Ethiopian Authorities Suspend License of MIDROC Gold Mine Following Week-long Street Protests


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2 Responses

  1. Obo Girma Tollosa says:

    Jawar and the scavenger the so called Oromo’s investor Dinku have successed with a future of taking over Midroc’s property. Mark my word.

  2. Dee Geb says:

    Environmental disaster that is going on in Ethiopia is sad. The country is being sold piece by piece to foreign corporations who are dumping toxic waste in our communities, and no one is accountable. Ethiopia is falling in the hands corporate colonialist in the 21st centaury with the help of the greedy leaders of Ethiopia. Now, Ethiopia can not make statement, never been colonized. African countries were colonized with the help of greedy Africans who banded with Europeans in the rape and mutilation of the continent. Ethiopia is now falling in the hands of China, India, German, Dutch, all Arabs and being divided acres by acres. People are being removed from their lands, let us see how long this can go on. We are hopeful in the future defeat of the greedy leaders who are aiding and abiding in the rape and mutilation of Ethiopia.

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