Abiy Ahmed sworn in as Ethiopia’s New Prime Minister


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  1. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    My prayers are in force pleading for peace and level heads triumph over stubbornness, narrow mindedness pinned down by accommodation of other constructive ideas, harmony over racism, and respect for others over impudence. If he musters the courage to stand up to despots and autocrats, he is guaranteed with the support of the overwhelm majority of the people. They will stand with him. They will form a ring of fire around him. But if he chooses the usual route to walk back(over) on what was promised by his predecessor and what was demanded by the protesters that took to the streets throughout the two largest regions including the southern part of the country he will be held responsible for the senseless destructive chaos that will follow. It is a life or death for the country and the people. The people will be exposed and primed to go in any direction. They will fall victim to scoundrels of every kind. Smart alecks will be able to run amok and carve out personal fiefdoms pitching the ‘vassals’ of their ‘plantations against the citizens in the hoods around them. Al-Shabaab, The Wahhabis, Lord’s Resistance Army Ethiopian style and every evil imaginable will now have taken roots and the carnage will take place unhinged in every corner of the country. Those of you who think this is funny just turn around and look at yourself in the mirror. Stifle yourself for just a moment from hurling insults and threats at others. That is if you are truly from the country and people still in our hearts. Others, I have nothing to say about you since your objective is very clear from the outset. That is to muddy the waterhole so we cannot conduct civil discourse. Because you can’t help it that if our people sort out the nagging issues and found a system where no one is above the law, the sky will be the limit for what they can achieve economically. All of you operatives realize very well that a strong and democratic Ethiopia will be your menace/demise just by its existence. It is paramount to all of us who hail from the old country to pause and watch the moves this young PM will make in the next few weeks. Not me but the people there seem to have given him just a few weeks to prove himself. SOE that is being utilized by members of the army and security forces to settle scores must be pulled back expeditiously. Dialogue with Qeerro groups both in Oromia and Amhara regions should begin immediately and must be done with full transparency. Opposition groups both inside and outside the country must be invited to the round table and should be given roles in the affairs of the country. Political prisoners must be released ASAP. Those armed groups should make a commitment to renounce violence as the main form of struggle. I have said this before and I am going to say it again knowing I will be pelted with insults. Peace talks must begin with the Eritrean government with no need of a foreign mediator. It is a shame that these two countries are still on a war footing even though there is so much they share culturally and historically. Both countries are laden with such immense resourceful citizens that heaven will be the limit for what they can achieve together in peace. I hope both of them will drop citing this ‘precondition’ nonsense. Enough with senseless killings and arrests! Enough! Enough! Enough!!!!!

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