Prime Minister Abiy and his surprising moves (Gizaw Legesse)


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6 Responses

  1. abe says:

    I wish he solves most Ethiopian problems sawn by TPLF regime. We hope that he solves Eritrean/Ethiopian problems using AlgeriesHague verdict. Any way we shall see all. While the prime minster is working hard to bring peace, noninteligent foreign affairs minister lady spoke vulgar wards about Eritrean sanctions.She is ignorant, Eritrean and Ethiopian people have been neighbors, are neighbors and shall be neighbors for ever.Some obstacles sawed by TPLF will be mantled.Old TPLF regime looks they do not have any teeth any more only dentures.

  2. ejigu says:

    Yes ERPDF as we know it is dead.And I like that.

  3. ewnetu says:

    EPRDF is still there. He is the leader of the party. As they explained they had different views as to go forward. Abiy’ s view won and he is now complimenting it. I believe the old poletics of l only am right and who ever does not agree is the enemy of the country,the only solution is red terror in different forms is over. Every ethiopian should be free to express his idea with out being called names by people of different poletical persuation or thrown to prison or killed by the government. It is time for the opposition too to be smart and have a compromised stand to be effective.The so called unity fronts will never earn the trust of our people for they seem to say let us overthrow EPRDF and then we will fight among ourselves.

  4. Berhane says:

    wow you said it well. well done. we are so lucky to have such leader in this difficault time.

  5. Mercato Sefere says:

    When did Meles ever say we are not Ethiopians?

    It is really perplexing to me and to anyone who often hear the new PM talking about Ethiopianess as if his predecessors were anti Ethiopianess. Is he speculating to abrogate the the constitutional arrangement down the road ? We are all happy that he is energizing the young generation to involve in the country’s affair, be it political or Economy. I think he is unknowingly setting the tone for those die hard ,” One country…One Flag” nostalgiics. Apparently, the new PM has brought calmness those areas of Oromia and somalia regionsafter three years of self destruction. The quick restoring of peace, particularly, in those regions is a self-evident that the problem was not absence of good governance, but it was rather power. Even the new PM has implied in his speech that his election has brought peace in the country. Obviously, the new PM is in a better position compare to the position that Meles Zenawi had confronted. When Meles came to power, keeping the country as a whole was a daunting task. It is actually a mircle that Ethiopia continued as one country as of today. So the Ethiopianess that the new PM talks a lot is kept intact and even made to be stonger by the selfless Meles zenawi. Action speaks lauder than Voice. I am all for change in Ethiopia, particularly at the leadership position. So I say good luck to the new PM, but do not forget that Melse had done more in practical terms than verbal promises.

  6. D.R Abiy Nice and Pice Prime menister o 10q my god ///

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