooperate him in the effort he is applying in restoring back Ethiopia to its original back history of highness. Let us listen to him, let us cooperate him, hopefully it will not be too far to see big changes in the country, that many people were wishing for a long to see it. As the last 30 days since the new prime minister took office proved this.

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